I Do, I Do, Episode 9 (Live Recap)

Guh. Tae Gang finding out? Dragdragdragdragdrag. I’m glad that the picnic scene from the official stills were for real, though.

BTW, as a note, once again, I still have only a smidge of understanding for Korean. (I can get by with some of the commonly used phrases, up to, “are you freaking crazy!?” lol) I’m still doing this from what little I know and from Japanese.

Also, thank you so much for the overwhelming amount of visits. And I apologize if it’s not 100% accurate. (I also miss some stuff as I keep on typing about previous scenes when the next one’s starting XD)

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I Do, I Do, Episode 9 (Preview)

This was a little iffy to translate… so please let me know if there are any errors. (For sure, that title looks hokey.)

By the way, did anybody see the video preview? The important parts: (1) Tae Gang goes in drag and struts his stuff in wig, skirt, and heels; (2) Eun Seong shows Ji An how to do breast massages while they’re in a restaurant, and she leaves him in embarrassment; (3) Na Ri is looking adoringly up at Tae Gang, schoolgirl-crush like, as they walk around; (4) Ji An falls asleep on Tae Gang’s shoulder outside, and he leans in for the kiss; (5) Tae Gang is ridiculously excited over something.
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I Do, I Do, Episode 8 (Live Recap)

Have to run to work early today! I’ll delete hanging sentences, if there are any, later. XD;

By the way, I apologize in advance for any inconsistencies on what “that guy’s” name is.. Jake? Jkwann? Jikwan? Jake Hwa? I honestly don’t know which one. As a reminder, my understanding of Korean is low (I’m on Chapter 4 of the first year book, self-learning)… and I’m using what little I know and as much of the context as possible to try and work with the delayed partial Japanese subs on live stream. XD; I look forward to the English subs as well to confirm what I’ve written. I think that I’m definitely picking some vocab up as I do this, lol.

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