I Do, I Do, Episode 1 (Live Recap)

I just found out last night that there was a way to watch I Do, I Do live. They promise some “live subtitling”, although it’s only available in Japanese. (Fine with me, says I.) I won’t be able to say too much at this point, since I have to leave for work.. and I’m pretty sure I missed some things. “Live subtitling” is more like live interpretation, so I sometimes couldn’t match the lines to what was happening, and there were no breaks for me to recover. (Then I reloaded the page, making me lose the lines as well). XD;

In any case… Here’s the live recap for now. I’ll probably be posting a more comprehensive one later, when I can grab the eppy. šŸ™‚

update (+16hrs): added some screencaps

hwang ji an opens the door and runs through a fancy hallway, which almost looks like a museum. runs down the stairs, and ends up missing a shoe on the stairs, much like cinderalla. she keeps on running, however, and ends up carrying one shoe in hand, and walks out into the sunlight. she complains that it’s too bright.

park tae kang gets dragged by the ears into the sunlight, and then into an office. his dad puts his ID down on the table, in front of an office worker, wanting to disown his son. they argue quite loudly for a while, before they leave the building.

his dad yells at him (about his motorcycle, i think), before finally leaving. tae kang gets on his bike rides out in high speed. on one of the corners, however, ji an suddenly runs out into the road and tae kang swerves to avoid her. they both get up, and she asks if he’s alright. he yells at her for running out into the road, causing him to crash. (why was he going down that road on such a high speed anyway? he was about to merge into TIGHT unmoving traffic.) he calls her an ajumma. she gets offended. but she’s in a hurry and traffic is plain awful, so she asks him for a ride.

out at a show, ji an’s people are getting told off by a fashion designer, accusing them of making a mess out of the show.

tae kang and ji an arrive at the show location, and he tells her to get off. she’s so scared, though, that her eyes are closed and she continues to hold on tight around his waist. he knocks her on the helmet to get off, and she gets off, teetering a bit. she closes her eyes to regain her compusre, and walks off with hurried purpose. he calls after her, but she keeps going. she gets in to the back stage, and finds her employees. she starts asking about work, but they’re a bit amused because she still has the helmet on. she comically struggles to get it off, trying to jerk it off her head without undoing the straps.

she berates them a bit, telling them that she had told them to check the sizes before the show. they say something to the effect that the designer is being difficult. ji an is holding a red shoe and thinks. she asks one of the girls for scissors (and conveniently she has one in her purse), and then kneels down in front of another girl to cut her pink skirt all the way around. she sends them off, telling them to make two 5cm ribbons out of the pink tie. they keep staring at her. she asks them if she has to spank them to make them go. she designs a shoe on the spot. and when the designer comes back, the model is wearing a newly redesigned shoe. the designer asks them if they’re doing fine. ji an says that it’s been fine the whole time. the designer criticizes her as the shoe doesn’t match the model’s longer skirt. she takes out a newly bought shoe, and takes them out of the box. ji an takes offense, and pretty much stands her ground in telling the designer off. in retaliation, she tells her people to take the shoes off the models; they’re leaving. the designer asks her if she’s gone crazy, then orders her people to stop ji an’s people.

it seems that they reach an agreement, however, and the runway show starts (and goes) smoothly.

afterwards, we see ji an running outside, chased by the tae kang… she tells him to wait. she goes up the stairs to another building (the same one she left earlier?), and opens the door to a restaurant. people are cleaning up and putting away the silverware and linens. she calls her mom on the phone… she asks what happened to the 70th birthday party. they said they cancelled.

tae kang is left waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs, thinking to himself that he should have stopped her and awaiting his payment for his trouble. she comes storming down the stairs and passes tae kang, who is holding his hand out. she continues to the door and turns around to ask if he’s not coming. he follows her.

she runs down to a train station, searching. she finds and calls out to her mother. mom is about to get into the train with dad, and wonders that they’re leaving just like that. she’s rather offended. she frantically yells, asking why they’re leaving. her dad yells back at her, telling her that she’s too busy with work to make time for them, and then he returns her money that she had given them. he’s at the verge of disowning her. he gets on the train and pretty much yells at mom to get on. her mom meekly tells her that she’ll call her later.

tae kang can only stare behind her.

ji an leaves, dejected… and walks back out and into the park. tae kang quietly follows her with his bike (almost like a child). they sit for a while, and she’s trying to hold back her tears. he gets up and hands her a sheet. she starts wiping her tears with it. but then she sees something that makes her draw it back. it’s a bill for expenses.

they go out for a drink. she wonders if he’s a student. when asked, she tells him that she’s an office worker. choong baek, a friend of his, comes to serve them food. tae kang asks him something, and he starts telling them about something in a magazine. i think he may have alluded to her age (i missed this part).

fast forward a few hours, and they are drinking themselves into oblivion. he gives her advice. he tells her not to be so tough. girls should laugh nicely; that’s why she can’t even be in a relationship. she tells him that it’s not that she can’t bein a relationship, it’s just that she chooses not to be in one. he tells her how he didn’t have a mother. he was hit as soon as he was born. she smacks him upside the head. she tells him not to look at her that way.

again, later, they walk outside drunk and he’s supporting her. he tells her to hold on. (she has a bad habit of hitting him upside the head.) he asks where she lives and flags down a taxi. he shoves her inside. when she tells the driver where she lives, he’s surprised, yelling out “WHAT? WHERE?” and drags her out (too far = too expensive). he wonders if she’s making a fool of him. she drunkenly tries to call down another taxi, but he holds on to her waist, telling her to watch out. she wonders what’s so bad about her, as she sits by the sidewalk. it starts to rain. he sits down next to her, defeated. he tells her that she seems to be a nice person. he gives her her coat back, and leaves. she says, go ahead and leave. i can go on like a lone wanderer. he comes back with an umbrella (the kind that’s usually on the outdoor tables in restaurants). she seems touched, and gives him a small smile. she wonders why. he asks if her resolve is that weak. he tells her that the two of them, thrown out like that… she asks if they should drink some more. it’s raining and they can’t even go home. they walk off into the dark rain.

next day, the two are lying in bed, naked. she stretches, and realizes where she is, and gives a small scream. he seems to have regretted it as well, from the look of his face, and greets her good morning. she asks who he is.. and he says “the bike guy..” she tries to regain her cool, then asks if he slept well. she says she can’t remember a thing. he tells her he can’t, either.. she wonders that neither of them do, then starts laughing nervously. she says she has to get up and she’ll leave first. it’d be weird if they left together. he says that was his thought, as well. he asks for his underwear which is on her other side.. and rolls over, only to have him hanging at the edge.. she tosses it over, and he rolls over the other way as it goes too far.. and she’s hanging over the edge. he hilariously scrambles to put his underwear on under the blankets. then he worms his way down to get out of the blankets and puts on the rest of his clothes and runs. he goes out, and puts his jacket over his head.. partly hiding his face, as if they could tell what he’s doing. she wriggles in exasperation.

ji an takes a shower at home and gets dressed, then walks through her collection of shoes. she judiciously selects a pair, and then cooly walks into work, her people meekly waiting for her. she walks over to them, and they apologize about what happened the previous day. she asks if everything’s ready yet. they say no. she asks if they have that much free time. she flags one girl down, who looks scared. she gives the girl a credit card and tells her to buy a skirt.

tae kang is walking back to his bike and is flagged down by choong baek. he wonders where the guy slept the night before. his dad has been calling all morning. choong baek asks if he was with that woman. with the look on tae kang’s face, he starts laughing. tae kang swears nothing happened. choong baek says, he didn’t even ask. he asks if perhaps…

later, tae kang is peering about.. then gets grabbed back into a headlock by dad. dad wonders where he was. dad says he’d heard that tae kang was drinking with a woman all night, who was it? (unsure if the lines were form dad or tae kang – japanese subs were delayed) he wonders that dad is interested. he’s got his privacy. the dad tells him to just be careful the girl doesn’t get pregnant.

meanwhile, ji an is walking around a shoe store, and complains about the number of imitations lately. a customer complains on the other side, wondering if they don’t have more comfortable clothes. ji an mutters under her breath… and the woman overhears her. the two start arguing. ji an tells the customer that maybe she should get marathon shoes. the woman gets frustrated and starts arguing back, until ji an snaps her fingers at the woman. the woman finally has had it, and takes the shoes and tosses it, and walks out. ji an loses it and yells after the girl for disrespecting the shoes, but the store girls hold her back. she picks the shoes up and cleans it carefully.

tae kang is out by the stairs trying to get a woman to try on some shoes. later he’s giving dad a back rub while dad works at the store… apparently, dad makes imitation shoes. choong baek bursts in at that moment, and is holding a book with ji an on the cover. ji an is apparently super rich; she’s the top in the industry. he lays on his mattress, and remembers their day together. he puts the book down. she makes about a million a year? what regular office worker is that?

ji an’s at the office, reading. one of her girls come up, who wonders if she still can’t eat lunch. ji an just talks about how she wants the fakes found. she wants the culprits to be caught.

she ends up leaving work a little early, and goes to see a doctor. the doctor delivers some news that doesn’t please ji an, and tells her that she’s got a low count on female hormones (estrogen?) and she only has 1-2 years left.

later, she has lunch with a friend. they talk about how she’s not getting married, and has no intent on having children. she asks what if she wants one. she should just go and get it, right? ji an notes that if she was like her friend, she’d be fine even if she gets a divorce.

ji an is walking down the street later, and sees something on the window that makes her stop and think wistfully. mom calls at that moment, and they have a seemingly pleasant talk, given earlier events. dad is outside, and seems to have calmed down somewhat.

she goes on a matseon with a guy, who keeps talking about his mommy (please tell me this is a japanese subtitling error). he bores her to death and she can’t hide her yawns. he asks if she’s bored. she tells him that she’s got a chronic disease (jibyou), and that she’s been told she only has 1-2 years left. in truth, she doesn’t feel like getting married. but her parents are hopeful.

somewhere else in town, tae kang is trying to call out to women to sell imitation shoes.

back at the matseon, ji an’s date tells her that has no intention of getting married either. he was just trying to turn her off with the mommy talk. they have a much more cordial conversation then. at the end of the date, they decide to keep on seeing each other, as friends. she gets in her car and drives off. he looks after her thoughtfully.

back to the father-son duo, dad is sneaking around with a sack of imitation shoes.. followed by tae kang with a sack of imitation shoes. (they look like robbers, carrying sacks… or very suspicious Christmas elves.) they’re sneaking out in the alleyways, carrying their sacks, and split up. tae kang isn’t watching where he’s going, however, and he happens to collide into ji an at an intersection. (wasn’t she driving? where is she going? does she park far away from her destination?) they crash, and he drops his sack… which opens up slightly to spill out a few imitation shoes. they’re both rather flustered at having collided. he starts trying to pack up.. just as she picks up a shoe. recognizing it as a fake, she looks up at him… at the same time that he looks to see who the woman is. their eyes widen, and they point at each other in recognition. he’s frozen for a bit, then he starts running off, leaving her on the ground with a sack of imitation shoes.


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