Cloud Stairs, Episode 2

So…. I’m pretty sure that Jung Won is over 20… and, yet, they don’t ask her to sign release forms, but instead call her father to ask for a guardian’s permission to operate on her. This makes me curious about medical procedures in Korea. Also, they really should have come up front about the fact that he’s not a real doctor. Then again, that is the premise of this drama, after all. People coming out straight with the facts = no drama.

Jung Soo performs the surgery, and, thankfully, it seems successful, except that her pulse is still weak. The nurse declares that she is ready to take the blame if it doesn’t turn out well, but Jung Soo has to save her. They posit that she could have lost some blood, and with the lack of other viable donors, he volunteers his.

Meanwhile, Do Hoon is riding out the typhoon in his car and sending “don’t die yet” thoughts to Jung Won while her mother remains inconsolable and staunch in her belief that Jung Won’s dad, Min Suk, only cares about the hospital. Their younger daughter comes home, and congratulates herself in uniting her parents in their disapproval of her behavior. Her mom wonders if she was like this living in England as well, and she notes that Jung Won was too strict to let her younger sister misbehave. They tell her that Jung Won could be dying in an unregulated hospital this minute, but little sister just notes that Jung Won will be fine. Jung Won needs this bitterness in life, like what she experienced when their parents separated and they had to live in England. (Nice way to inject some more background, eh? But why are they living together again?)

Later, she holds his hand as she sleeps, while the voice-over keeps reminding us that she’s the daughter of the Yoon Jung Hospital president. The rest of the cast literally plays telephone, relaying the message of her well-being. On the mainland, Yoon Hee continues to pine after Jung Soo to her mother’s continuing disapproval.

Jung Soo checks in on Jung Won the next day, and she’s self-conscious (like anybody would be with an attractive doctor of the opposite sex *ahem*). Do Hoon continues to stalk the ferry services, but they tell him that he may have to wait another days. During this time, Jung Won eats everyone out of house and home. The nurse clocks in on Jung Soo’s weird behavior (extra worried and strict over her well-being) and that Jung Won may be attracted to Jung Soo.

I guess Do Hoon doesn’t spend all his days at the ferry dock, because he’s back to being complimented for his work at the hospital. Jung Won’s bad habits return with her health, and she wanders into Jung Soo’s room again, going through his books and finding a picture of a father and son. She gives the excuse that she had some pain just now. They both embarrassedly go with that story and excuse themselves. She ends up wandering outside the hospital and towards the beach (dragging the IV drip with her?!), where she finds Jung Soo. She’s about to approach him, when he lifts up the picture she found to look at it thoughtfully.

At Yoon Hee’s mom’s restaurant, a man comes in looking for Jung Soo. It seems that it’s his dad hoping to only look at him from afar before taking off again. Yoon Hee’s mom beats him for leaving Jung Soo at an orphanage in his youth, and informs him that Jung Soo is nowhere to be found. It seems the old man is cold and sick, and he ends up taking off before Yoon Hee’s mom can give him a bowl of soup to warm himself up with. She finds him collapsed in front of her store. Yoon Hee rushes at word that Jung Soo’s dad has been found and sent to the hospital. She freaks out at the hospital when she finds out that he’d been discharged shortly after examination.

Back at the hospital, Jung Won tells her staff to go back home once the boats start ferrying again. She draws a comic strip involving Jung Soo, and, laughing, draws horns on him. (Shows you what’s been on her mind lately.) When the weather improves, Do Hoon is contemplating marriage again and Jung Won is back to her usual filming, convincing the nurse to let her do so. The place is so special. She wants to remember them! Despite the nurse assuring Jung Soo that it’s only for personal consumption, however, Jung Won sends her staff off with the recording, telling them to deliver it as her proposal for the hospital.

Meanwhile, she tells Do Hoon to just stay in Seoul, and gets Jung Soo to unhook her from the IV drip and take her around the island. He takes her to the lighthouse, and she compares him to the island. He agrees that just like the island’s people, there are more sad memories than happy memories. She tells him that what she meant was that even though there are misfortunes, he’s like a lighthouse who can give warmth. He asks if she really believed in him, and she affirms. When she kneels next to him with a shell for a bribe (to forgive her for filming), he abruptly stands and point-blank asks her if she likes him. She tells him that she thinks he’s nice. He asks again, more forcefully… and when she confirms, he forces a kiss on her. (And I’m screaming, WHY!? Jung Soo, you’re not like this! WTF just happened here!? Why so pensive and then all forcing a kiss!? You’re much nicer than this. No matter what else could have happened in the 3 days she was on the island, there was no call for him to get like this.) She slaps him and walks away. After some time, he chases after her, and warns her that she’s too kind, though she shouldn’t be.

She runs off again, convincing herself that she’s only under the island’s spell. He takes off after her again, only, then, Do Hoon rounds the corner and meets them. She rushes into his arms. He looks cautiously at Jung Soo as she assures him that nothing’s wrong. After the exertion of running from Jung Soo, Do Hoon has to carry her back to the hospital. As the nurse rushes around for supplies, he hangs back and she tells him that they have to talk later. Jung Won tries to tame Do Hoon’s anger, telling him that she had snuck out against orders and that they had saved her life. She finds herself saying sorry to Do Hoon over and over, her eyes, teary.

The nurse comes out to talk to Jung Soo, assuring him that Jung Won is alright. She asks if anything had happened… and, perhaps, Jung Soo might like her? He denies it. The nurse is relieved, since Jung Won has Do Hoon. Jung Soo goes out for a walk, while Jung Won finds herself unable to sleep. It turns out that the nurse was unable to sleep, either, since Do Hoon is a real doctor and he might find something amiss. Jung Soo is ready to confess, but the nurse stops him from doing so. When asked which university he graduated from, the nurse jumps in and tells them that Jung Soo graduated from Ginki University in Japan. Jung Soo stares at her, unbelieving, while Do Hoon responds that he thought Jung Soo looked familiar so he might have gone to the same school.

It’s only when Do Hoon and Jung Won take off for the ferry that Dr. Byun arrives. Jung Won finally decides to chase after them, but the boat is already out to sea. Later that night, he’s thinking in the dark, tears glistening in his eyes. He gets up with resolve and dials a number. Yoon Hee answers the phone, and guesses that it’s Jung Soo. He doesn’t say anything, though, and is about to hang up, when she asserts that his father had appeared, alive after all these years.


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