Cloud Stairs, Episode 1

If I’ve never mentioned my purpose for this blog before, it’s simply just to summarize and index stuff for myself. I spend too much time screening through books or videos just looking for *that one scene*. As it is, I’m still not very good at actually summarizing. I’ll hopefully get there soon. XD;

Cloud Stairs was a series I watched because I was a fan of Han Ji Hye’s for a while. Also, underdog smartypants? Game on.

Late at night in prison, a guard frantically searches for the prisoner named Choi Jung Soo to save another guard who has passed out on the floor. He ends up performing a very risky procedure to save the man, thus introducing us to his medical prowess. He is released, and we see Yoon Jung Won and a little boy waiting for him.

– 7 years ago, 1999 (aka Introduction Time) –

We see Jung Soo delivering his last set of newspapers, hiding as one of the customers comes out. He tells himself that it will be the last time he’ll see his mom. (I suppose we’re to guess that the woman who came out was his mom, and that he’s somehow separated from her.) He stops to eat at his friend Yoon Hee’s family restaurant, where we find out that she’s going to be a nurse, and that he’ll be graduating.

The next day, he goes to the police station in his high school uniform, and has a chat with a police detective, who has apparently been helping him find his father. The detective seems to genuinely like him, and regrets that he does not yet have any good news.

As he walks into his last day of school, we find that he is unable to pay for admissions to secondary school, and is, therefore, unable to continue forth… which is a shame, since he would have definitely topped any school he would attend. Unfortunately, he is also giving up on a scholarship. On the other hand, Kim Do Hoon had just graduated from the same school, with completely opposite circumstances. His family is there to celebrate, as is the beautiful Jung Won. Definitely a privileged group. Jung Soo observes this from afar, and with just a bit of curiosity. We can also see that Do Hoon is already taken by Jung Won, not even noticing his mother standing behind her.

– Present time –

Do Hoon becomes an intern at a hospital. The same one that Yoon Hee just got accepted to. Do Hoon takes notice of her, but keeps walking. Yoon Hee calls Jung Soo, leaving a REALLY long voice mail, wanting Jung Soo to congratulate her… but it turns out she never placed the call, since she doesn’t even know where he is. Do Hoon overhears, and he followers her for a short chat. They find out they’ll essentially be working in the same department and ask some fairly pointed questions about a significant other, evading answering at the same time. He soon has to run away, looking like a dork, when his pager goes off. (Quite honestly, I’d think he was flirting with Yoon Hee.) Yoon Hee thinks Jung Soo would look good in a white suit as well.

Do Hoon thinks to himself that Jung Won would be proud of him. On the other hand, she seems to have given him the slip on her actual arrival and heads straight for the gym instead of letting him pick her up. He asks her out for the night, having had a hard time getting out of the hospital to pick her up. She tells him that she actually has to attend a meeting at the hospital that night, since she’ll be managing her father’s promotion board, having majored in hospital management. He ends up reluctantly giving in. (I guess the attraction is one way. He’s just like an older brother to her after all.) As he gives her a cell phone as a present, though, she notes that he’s already taking advantage of his fiancee status. (Ok, so maybe it seems one-sided to me, but it looks like they’re betrothed. Is it just me or does he seem to be a little childish around her?) He tells her that she needs to inform him first if anything comes up.

Her meet-and-greet with other staff members seems to go really well, as she is welcomed warmly into the hospital. On the other hand, it seems her mother and father are quite distant with each other because of work. At a dinner with Jung Won and Do Hoon, she wonders if a marriage or a career should be more important for a woman. At home, it seems that her mother has been bitter for years, thinking that her father is only driven with ambition, only willing to save those that are “worth saving”. He, on the other hand, feels rather tired and misunderstood, really only having gone far to show his skills to her.

At the hospital, Jung Won learns that their hospital admissions are low due to their hospital being too expensive. She ends up asking her father to allow her to go to Wooyeong Island, in an effort to make the hospital more accessible to the people. Do Hoon is adamant, but she is equally as stubborn about going. He finally agrees, provided they make their engagement ceremony earlier. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea to mix their work lives with personal lives, and that they should just talk about it after she comes back. (And, quite honestly, his feet-stomping attitude seems really quite whiny, and is a big turn-off.)

At the island, Dr. Byun heads out, leaving the nurse and Jung Soo to man the hospital, just as Jung Won is headed in with two of her staff members, looking like she’s going on an island cruise instead of work. Of course, she finds a medical emergency as soon as she lands. Fortunately, Jung Soo with his lightning quick reaction time is there to immediately jump in and take care of the man. She takes out her camera and starts filming the scene. Jung Soo doesn’t take too kindly to this, of course, yelling at her first as he grabs the camera out of her hands. They both pause, staring at each other, and he tells her that she shouldn’t be filming without permission.

He stitches up the man, who is quite thankful. Meanwhile, Jung Won arrives with some supplies, hoping to meet the doctor. The nurse tells her that the doctor is out, so Jung Won says that any doctor would do, perhaps the one she saw at the dock. Trying to avoid a situation (of the kind where people without medical license shouldn’t be acting as the doctor), the nurse addresses Jung Soo as a doctor. Jung Won tries to talk shop with Jung Soo, but he ends up turning her away.

In a blip, we see that Yoon Hee is still pining away after Jung Soo, although her mother tells her that if he were to come back for her, he would have already done so. It was a one-sided love all along.

Jung Won ends up having acute appendicitis and is unable to make it off the island on the last boat out. Her staffers rush her to the hospital, but Jung Soo is reluctant to perform the operation because of their facilities and because he is not a licensed doctor. With the last boat out having already gone and the typhoon, however, the situation is getting dire. Even 119 cannot send a helicopter because of the high winds. Having been alerted of the situation, Jung Won’s dad tells Do Hoon to take care of the matter. He rushes out, surprising Yoon Hee that something could break through his cool, and through the rain. (How he’s going to get to the island, I don’t know. If he was heading for a helicopter, wouldn’t that be at their top-rated hospital? If he’s hoping to go to a boat, he better have his personal one, because the ferry services are no longer running… Where is he going?) At the operating room, her father worries. As Jung Won’s condition gets worse and Do Hoon desperately begs people to ferry him out to the island, Jung Won’s mom vows to never forgive her dad if she doesn’t come back safely.

Her staff members resort to threatening Jung Soo; about how the top doctor would bring them down if he doesn’t save her. No matter that it’s an island, he’s still a doctor and needs to save a life. (OMG, TELL THEM YOU’RE NOT A DOCTOR!) She finally pleads for him to do the surgery. The nurse draws him aside and tells him to do so as well. When the doctor finally calls them, he tells Jung Soo to go ahead and do the operation, license be damned. “The one operating on Yoon Min Suk’s daughter is our Choi Jun Soo. What fate,” the doctor says to himself.

Jun Soo gets the nurse to obtain permission from her guardians to let them do the operation. Her father acquiesces.

They begin the operation… and roll to credits.

(Seriously, what is wrong with people just not coming out with stuff that needs to be said. Tell them you’re not a doctor. If they insist that they still want you to do the operation, then they’ve signed on to it. Even if Jung Won were not to be saved by the clinic, they would know that they can’t pressure somebody who’s not a doctor to operate. And, if they’re going to take issue over the fact that Jung Soo treated that other man? I would hope that the people on the island know his circumstances and that there’s only one real doctor in there. People in dramaland don’t know how to absolve themselves of guilt before they get knee-deep in the crud. Seriously.)


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