I Do, I Do, Episodes 1-2

“Formal” write-ups for I Do, I Do Episodes 1-2… I know I’ve posted the live recaps for I Do, I Do here already; this post is simply for my archiving and thought-processing.. since I didn’t really write my impressions beyond what was happening at the moment.

Topsy turvy thoughts: I’ve got them. What about you? What do you think so far?

Episode 1: Hwang Ji An rushes out of her father’s 70th birthday celebration in order to take care of a work crisis. Park Tae Kang is speeding away on his motorcycle, away from his disapproving father. The two literally crash into each other. In need for speed, Ji An asks Tae Kang to take her to work in return for paying for his bike repairs. Crisis averted, Ji An attempts to return to her parents, but her father is too angry. Depressed, the two toss back some drinks, and…Read more…

Episode 2: Tae Kang is taken to the police station, where Ji An demands the identity of the person who plagiarized her designs. He decides to the take the fall and confess in his father’s place. Meanwhile, Ji An is having problems at work, with her health, with her parents, and with her being virtually friendless… and she finds herself going back to thep lace where Tae Kang took her drinking. One day, Tae Kang applies for a shoe design contest in Ji An’s company…Read more…

Thoughts… they are scattered.

I am behind the times. I didn’t know that pink cloth could match red shoes. I grew up in the age where you never mixed the two colors on your clothes. How awesome was it, though.. when she just suddenly came up with an idea and re-designed the shoe on the spot? I wonder if we’ll see her (or him) actually working on designing more shoes in the future…

I wonder how far they’re actually going to go with the story. Is this mostly about their relationship through the pregnancy, ending with the birth? Or will the story extend beyond the birth and into the territory of how she deals with a baby and a career? Will she even go to full term? I’m assuming she might, since it’s probably her last chance to have kids, despite telling people that she had no intention of marrying or having children.

Also, we’ve seen constantly crashing/colliding into each other over the last two episodes. I assume that this is going to stop now that we won’t be needing additional excuses to see them together (since they’ll be working together).

I’m not as invested yet in their characters, but that could be due to the live recapping. I find myself typing without stopping throughout an entire episode, so I’m transcribing what I’m seeing instead of just watching to appreciate. I do find the characters’ personalities interesting… and how the portrayal how they’re opposites, in both personality and situation. Ji An is older and has a cool demeanor, belying a passion for her career, while Tae Kang is younger and is outwardly passionate for life. She has had an idea of what she wanted to do with her life from early on, while he is a wastrel who just flits about, going with the flow. Her career seems to have created a bit of a rift between herself and her parents, while he works closely with his dad and seems to have a warm relationship with him. She designs shoes, while he and his dad create knockoffs of designer shoes.

It’s interesting, by the way, that he calls her out for not having friends. Self-conscious, she realizes that she only has one friend she could call on… but even that friend has a night life, bouncing from relationship to relationship… so she feels like she has nobody. But, if we look at Tae Kang, it looks like he really only has one friend, as well. (And, if you think about it, Choong Baek wouldn’t be that available for Tae Kang, either, if his line of work didn’t allow him to socialize.) As far as I can see, they would have both been alone that night when Ji An was stood up by her employees. I’m sure that he’s more personable than Ji An, but I’m not really seeing how he’s too much different than she is when it comes to friends. They have the one friend they can trust.

I’m really loving Tae Kang’s relationship with his dad. Dad gets physical with him, but you can see that he cares a lot for his son. Tae Kang is a cheeky guy who loves to create headaches, but in the end, he’s daddy’s boy, who wants to do right by him. I appreciate that Ji An’s parents care for her, and it’s understandable that her dad would be disappointed when she doesn’t have time to hang out, but, ugh that he thinks the woman should just stay at home. (By the way, she really should have planned her events better. It might have been better not to schedule her dad’s dinner on the same night that she had an important show for work. I’m sure this could have been arranged. Given that it wasn’t, it might have been nice for her father to understand… even though that wouldn’t really give us a story.)

Eun Sung seems to be an interesting guy so far. I have a feeling that the show will have him be the stereotypical second lead in the drama who will understand everything and stick with her through the pregnancy, if she lets him. (Or will this show prove me wrong?) As for Na Ri, she seems to be a superfluous character so far. I don’t care much for her, and her only purpose seems to just be to put Ji An in her place… which is something we really don’t need with all the other things that’s going to blow up pretty soon.

In any case, don’t get me wrong: I remain curious as to where the show is taking us. I’m just overthinking a few things. On to episode 3!


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