Dr. Jin, Episode 3

There really isn’t too much that happens in Episode 3 that you wouldn’t have guessed from seeing the previews. I feel like it’s more of a foundation episode, setting us up for the upcoming ones. In any case…

Jin Hyuk is released from sentencing when he saves the life of Minister Kim. He starts living in the Hong residence, and is filled with a renewed determination to operate on those who need it. Read more…

(For those who only randomly dropped in to this post, I’m doing recaps for odd-numbered Dr. Jin episodes on DSS. I link them back here after they’ve been posted on the forum. ^-^ )

Well, that was a really quick 180 from the Jin Hyuk who determined who was and wasn’t worthy for a surgery to the Jin Hyuk who now says he doesn’t care about the payment or who the patient is, he just wants to save them. Even though Jin Hyuk mentioned that he now wanted to give hope to those who feared poverty more than death, is that the true motivator? I’m not sure I felt that from Jin Hyuk, as much as I felt the despair from the poor. I’m also scared of the fact that he could run out of anesthesia in about 3 episodes with all the surgeries he’s performing.

Could he also save anybody from other things beyond a hematoma? That looks like an affirmative with the upcoming cholera episode (Episode 4).. but nothing’s stopping a cholera patient from hitting their head, right? I kid. But, seriously, I’m sure he has other medical skills that don’t involve cracking skulls. (Well, ok, there was that scandalous CPR that one time…)

(By the way, excuse the tone of this post for now.. I think my new prescription is playing tricks on me…)

Will we be exploring the historical events surrounding the persecution of Christians? Or was that just an aside for Episode 2?

Will Mi Na wake up in the future? Is she a descendant of Young Rae?

Why did Young Rae go back to the party after she had the talk with Kyung Tak? She had already tried to leave the party after being humiliated in front of the officials and their guests.. and I thought she would surely have been gone already after her talk with Kyung Tak, but she returned just to witness Jin Hyuk administering CPR on Choon Hong.

What is Choon Hong’s background? When she hugged Dae Gyun and when they fell into the water, it really looked like she was trying to squeeze the life out of him. Did she really want to kill him? Why? It seemed to be his first time with her. Did she perhaps foresee something? Was she trying to test something?

What did it mean when her gayageum broke? Why is she so close to Ha Eung? Enough that she entertains him and even lends him money when he’s broke. They don’t seem to be more than friends, but why?

Even though Kyung Tak regards Young Hwi as a friend, it doesn’t look like the feeling is completely mutual… which is sad for the stiff Police Chief Kim. Compound that with the fact that his fiancee is about to be taken away by Jin Hyuk. Beyond the display of jealousy over the CPR, her sudden happy smile when he came out of the house may be a little telling.

In any case, I’m looking forward to more story in the next episode! Rock on.


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