I Do, I Do, Episode 3 (Live Recap)

My connection was intermittently plagued this morning. (They’ll be working on our wiring in our entire complex today and tomorrow..) I missed a couple of things.. but, hopefully, none too important. As usual, I’ll be doing a more formal write-up later. XD;

(The feature image, for now, is from the preview…)

at the reform contest, the grand winner is park tae kang. ji an is called up to present. she does so reluctantly.

the two of them are sitting together for the celebratory meal. he tells her that he applied to her company, which elicits a loud, “what!?” from her. she tells him to step out with her, but he doesn’t want to, so she spills water on him to get him out.

they argue in her office. she tells him not to apply; he’s not qualified anyway. she hits him, to his surprise. she tries to hit him a second time, but he catches both of her hands. she struggles, but he continues to restrain her. he asks her if she hasn’t been thinking about it since that day.. if they were to be honest with themselves, did nothing really happen between them that day?

they seem to have a “moment”, but then she knees him in the crotch. she tells him that this is her answer.

she goes back to the celebration, walking cooly. but then he comes in after her, and calls out, “noona!,” stopping everybody in the crowd. he approaches her slowly, walking awkwardly, making it obvious that he’s been kicked in the crotch, his face twisted like he’s about to cry in anguish. he asks her if it’s really that embarrassing for her? is it really the end of them? he says that he really must not be good enough for her. he hands her something, looking down. she looks down at his crotch area, playing up that it hurts, silently. “please be happy. goodbye.” then he walks away, pathetically. she opens her hands.. and, in it lies a button. she looks down and realizes that her top button was gone. the whole room goes abuzz. (haha! it looks like they had stepped out of the celebration to make out…. XD;;)

at a museum, na ri and her stepdad go to a museum to meet up with her aunt. she apologizes for not coming to greet her sooner. she asks how the company is doing, and they tell her it’s fine. she tells them that there’s apparently trouble with their shareholders. uncle walks away with an awkward smile.

na ri stomps back to her office, upset. there is a man there with a gallery purchase, and he sets it in her office. she looks at the list of interview candidates. (is she going to go for tae kang out of spite?? just to spite ji an?? just to make herself feel better?)

later, tae kang is interviewing for a job opening at ji an’s office. they recognize him as the winner of the reform contest. he tells them that he was a fan of their designs, and it gave him the dream. they ask him about his educational background. did he study overseas? he tells them that he has not; it’s not important to creative people. she asks him about the fashion trends of 2012. he answers it’s the mini skirt… she asks him for the meaning of imitations.

later, na ri, ji an, her uncle, and the president are looking through the candidate applications. na ri picks tae kang. ji an tries to protest, but na ri says that she believes in ji an. after all, a pro isn’t born, it’s made, right? caught, he concedes.

the two of them go out to a cafe afterwards. ji an wonders why na ri called her there. na ri tells her there’s no reason, then asks her about going to the spa. she tells ji an that they should go next time. oh, and she also knows a good hotel. ji an takes the coupon out of her wallet, telling her that she believes nothing is free, and slaps it on the table in front of them. then she takes out some money for the payment for the spa… and the payment for the coffee. (i missed a part, but one of them says that the company’s future is in her hands.)

tae kang, dad, and choong baek celebrate with cake at choong baek’s restaurant. he tells them that he just passed by luck. they say that luck is a skill, as well.

tae kang and dad walk home, drunk, afterwards. dad’s really proud of his son. they go to visit the house they used to live in, and talk about how they moved when he was 10. that’s fine, a sauna is still #1. tae kang says that he’ll buy them a new house, let’s go home to the sauna.

the next day, he wakes up running late for work, and complains as to why dad didn’t wake him up. dad tries to feed him as he prepares, but he doesn’t have time. we then see him struggle with morning transportation, and running to the office. he walks in to the office building, proud of his new badge. he greets everybody he sees, happily. the others are ambivalent, but bow down eagerly to ji an.

in the elevator, one of the guys compliments her on having a chic style. she answers coolly, asking when it was that she had asked for the market report. he answers that he’ll have it this morning; she walks out.

in her office, her employees are gossiping about how they’d heard that the new employee roster had included ji an’s “lover”. there are rumors that the guy is pretty cool and is like some kind of a host. one of the girls (who went to see her at the aborted dinner in the previous episode.. let’s call her the loyalist.. until i remember her name) is a little offended, saying that ji an isn’t like that.

one of the girls (song mi?) introduces tae kang to them. when ji an arrives, they hasten to straighten themselves up. the girl tries to introduce him as the new guy. she tells them she knows and to prepare. they all rush, and sit down at their planning table. they snicker as he gleefully (mistakenly) sits down in ji an’s spot. she tells him to get off her seat.. but then he doesn’t know where to go.

tae kang calls his dad and choong baek later at the restaurant from the shoe inventory room, and gets a quick lesson about shoes from his dad over the phone (learning about terminology… wedge, stilletos, etc). then he asks dad what the numbers mean (like 38, 40, 1/2).. his dad tells him it’s the size! (omg, he doesn’t know that?? never been shoe shopping? i’d say his dad may have made his shoes.. but i think his dad only makes women’s shoes)

he hangs up as the guy in the team come to check on him. guy sarcastically says how nice for him to be on the phone from the first day. he tells tae kang that he seems to be pretty close to ji an.. and that there are rumors. he tells the guy that they don’t have that kind of relationship.

later he rushes for the elevator, and greets the person inside. of course, it’s ji an again. they get into an argument, but then her stomach starts to hurt. he asks her what’s wrong, but she brushes him off.

she gets back to her office, and gets a call, addressing her as a bride. apparently, they’re asking if she needs a wedding planner with a wedding coming up. (her dad’s work?) she calls eun sung. he gingerly checks his phone and answers, then hangs up on her in petty revenge.

later, he’s waiting outside his clinic, when she drives up. she pretty much asks him, what the hell. he tells her that her parents have already been by to visit. she rushes off, and he jumps in her car. he tells her that they should talk. she tells him they can talk in the car. she tells him to get out, but he tells her no.

at a karaoke bar (is it lunch???), ji an’s employees gossip again. they wonder who the next president will be. they think it’s probably na ri. but rumor has it that the current president is some kind of a medusa. wouldn’t medusa be better than a stepdaughter.

tae kang walks out.. and over hears na ri on a phone call. she tells her dad that she’s still getting used to the company, but she’s alright. (also, it’s apparently dinner hosted by the company…)

he goes back in.. and is stopped by a male employee from the same company. he commends tae kang for being in ji an’s team already.

ji an pulls up to her parents’ place. as her mom comes out, eun sung greats her as “mother”. ji an is surprised; he asks if “dad” is there. they all walk in, and there’s company in her parents’ backyard. ji an’s dad greets eun sung warmly. ji an asks him what he’s doing… he says he’s just going along. her dad introduces him to his friends.. and they have him drink with them. she asks, wasn’t he busy? didn’t he have a surgical operation that night? he says he doesn’t.

the others tell them that since they’re older now, they shouldn’t wait. he tells them that he’ll be happy as long as ji an is there. they get up and sing for her dad and his friends. she’s a little irritated, but she sees how happy her dad is.

later, she’s cutting some vegetables, while the menfolk continue to drink outside. she watches her dad laughing merrily, as he’s carried on eun sung’s back. she remembers when she was younger and her dad is teaching her calligraphy. when she had accidentally splashed him with ink, they had both looked serious for a while. then, he dipped his fingers in the ink and spread it on his face, making him look like a cat, and he chased her.

her mother comes over as she’s cutting vegetables, and she notes how long it’s been since her dad had laughed so loudly. he had done the same when she had graduated with top honors from university. she cuts her finger..

..and eun sung treats it for her inside. later, in her room, she wonders why it’s like this. could her dad laugh so simply like that. she said she used to be like that, too. but her dad didn’t smile when she got the best grades, when she went overseas, and other things like that. that’s why she thought that dad never smiled. eun sung shares that his dad doesn’t smile either. he tells her that all families are like that.

we see her employees at the restaurant again. they wonder where ji an is, but they don’t know.

later, tae kang is still with the male employee… Ji An had been with the company for 15 years and she’s still a manager.. that’s why they call her the ten thousand year manager.

tae kang wonders about the identity of that person he saw earlier. he goes around the restaurant, spying around for na ri. when he finds her, he sits down next to her and turns his charm on. she’s a little drunk. he asks na ri to go up to the dance floor, and dances moving wildly… like the young’un he is o____o. he moves her around and dances like he’s a club… which stops just about everybody in the room… in awkward embarrassment. they address her as a vice president. she can only laugh weakly.. as he cringes with embarrassment over what he’s done. (we see that ji an’s loyalist employee is there, but she’s passed out.)

ji an drops eun sung back off at his place, with food packed by her mom. he notes that ji an’s mom is a person with a big heart. she thanks him for today. she tells him that it’s ok if they talk on the phone every once in a while. he asks if she’s proposing just now? she denies it.. but then he steps up and gives her a kiss on the cheek.


3 thoughts on “I Do, I Do, Episode 3 (Live Recap)

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  2. Thank you so much for the recap.
    I loved the 1st episode
    i regret a little that he works for her because she is his boss now .And he is under her autority

    • you’re welcome! and thanks for commenting. 🙂
      i think i’m actually liking it more and more as the episodes progress, especially as we see her expressing more emotions… showing us what she’s feeling.
      i think i might be right with you on him working under her now, as it just adds another layer of her superiority… but, i guess the drama just wants to drive that all the way in, setting up for all hell to break loose. it’s a little convenient that they have to be together a lot-lot more now.

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