I Do, I Do, Episode 4 (Live Recap)

This morning was a trial… They’re working on our electricity at my complex today, because we’ve been having intermittent power outages. Also, I might have missed a bit of the dialogue. A formal write-up will be forthcoming.. which should be more accurate than this.

eun sung asks if she’s proposing. she backpedals, saying it’s just for strategy. he kisses her, catching her a bit off-guard. when she starts to ask him what that was for, he laught is off a bit. the banter between them doesn’t have the bite it has when she’s with tae kang. he calls her unsexy. she looks surprised.

the next morning she’s doing stretches with her joon hee.. and they discuss what happened the previous night. her friend advises her to marry eun sung. ji an falls a little behind, getting tired early. she leaves. joon hee asks her if she’s some sort of a grandma. meanwhile, a random guy offers her friend a drink.

tae kang goes to work early.. and proceeds to clean the team office, singing and dancing as he cleans (is he cinderella? XD;). he’s very proud of himself. unfortunately, this freaks out his coworkers, when they arrived: “who touched my desk!?” yells one (yoo jin?). he apologizes, bowing several times.

sung mi reports to ji an how tae kang had treated na ri at the party the night before. ji an wonders if he’ll be fired; she must have been pissed. sung mi tells her that didn’t seem to be the case.

the chairman’s wife comes to visit ji an. she asks ji an what she thinks of na ri so far. ji an tells her that she’s quite passionate. the chairman’s wife asks her if she’d heard about the selection for the next VP (i think she’s asking about whether ji an might know who had been saying that the next VP would be selected by the next president). she tells ji an that she knows how much ji an has put into the company, and about how ji an has made them into a first class brand. the time when she can grant ji an’s dream has come.

she goes to her room… thoughtfully sits at her desk.. and quickly covers her mouth as she lets out a small scream of glee.

out in the hallway, na ri sees the chairman’s wife and approaches her, calling out “mother”. na ri tells her that she should have told na ri she was coming. “mother” looks at her coolly, and wonders if she’s been spreading word that she’d be the next president. she asks why na ri had acted rashly. she doesn’t want people to say that she’s just like her mother, right?

in the office, tae kang is having a hard time, and the other minions start giving him menial work.. like sorting the rhinestones. the guy protests when tae kang starts mixing the “blue” with the “navy”. he tells tae kang that he can’t even use his brain or his body, but there must be something he can do.

when lunch comes, ji an’s minions take off, leaving him in the office, and even drag a reluctant da in with them.

he lets out his frustrations as he’s eating rice by himself at lunch. anybody would know that he only has a poor background. his protests start making him choke, however.

as he gets up, he sees na ri, in deep contemplation with her earphones on. she remembers the chairman commenting on how she wouldn’t want people to say she was like her mother. he, on the other hand, remembers how she had looked defeated after hanging up on her dad at the party the night before and pities her. the rich have problems, too.

he walks back into the office.. and ji an is there. she asks where the minions are. he tells them they’re at lunch. she tells him that he seems to have messed up at the party the night before. she tells him that he might as well hand in an early resignation. of course, they get into another argument. he tries to provoke her into touching his head where she’d hit him. he grabs her hand and it puts it on the spot, but she tries to pull away.. she ends up backing into a table, and the forward momentum has him leaning slightly over her. the momentary pause is just long enough for her minions to come in and witness it. they look awkward.. and da in, who had been defending her, looks particularly shocked. she walks out. he looks horrified.

he goes to the restroom, frustrated.. and hears sobbing from one of the stalls. he asks if the occupant is alright, and gets a little frantic at the lack of response. it turns out that it’s just a constipated bong soo. XD

they go out for drinks later. he tells tae kang that he’s been a manager all this time, but his desk had been moved again. it’s like they’re telling him to quit on his own. but then he tells tae kang how his wife got pregnant. he tells him that he wants a lot of kids, but they’re expensive to raise. they cost about 1million won a month to raise.

bong soo then recounts a story about ji an in her earlier days. bong soo and ji an had been on the same team. ji an had argued with her team leader, telling the team leader that she did not agree with the plan; she didn’t come to this company to copy other people’s designs. the team leader had asked her if she thought she was ferragamo, threatening public failure. it landed her crying in the bathroom stalls. she sobs about howshe’ll make her own brand some day, and use these designs.

we flash to ji an who is now looking at the same designs in her shoe show room / closet.

bong soo tells tae kang that she’s been living at the company, since, designing hundreds of designs everyday. she won the design award three times at their company, and has turned into the medusa that she is today. tae kang protests that ji an isn’t like that.

bong soo tells tae kang that there are rumors about the office that he and ji an were lovers. he walks out. choong baek sits down and lets slip information about taekang and ji an.

the next day, boong so spreads the information he had gotten from choong baek among other employees.

ji an shows sung mi the designs, telling her that they were the ones she made back in 93. sung mi compliments her, and takes the designs.

in the main team room, tae kang continues to sort rhinestones. sung mi sends him out with the designs.. which i think he’s supposed to deliver somewhere. she tells tae kang that they were ji an’s first designs, so he should be extra careful. he pores over them on the bus… then puts them in a bag. as he continues with his travels, the designs are stolen right from his hands. he chases after the guy, but loses the thief.

he goes to the police, begging them to help him catch the thief. he tells them there’s about 10million won in there and some shoe designs. they’re more important than his life.

at the office, na ri reads about the rumors on the office bulletin board. ji an walks in to a conference room, with waiting executives. she wonders at the sudden meeting. na ri tells her that there have been rumors spreading about na ri being a lesbian (which are apparently quite detailed) and about ji an’s relationship with the new guy, park tae kang. they call boong so in for questioning. boong so apologizes for his loose tongue. na ri tells him that it’s not just a matter of individual damage, but the company’s image at stake. na ri recommends his dismissal. boong so starts to protest. the president looks to ji an for advice. she looks at him, trying to hold back her words.

later, we see her walking out of the meeting. she stops when she sees tae kang across the way. he bows down to her.
she takes him to her office. she calls him a fly, and slaps him. she yells at him, in pain and anger. she asks if he knows how she’s lived all this time, now he’s put her on the spot.

he yells back, frustratedly, that, yes, he knows. there are rumors spreading in the company that he’s ji an’s boy toy after a drunken binge. she tells him to leave the office this very minute. he doesn’t want to. he asks her to fire him instead. he’s not walking out by himself. but, he tells her, he hasn’t done one thing that would make him feel guilty. he’s only been true to his heart.

ji an is having coffee with the chairman’s wife, who tells her she’d heard about it

late at night, tae kang is still sorting rhinestones in the team office. he remembers how she’d yelled at him… asking why she had to go through this because of trash like him. he gets up, and throws the rhinestones down, spilling them all over the place.

he goes home, frustrated through the alleys. his dad intercepts him, wondering why he’s late. they go to a guy who tells them that he’d heard they were living at the jjiljimbang. they ask if they’d like to move again; he’d gotten into a big company, right? tae kang says they’ll think about it and walks out.

his dad follows him out to talk. he wonders if tae kang doesn’t want to repay the debt monthly. he says that’s not it. dad asks if tae kang doesn’t believe in him. tae kang gives in, saying that it’s not like that.

later ji an is on a date with eun sung. he tries to converse with her, but she’s staring off into the air, concentrated and not paying attention. he asks about her workout. he asks if she’s been listening. when he finally has her attention, he offers to play psychiatrist. she apologizes and tells him that there’s been trouble at work. she’d killed somebody… more precisely, she’s turning a blind eye to two people getting fired at work. he responds that she must have some bigger purpose. he asks if she’d ever heard of “baby therapy”. it’s supposed to help stablize one’s mind.

he takes her to the baby room at the hospital for some of this so-called “baby therapy”. he invites her to look at the babies, and let loose a bit. looking at the peaceful babies lined up like they’re in cocoons out there, he tells her that he’s come here many times and was able to find calmn. he points out his favorite baby. he asks her what she thinks. she looks like she’s affected a bit, even though she denies it.

he takes her to the incubation room, and shows her a premature baby, who came out at only 7 months. he tells her that this baby is stronger than most people out there. he invites her to stick a hand in. the baby holds on to her finger, surprising her. he tells her that looking at the baby, he seems to be a very dependable boy. thats why he’s eun sung’s favorite. it does look like it makes her feel better.

ji an reports to the chairman’s wife, who asks what it is that ji an suddenly wanted to talk about. ji an wants the executives to overlook the matter with na ri and tae kang; she doesn’t want to rise to the top, stepping on their prides.

later, she’s looking through her shoe show room, and picks out a red pair to go with her red skirt.

she walks in to work and overhears some gossiping employees. they wonder who had been the instigator. “of course, it must have been medusa” she walks up to them, and they’re suddenly like deer in the headlights, unable to speak or move, as she invites herself in to their talk. they run away. she walks into nari’s office.

as she walks out of nari’s office, she runs into boong so… who tries to run away. she snaps his fingers, calling him over. she comments on the fact that he’s been at the company for a really long time now. she tells him that he shouldn’t be spreading rumors about other people, during his copious amounts of free time. she tells him his job is saved. he thanks her and starts to leave. but, then, he tells her that he didn’t hear it from tae kang, but from choong baek.

she goes to her team office. tae kang is making coffee. she tries to approach him, but he’s called out before she can begin.

tae kang rushes out to take a call. it’s the police, and he wonders if there’s been any word about the bag. there hasn’t.

eun sung and ji an talk on the phone. she wonders what he’s doing later that night. she tells him that she wants to make up for her rudeness last night, so she’ll take him out. he smiles, and tells her that he’s busy, so why doesn’t she come over to his place.

she calls joon hee, who tells her that she’ll be going on a third date with the guy. and if he’s calling her over, then it’s getting serious. it could only be that. (sex?)

at the hospital, he runs into a dr. yang, excited. he asks if dr. yang could take his shift; he promises to do the holiday shift in exchange. dr. yang asks him if he’s fallen in love. eun sung says, nope, he’s getting married.

ji an shops for sexy lingerie. he shops for flowers. he’s very particular about his request; the florist is unfazed.

at work, she’s putting on perfume, etc. when she walks out, she sees that tae kang has passed out at his desk. she covers him up with his jacket. as she starts to walk away, she sees his second-grade attempts at trying to re-draw her designs. she looks at him, her face softening, as she remembers his words… that what happened that day may have been a mess to her, but not for him. he was true to his feelings then.

he wakes up, then, and jerks to his feet, in shock and fear at seeing her standing over him. he wonders what she did to him. she says she only put a jacket on him because she didn’t want him to get a cold.

she shows him how to draw shoes.. but he says that he knows; bong soo had shown him how. she then softly says she’s sorry to tae kang. he asks “what?”, not sure of what he heard. i’m sorry, she says again, turning away. he smiles. she turns around saying, “i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i said i’m sorry, ok?” he tells her, with a smile, that he heard. she says that he should have said so, then.

he laughs… but then she asks about the designs. and he laughs again, weakly this time…

we flash outside, where we hear her screaming, “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?” in outrage.. and he’s screaming in horror.

inside, he’s crouching on the ground.. and starts to hop over the table, as she starts throwing stuff… she approaches him. he climbs up the stairs, and she starts to follow after him.. but then she doubles over. he comes down to her in concern.

at home, eun sung is preparing the ambience.. lighting candles, setting the music.. he looks at the shoe pendant necklace he got her and smiles.

tae kang is in the ambulance, holding her hand.

she comes to in the hospital, hooked up to machines. the doctor and nurse are watching over her. they ask if she’s ok. they tell her that she might have been miscarrying.

“Ms. Ji An, you’re pregnant.”


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