Power!!, Chapter 1

Kyou was nervous when her dad’s job moved them to another city, but now she’s excited that she gets to go to Seishuu Gakuin, which is famous for their cute girls’ school uniforms. Unfortunately, she forgot that they were also famous for their boys’ basketball team… And her father, great basketball fanatic and hopeful future father of an NBA player, has registered her as a boy. She’s been playing the sport for as long as she could remember and she was actually thinking of quitting… but now it seems hopeless..

Kyou comes to school, wearing the boys’ uniform, her hair cut short. And heads are turning towards her.. Girls… who think she’s “kakkoii!!” She turns to look at a couple of girls… who get giddy thinking they’ve caught her eye.. but in reality, she was just thinking sadly to herself that she’d like to wear that uniform. But then a 3-on-3 basketball game in the court catches her attention, and she sees a blonde guy speeding along to make a shot. “Wow,” she thinks. “I wonder if he’s in the basketball team.” He briefly glimpses her staring at him, when his friends call him. She catches his name as “Chiharu.” She then reflects that it might not be bad living like this, as she faces the room for the basketball club. “Konchiwa—-” she calls out, only to run into somebody’s stomach. She finds herself staring at a guy who’s so tall her head doesn’t even reach his armpits. ^^; “He’s huge!! But he’s pretty cool!!”
Kyou: “Um.. I.. From today, I’ll be joining the basketball…”
Imai: “Ah. Aizawa Kyou, right? You looked kind of like a girl, since you’re short. Oh, well. I’m the captain, Imai. Since we’re having a mini-game today, show us your stuff.”

She gets out on the court where four guys are already in play, and she concludes that they must be the best four. Everyone’s so tall and fast, she thinks… but that guy (Chiharu) isn’t there. As soon as she thinks that however, he shows up for practice, late. She now has a chance to see him up close and he’s pretty cool! Chiharu looks at her, who’s blushing and a little spaced, and asks the captain who she is. “Ah, that’s the new member….” Imai starts, but doesn’t get to finish. “I’m Aizawa Kyou. Let’s be good friends!”

However, he tells her not to grin like that and calls her “DOCHIBI” (loosely, “shortie”). He adds that basketball here isn’t just play, she should just give up quickly and play house. (He’s calling her a girl.. ^^; ) “Why does he have to go that far on our first meeting!? What did I do!!” she fumes. He turns to look at her again, and notices they’re on the same team. This is the worst, he comments. The game starts, and things start to go intense. “Maybe you don’t know just how short you are,” he comments as he quickly runs with the ball. Somebody from the other team bounces the ball out of his hands.. but she quickly regains control of the ball. From the sidelines, the captain comments that she’s pretty fast.

In the court, the insults continue to fly as they speed down the court.
Kyou: “I don’t get cut like that. PASS!”
Chiharu: “AAH!?”
Kyou: “You’re really bad, aren’t you!?”
Chiharu: “I wouldn’t prattle about, shortie!”
Kyou: “Stop that ‘chibichibi’!! You sea urchin head!!”
Chiharu: “Sea urchin head!? Shut up, bean sprout!!”
Kyou: “Why don’t you go back to the sea, sea urchin head!!”
Chiharu: “What was that, puppy!!”
Captain: “…They’re amazing.. They have speed, their passes are good..”
Kyou: “Porcupine head!!”
Guy: “But they’re fighting like elementary school students.”
And it continues, their opponents unable to take the ball away from them, until she yells that even though she’s little, she can play basketball. “I’ll show you!” she yells, taking a flying leap. And with a step off his head, she makes a dunk!

Although they recognize that she’s not allowed to do that during an actual game, they’re still pretty impressed. She embarassedly accepts the praise, but Chiharu soon grabs her and asks her, ready to punch her lights out. But then Imai-san comes along, smiling, and tells them that even though they were pretty hectic, they had good speed. Both of them were following at really high speeds. They make a good combination… which freezes the two a bit and has them yelling “Why with him!?” Imai just responds that they’re even thinking alike. They look at each other for a bit and walk away in a huff.

After practice, Kyou is walking around with a piece of paper, probably with the directions to her dorm. She reflects that it must be some kind of a joke, them being a good combination. Chiharu’s a good player, but he’s got a bad personality. …But if there’s a guy that good in the team, she might as well continue… but then she really must love basketball through and through anyway. Entering the door, she finds a lot of guys.. sweating, eating, scratching… “I was expecting this, but…” Her thoughts are broken by a pretty girl who comments that she must be the rumored cute new guy. Ayaha, the dorm manager. Kyou gapes at her, “She looks like a model!”
Ayaha: Aizawa-kun, you’re in the same room with Eniwa at 207, ne?”

She goes up to her room, calling out “Ojamashima-su” but finds a guy in the middle of changing. She quickly yells out, “I’m sorry!”, shuts the door and puts her back to it, but remembers that she’s a guy now. “What was my roommate’s name…. E—to, I think it’s Eniwa….” She opens the door again: “Konnichiwa— Eniwa-kun, I’ll be your roommate from now on, Aizawa—-…” but he turns around. They stare at each other for a moment, before: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE—–” Kyou and Chiharu point angrily at each other. He topples over her stuff, asking her if she think she can just put her stuff in a jumble like that? She reminds him that the room isn’t just for one person.. Out in the hallways, a guy remarks that they’re pretty loud.

Sometime later, she gets out of her room, disgruntled, and runs into Imai-san again. He shows her around the dorm and tells her about its features, down to the shared furo. ^^; But then she trips and as she’s about to fall over, he catches her. She blushes. He tells her that she has to pay attention around here because it’s like that around there (uneven ground). He leaves her then, saying that if Chiharu’s tormenting her, she can always come to his room at 310.

Later at night, Kyou lies in bed while Chiharu reads, but she just can’t take it anymore!
Kyou: “No TV, no radio, early to sleep. Instead of reading, stupid boks, talk about something Eniwa Chiharu!!”
Chiharu: “Why don’t you hang out at Imai-san’s room?”
Kyou: “Too far. Ok, I have a question. What are your hobbies?”
Chiharu: “Nothing.”
Kyou: “That’s no fun! That’s not a conversation! Answer me honestly!”
Chiharu: “Shut up. Go to sleep. I don’t feel like talking to you.”
Kyou: “AHH! I get it! Sleep! I’m sleeping! I better sleep!”
Chiharu: “…I’m going to pee.”
Kyou: “Are you, stupid!”
She plops into bed and wonders why her heart was fluttering over him just this morning. (When she first saw him play basketball.. Wow, it’s been a long day. ^^; ) It would have been nice if she had been in the same room as Imai-san instead. To which thought, she falls asleep. In the middle of the night, though, she wakes up to sleepily go to the bathroom. But in the morning, Chiharu wakes up to find out that there’s somebody else in his bed, cuddling up to him. ^^; He freaks out, stares at her for a moment, then proceeds to wake her up. He grabs her arm, but then draws back, staring strangely at his hand. She then wakes up and… Obligatory screaming is involved, of course. ^^

Later at basketball practice, Chiharu is sulking off in the corner, sporting a bruise on his cheek…
Off-shot: “Aizawa went to the toilet half-asleep in the middle of the night and got back in the wrong bed. He’s mad because he got hit for something that’s not his fault.”
Kyou: “I said I was sorry….”
Imai: “Chiharu, if you’re not here, then Aizawa can’t practice, either! Get back in here!” But Chiharu walks up to him, squeezes Imai’s arm and walks away, with his hand in the air, a confused look in his face. (Probably comparing Imai’s arm with hers ^^; ) “What’s with him?”
Kyou: “Are you still mad, Eniwa Chiharu?”
Chiharu: “I’m not mad.”
Kyou: “But you’re being weird. Are you not feeling good? You’re pretty red.”
Chiharu: “I am not red! Idiot!”
Kyou: “So you are still mad.”
Chiharu: “I’m not mad!!”
But he just stalks off to the court, while she thinks to herself how glad she is that he didn’t notice. His fans scream for him to do his best in practice, and she drolly tells him, “My goodness! Such shrill voices are calling to you, Master.” When he puts it off, she asks if it doesn’t make him happy.
Chiharu: “Moron. If you’re playing basketball to have girls yelling ‘kyaaaaa’ at you, then you should quit.”
They get back on the court, and she watches him. She thinks, “When he’s got a basketball in his hands, his face changes instantly. That face from before. He really likes basketball.”
But then he rebukes her for spacing out. She thinks again, “But his personality’s bad”, but then smiles at him.

Practice ends and all she wants to do is take a shower. Imai asks her if she’s going to eat with them, but she says she’ll go later. She runs to the furo and sees nobody there, to her relief. She quickly throws off her clothes and jumps in. Since everybody’s so hungry, nobody’s going to think of going to the furo right now, she thinks. “I’m so smart.” She wonders how she’s going to keep this up for 3 years, when she suddenly hears somebody singing outside. She draws a towel around herself then sits back down. “….This voice…..”

“I knew it! Eniwa Chiharu——–!!”



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