Dr. Jin, Episode 3 Preview

On to the next episode! Who will Jin Hyuk save next.. and from what? (A little tongue in cheek, I know.. but the major over-arching plot still keeps me curious. Rock on.) Also, I recognize that I haven’t posted the video preview. I’ll add it on when I get home later today… 🙂


I’ll die tomorrow if I can save the patient… I will save him.

Jin Hyuk, who ends up staying at Young Rae’s home after having saved Young Hwi’s life, is filled with renewed determination as a doctor to save peasants’ lives together with Young Rae.

On the other hand, the people are trembling with anxiety from the threat of cholera from outside the city, as the number of patients exhibiting symptoms of vomiting increase, one by one…

(Disclaimer: This is from me, looking up every single word in the dictionary. Please feel free to let me know if there are any errors.)


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