Dr. Jin, Episode 1

Now that the time-traveling drama, “Rooftop Prince,” has ended in Korea, it’s time to replace it with a new one. In the place of a prince who travels forward in time after the death of his beloved, we now have a top neurosurgeon traveling back in time after the death of his beloved. In all honesty, I’m actually doing recaps for this on DSS, so you should check it out if you love me. XD; But… I just wanted you to know that my thoughts are bursting a bit on the seams, but writing too late at night burns a lot of them away after some sleep. 😉

Jin Hyuk is the top neurosurgeon in Korea, who stands at the brink of losing his girlfriend, Mi Na, when she gets into a car accident right after they have a fight. Brooding over the situation on the hospital roof one night, he struggles with a patient who had been the source of some strange happenings about him and finds himself leaping over the edge to catch a vial containing a fetus that had been retrieved from the patient’s head. When he comes to, Jin Hyuk finds himself in Joseon times, witnessing a struggle between the police and some bandits. He soon finds himself on the run, as the police tag him as a suspicious person. Read more…

So, first episode being over.. It looks like we’re off to an interesting start. I’m hoping the things are more cohesive in the upcoming episodes, because some of the plot points were a little… funny. XD; Foreword: This is my absolute first exposure to the Dr. Jin story (besides the series preview synopsis).. I’ve never read the manga or watched anything related before this episode, so please forgive me if anything i say elicits a “duh” response.

First of all, I understand that he’s a genius.. but why did the hospital allow him to operate on Mi Na? I don’t live in Korea so I don’t know the medical practices in hospitals there.. but one might see that he might be distraught over a loved one. Not to mention, they should have ejected him from the operating room once he started shaking and clutching his head. It’s not just ethical, it’s also practical.

Second of all, I’m guessing that the fetus is what allows Jin Hyuk to time jump. Considering that the bandaged guy was set on having that vial, I’d say it’s a safe assumption. However, the question remains: how did that fetus get in his brain? I hope the series reveals it to us.. and I accept fantasy, but I’m hoping it’s not some hokey reason that would make me question why they didn’t give him a talisman instead (see Queen In Hyeon’s man).

On that note, I think it would also be safe to assume that the bandaged man from whose brain they extracted the fetusis ALSO jin hyuk… and the reason he can hear that “telepathic” voice is because they’re actually the same person. I’m wondering if something bad had happened to Hong Young Rae (Mi Na doppelganger) to make him so frantic as to appear out of nowhere to collect surgical supplies and attempt to go back. (Also, did he have to jump off a tall building to make a time jump? Get it..? Jump? ……..See Men In Black 3 *cough*)

Third, why in the world did Jin Hyuk jump off for a fetus in a vial anyway? There might have been a difference if the vial was close and he fell off as he was reaching for it, inattentive to his proximity to the edge… It seems pretty far-fetched. Is he that drawn to the mystery of the fetus that he’s willing to risk his life for it? What’s going to happen to the bandaged man left up in the roof?

I guess we’ll just have to keep tuning in!


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