Dr. Jin, Episode 2 Preview

Please pardon any errors. I’m relying on partial translations for the video preview and word-by-word dictionary look up for the written preview.


Hong Yong Rae pleads with Jin Hyuk, saying that he had said he could find other ways to save her brother, but he says it cannot be done here.

Jin Hyuk attempts brain surgery in Joseon times.

Kyung Tak finds and arrests Jin Hyuk. They take him in for interrogation, asking him what he was doing on the mountain.

Young Rae is holding onto Jin Hyuk’s lab coat, reading his name.

Lee Ha Eung is in jail with Jin Hyuk, declaring his outrage at being thus treated. He declares himself as the King’s counselor.

Minister Kim recommends Jin Hyuk’s public beheading, as an example to the people.

I really miss you, Mi Na


Please save my brother!

Jin Hyuk, who has become a wanted criminal, lingers on the side streets. All of a sudden, he sees Hong Young Hwi, who had been attacked and needs medical attention. Upon arriving at his house, a woman who resembles Mi Na exactly asks him, “I beg of you, please save my brother”. Thus, he meets Hong Young Rae. Finally, Jin Hyuk, who is unable to confidently guarantee success during that time, tries his luck by operating…

Meanwhile, Kim Byong Hui, Minister of the Left, suddenly collapses during a party; Kim Byong Hui, Seo Chool, Kim Kyung Tak, all start searching for Jin Hyuk, who evaded arrest after having fallen into some trouble..


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