Sore demo Sekai wa Utsukushii, Chapter 1

I’m actually really glad I randomly picked up this title, when I saw it at Kinokuniya. It’s still a fairly stereotypical shoujo, with the bickering between the main couple, who happens to be an older female with a younger male. He’s royalty, but, on the up side, he actually knows how to run his kingdom and the lands he took over. I was getting ready to post this earlier, but I wanted to post a translation of the first chapter on my translation blog. (No, I will likely not continue translating the rest of the series.. but, we’ll see.) So, on to the story…

Nike (sounds like “nick-keh”), the fourth princess of Amefurashi, has been sent to the Sun Kingdom to be the wife of the dread king, who conquered the world in a mere 3 years. (In all honesty, she was chosen to go, having lost a round of janken against her older sisters.) What she finds there instead, however, is Ryvius the First, a cheeky boy of a king, who demands to see rain, simply because he hasn’t ever seen it before.

Outraged, she launches herself at him, telling him off for messing with people’s lives for a whim. Ryvi’s attendant, Neil, is ready to send her back where she came from, but Ryvi thinks that she could make his life more interesting…. so he has thrown in jail instead, informing her that she gets neither food nor freedom until she agrees to make it rain.

While imprisoned, Nike learns that Ryvi is well-respected, having put an end to corruption to the government and keeping peace in the lands that he had conquered. He also handles administrative decisions, although the reader is given to understand that they’re just mere puzzles to him, a way to pass the time. Nike gets herself out of jail, by calling the wind to cut the bars… but, instead of escaping, she goes to Ryvi to teach him lesson. She doesn’t get far, however, having lost all energy from hunger.

Ryvi taunts her, and she finally tells him the essentials for calling the rain: “desire” and “genuine emotion”. The summoner must desire it, and must truly feel the beauty of their environment. He looks like he’s starting to understand…

…but it turns out he got it all wrong, thinking she just wanted to be treated with luxury. She’s appalled that he has conquered lands far and wide, but does not have the eyes to see the world about him. Ryvi is too practical and, instead, just sees things for what they are. She later explains to him that beauty is important, so she could weave the beauty into the arrangement and melody. He then tells her about the pond and greenhouse, saying she could use them for her preparations. She gets him to spend all this time with her, and he seems to be relaxing…. until one day, an attempt is made on his life, and Nike takes the arrow meant for him.

Ryvi remembers that he lives in a dangerous world, and vows to take down his opposition. He sends Neil to take Nike home, and, on the way, he apologizes on Ryvi’s behalf. Ryvi does not know how to reach out to people, having grown up, isolated in the castle because his mother was a commoner. He and his mother relied solely on each other, until she was assassinated 3 years prior. So, he snapped and started taking over the world.

They don’t get very far, however, before they realize that the palace is on fire. Ryvi manages to get himself out of a burning room, but is still at the top of a high tower. Nike returns to sing
down the rain.

Afterwards, he tells her that he didn’t think all too well of the rain, but he was impressed by the rainbow… and, by the way, why’d she return anyway? When she does something like this, she makes it hard for him to let her leave. He draws her down for a kiss, and tells her to make his life more interesting.


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