I Do, I Do, Episode 2 (Live Recap)

I’m not sure how long I can continue doing live recaps (since these air very shortly before I should be going to work XD), but I’ll give it a try. A note, though, I don’t post these until the episode is done because there are no commercials and it takes me too much time to transfer and save. o____o Anyway, more hijinks ensue.. We see that Tae Kang actually cares for his father very much – despite the trouble he creates. We see that Ji An is so lonely that she even shows up at the yakiniku restaurant again. And then we get more connections, to continue having them grace our screen together. XD;

In any case…

we’re taken back to the end of episode 1, when tae kang and ji an collide and fall down. the shoes spill out of the sack. as he gets up, he tells her to watch where she’s going. she recognizes the shoes as her designs, however… and, as she looks up in incredulity, they both stop as they recognize each other, pointing. he makes a run for it. she yells after him.

they’re at the police station. and she’s yelling at him, the sack of shoes in front of them. “talk! who copied my shoes. tell me quickly!” the officer has to try and calm her down. he says that he just picked them up. the cop asks him if he really just picked up the shoes. what is he some revolutionary soldier? the cop tells him that he will be put in jail, too, and asks who put him up to it.

later dad is having dinner at choong baek’s. he hadn’t gotten a call from tae kang. choong baek assures him that tae kang can take care of himself.

tae kang is cuffed to go to jail. ji an tells them to hold it. they talk in an interrogation room. he wonders if she’s going to threaten him. he covers for his dad, saying that he made the shoes himself. she stands and grabs his hand, and calls him a liar. she tells him that there should be at least a few callouses in his hand, to show, without question, his 20 years of experience. she says he doesn’t even know the shape of shoes. she tells him that his dad would be sad if he really went to jail. he tells her, it’s your parents who are more pitiful, having a daughter who doesn’t bleed or cry (read: unfeeling). she tells him that he’s trash. he concurs. it’s the only way he can live. he’s not educated. she says that there are a lot of uneducated people in the world, but they live much more righteously than he does.

she leaves.

at the restaurant, dad worries. but the news comes on. he gets on his feet, as the news broadcasts that copyright violations have been increasing lately; recently, a design imitator was captured. he then sees a blurred out picture of his son at the police station, talking in mickey mouse voice.

flash to the station. tae kang’s dad turns himself in, so that tae kang could be released. he wonders how his father could know that he was there. he calls out, “dad! dad!” as they take him away.

he gets home, and there’s food and a note from dad. “son, i’m alright. don’t worry. make sure you eat properly.” he cries over his dad. what would happen with his dad going to jail alone.

at the airport, yeom na ri arrives and is met by some people. it’s been 15 years since she was last in korea. she wonders how it’s been at the office.

she goes straight to the office, and greets her uncle warmly. she tells him that she missed him.

back at the design office, the minions gather. they wonder how a newbie could take ji an’s room. na ri comes in and is introduced. she has come from america with an mba. she’s not the wife, she’s not the wife’s daughter, but she’s like a second daughter.

ji an comes down the stairs slowly and sullenly, carrying her stuff. na ri greats her and introduces herself. she says she had no idea she’d be taking ji an’s room.

ji an tells her that she’s sorry, but the girl makes her uncomfortable.

na ri acknowledges her honesty. she thinks it’ll be quite interesting from now on. she looks forward to it.

ji an shakes her hand slowly. then picks her stuff back up and walks away. na ri notes that she dropped something. it says precaution against menopause. it says it belongs to hwang ji an. na ri says it looks important so ji an should take it. ji an notes that she’s gone the fast track with work, and with age, it seems. she wonders what it is. (this is all in front of the minions…)

ji an breathes in, and trying to keep her cool. she walks away… and dumps her box of stuff in her office. she talks to her mom on the phone. mom wonders what she did, but she doesn’t what mom is talking about. mom says eun sung told them that he likes her even though she’s strict, extremely proper, not fun, not lady like, and told him that she’ll never get married. but he said that she was unique and he liked her, and would like to meet her again. ji an wonders why he went back on their talk… apparently, he had asked to go on another date this week. her mom tells her to go.

she calls eun sung. he’s surprised but he plays it off. she asks what he’s going to do if they continue with this and their parents marry them off. he responds that she’s getting mad for no reason. in any case, she’s going into menopause in a year anyway. he asks, how about dinner tonight? maybe go out for hot pot. she tells him to get a hold of himself.

at prison, tae kang waits to see his dad. when dad comes out, he remarks on his dad growing facial hair. it looks cool.

they go to a spa. dad wonders where he got the money. his dad wonders if it’s dirty money. he protests. dad says he couldn’t even sell the bike, so did he sell the house? dad hadn’t been able to sleep even once since he got into jail. tae kang says that’s why dad has to go home. everything will be fine if he just gets a job. he’ll be the breadwinner from now on. he’ll take care of dad. tae kang gets up and walks off in a huff.

we then see a woman touching his abs and all the way around. he had apparently applied to work as a nude model. he makes some silly poses. he works as a window washer, although he’s scared of heights. he works cleaning a horse barn, and washing horses. he works at a morgue, but he scares himself silly. imagining the lights flashing, and the dead waking up to stare at him.

ji an is at the store again, going through the shoes. she stops and backtracks suddenly, saying that they should change the color match.

she ends up having to talk to na ri. na ri tells her that the new executive vice president (that would be her) told them to do so. there was too much stock in the warehouse. the two of them clash.

later her minions wonder when it’ll be over. one of them thinks it’s fine if she just fills out the paperwork. another says they’re stressing out, working late into the night every day, even into the weekend. they’re stressed out. yet another minion notes, but thanks to the boss, they’re able to work to their utmost, right? the guy says this is why he doesn’t like women.

ji an overhears everything, and swallows back. she walks in on them, and ask if they’re in the middle of a meeting. they quickly apologize about not being done yet. she tells them that she’ll take them out to a restaurant. she tells them to clean up and let’s have dinner on me, it’s been a while. she tells them that she’ll be waiting at the restaurant across the street.

she is at the restaurant at a big table by herself. she orders steak; the server can choose the wine. time passes and nobody has arrived. she asks him to prepare the salad bar. she says, just prepare. the guy wonders whether the steak order should be cancelled. she says that it’s only been 37 minutes; they’ll come. a little while later, one girl arrives. the girl says that they feel bad about what’s happened at work and that they’re very sorry to her. they had said that they won’t miss the next dinner. ji an tells her to sit down, and they’ll eat together. the girl, however, says that it’s her mother’s birthday tonight. really.

later, she walks outside all alone at the park.. and broods. (she really doesn’t know how to make friends, does she?) she calls her friend, who is out at a club with a very flirty boyfriend. ji an asks to have dinner together, if she has the time. but with the squeals and distraction, she figures not.. and hangs up. she scrolls through her contacts list on her phone.. but there’s nobody else she can call. she wonders why that is.

tae kang is drinking at choong baek’s. they talk about tae kang having a lot of jobs, and how hard it is to even earn 1000 won. tae kang has a lot of skills… like fraud, for example.

a customer arrives, and they stand instantly. ji an is standing there, and tae kang gapes at her.. then turns around. choong baek sits her down. she makes her order. tae kang stands up, hiding her face with his bag and starts to exit… but as he gets there, he slings his bag over his shoulder.. goes to her table, sits down, and slams his hand down on the table. he wonders what she’s doing there. she asks if he thinks she came to see him. he says he hasn’t forgotten. he tells her that choong baek has been his friend for 20 years. he tells her that he had brought her here, hoping to swindle her that last time. she asks if he had thought she was disappointed. he may think that she had just turned him in to the police, but she tells him that other people grew up, learning the bitterness of life. she calls him a loser and gets up to go.

he calls her out, asking if she’s really successful. she had left out her parents in her own autobiography, she doesn’t even have any friends, and so she’s come here tonight. he thinks that she looks pathetic. she doesn’t have love about her, only shoe boxes left. but even with a lot of shoes, shoes are only shoes after all. she’s the one who is a loser.

ji an goes back to her lonely home, and takes off her shoes. she sits in front of a bowl of instant ramen. his voice echoes has she has nothing. she tells herself, with a sob, that you can eat ramen without kimchi.

on the other hand, he’s also thinking back to what she said.. that he’s more simple than she thought. did he think he had a relationship with her? and that she may think that he she just turned him in to the police, but… there are people who take that frustration and have succeeded. he then thinks back to his dad working hard making shoes. he sits over his dad, and stifles back tears. then he goes to sleep next to dad.

at the office, ji an is presenting something. na ri gives ji an credit for the idea.

in the bathroom, ji an is freshening up. she wondres if this woman has become soft. she says she’s changed. she gives ji an some este coupons. she tells him to take care in her age. she wonders if na ri thinks she’s poor or something. she’s not that free.

later, tae kang is out and about, wondering what to do about money. he sees the poster for the contest, and sees that the prize is 30,000,000 won. he excitedly shows dad the poster. his dad tells him to wake up. tae kang says to just believe. fine, if he doesn’t want to, he’ll do it himself. his dad calls after him, telling him that he’s not going to give him a dime for this.

he goes out to study shoes, at the stores, at the spa, at a garage. he eventually stresses himself out, and talks at a shoe in his hand (ever-present these days), saying this is hard. his dad comes with a coat to cover him, and says stealing is easier. how does he intend to make something.

after the probation, he had thought he would die himself. he even went to the river.. but the next day, he remembered that tae kang had an outing. he went home, went shopping, made bentou. tae kang says he’s going to win, and he won’t give a cent to his dad. his dad tells him, whatever.

he comes to the contest registration.. but out comes ji an talking on the phone. he rushes to hide and ducks under the registration table.

ji an goes out to a salon, and gets a pedicure with her friend. friend asks how the matseon was. she assesses that the guy must be busy since he’s a doctor, but even so, he texts 3 times a day.

she drinks some milk, but it makes her nauseous.

then we see an ultrasound. it turns out to be eun sung, checking on an expecting patient. he tells them they’re pregnant. XD

ji an’s parents are in the waiting room. the nurse calls them in. as an obstetrician, he awkwardly asks how old they are. she’s 62. they introduce themselves as ji an’s parents, and that they just wanted to greet their future son-in-law. he gets up to greet them.

later, they’re out at a restaurant, and he’s treating them. he asks what he thinks about a woman who continues to work even after marriage. he says of course he wont stop her. dad says the woman has to be at home.

after the parents leave, he tries to call ji an. but she ignores him. he laughs amusedly.

back at the office, ji an and her minions are at a meeting with na ri. she’s half assing the shoe selection. they get into an argument.

at choong baek’s restaurant, they’re waiting expectantly. choong baek says something (didn’t catch it), and tae kang sits down a little disappointed. he wonders if he was lacking in something that he lost. his dad consoles him.

what do you mean, choong baek asks. it’s 30,000,000. he got the grand prize.

he goes to ji an’s building and waits.

ji an is talking on the phone in English.. but is interrupted by tae kang trying to beat up a vending machine. she approaches to stop him, just as he’s opening up a can.. and splashes soda into her face and all over her. he asks if she’s alright.. and she wipes the soda off. but when she finally looks up, they recognize each other. she wonders what he’s doing there. he says, so we meet again.


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