I Do, I Do, Episode 5 (Live Recap)

I’ve had 3 hours of sleep.. so I hope I don’t miss anything. By the way, if I make note of conversations in my I Do, I Do recaps.. please note that there is a possibility that I might accidentally attribute the words to the wrong person. I don’t mean to do it.. but, as noted before, I’m relying on delayed Japanese subs (and if I can’t match what I’m hearing in Korean, because I don’t know as much Korean, that adds to the potential confusion). I am trying my best to be as accurate as possible.

Also, somebody told me that my recap was getting posted uncredited and in whole? (First, why would you want to do that? XD Second, please credit or link back to the source of shame… here. XD)

she wakes up in the hospital. the doctor tells her she almost had a miscarriage.. she’s pregnant. she laughs incredulously. she asks if they’d made a mistake. she says a saying, “you can’t see stars if you don’t look up, right?” she says she’s not mary (the virgin mary). doctor maintains serious expression.

they walk out. tae gang walks in, asking about her health. he leans down towards her, as if to look closely at the source of pain.. but she tells him to get out. he leaves, and looks at her as he closes the door. she’s just staring off.

ji an has an ultrasound at her bed. the doctor shows her the fetus.

she staggers out the hospital. eun sung contines to wait at his home.

she’s sitting in her closet, thinking, “i’m pregnant, i’m pregnant, i’m pregnant.” she remembers her drunken night with tae gang.

when she meets jun hui the next day, she flops down on the bench. jun hui tells her that she looks exhausted. could menopause be written on her face. ji an tiredly tells her that she’s pregnant. her friend squeals, wondering if her family is happy. ji an says it’s not eun sung’s child. friend wonders how it could happen. she says it’s quite the miracle. pregnancy is difficult, she’ll help ji an look for a good hospital. she tells ji an not to look like she’d stepped in poop. ji an puts her face in her hands, and moans a bit.

at the hospital, eun sung is talking to dr yang. i think dr. yang is asking about the date, and eun sung is non-chalantly covering for it?

ji an is sitting listlessly at work. eun sung calls her.. and she starts to apologize… but he covers up. he tells her that he’s sorry he missed the date; there had been an emergency with one of his patients. he asks what she did. she says that something had suddenly come up for her at work; they told her that she’d have to go to paris. (he pretended to have missed their date, so she doesn’t feel bad about standing him up.)

she sits in silence.. but then has to run to the bathroom, as she holds her mouth, nauseous. she throws up in the toilet… while she’s there, seung mi walks in and is talking on the phone. seung mi cries into the phone as she asks them just how many projects they think she has. i think that the person watching her kid (husband?) isn’t going to be available, against their arrangement.

ji an’s parents are trying to reach her, but are unable to. tae gang comes out to meet them. while they’re riding the elevator, they ask if he works for ji an. he says that mom looks pretty up close. they wonder if they’d met before. he says they haven’t. ji an’s dad scolds him.

they get up to his floor.. and she happens upon them on her way back to her office. dad scolds her (for missing her date?). i think her dad tells her to make it up to eun sung.

she goes to back to the team room.

tae gang looks at her, like he’s never seen her before. she sits in her office, and stares into the air. tae gang peeks at her in her office, wondering what’s up.

tae gang has lunch with bong soo.

he remembers riding with her on the ambulance. he sighs.

na ri is stomping up the stairs to her office. lady jang turns the corner with escort. the crook of her mouth turns up. she comments how lady jang has come. lady jang says, that’s right. then walks past her. she storms into her uncle’s office, wondering what “it’s” all about. her uncle sold his shares (for a golf course?).

she storms out, and walks after lady jang. they get into the elevator.. and na ri kneels down. she wants to be recognized by lady jang. when she had come back from the u.s., she had given everything up, wanting to be recognized. she asks what she has to do to become yeom nari, instead of cheon na ri. she tells lady jang she can change. lady jang tells her that she’s a lot like her mother; she can’t be reborn.

the elevator door opens and she’s still kneeling on the ground. many employees are there, including tae gang. lady jang walks through the crowd… tae gang looks at her sympathetically, as she stays kneeling until the door closes.

later, she’s thinking at her usual thinking spot… and tae gang comes to ask about her. na ri slaps him for getting in her business.

ji an’s parents visit eun sung, bearing abalone. they try to apologize in ji an’s place. he then gets a call, and he has to take his leave. they’re both smiling as he leaves, but once he’s out of sight, dad barks at mom. how could ji an lie? what if the marriage prospect goes away again?

eun sung remembers what ji an told him.. that she was being sent off. and her parents denying it.

ji an is with her friend at a health clinic waiting room. they talk about how some of these women are having babies… but then she gets a call, and she squeals. she gets up and steps out, squealing into the phone. a young woman and her mother then arrive.

joon hui accompanies ji an, to talk to the doctor. ji an remains silent, while joon hui asks on her behalf. the doctor tells her to return the next day.

ji an up and walks up. jun hui chases after her. her friend starts to get upset.. she wonders how it could be so simple as “to give birth or not”. and tells her to treat her baby preciously. ji an responds that people have said that she’s the type of person who shouldn’t be bringing children into the world. (6/15 correction: i have this conversation backwards. it’s ji an who is upset; the choices aren’t as simple as jun hui makes them out to be. jun hui throws back that ji an had said she shouldn’t be bringing children into the world.)

tae gang is out with his dad doing some materials shopping for the house.

tae gang gets a call. he gets excited, and pretty much tells his dad that he can buy whatever he wants. he’s not getting fired after all!

he runs to the police station, excitedly opening the bad. he looks inside, but the design isn’t there. he says it’s not even the right bag. they brought him a “made in china” bag… “CHINA!” he walks out, desperate. (6/15 correction: watching this in higher def. they brought him a made in italy bag. his is made in china.)

he goes back to the office, and exhaustedly flops into his chair. he looks at a picture of himself and his dad when they were celebrating his employment. he tries to start drawing a show design, but gives up.

na ri is also in her office, thinking back to words from an employee, ji an, and lady jang.. about how her uncle had sold his shares, so now lady jang is majority shareholder.. how ji an said she was now challenging na ri for the presidency… how lady jang said she resembled her mother.

she takes a walk to her thinking spot.. and tae gang is there yelling his frustrations to the world. she lets out a laugh from around the corner. he turns around. she tries to put on a straight face, and once accomplished, she joins him. he asks how long she’s been watching him secretly. she says it’s a public place. they start taking turns yelling out their frustrations. he tells her to yell out (something like, “stupid f’ing idiot”) with him. she can’t at first (crass language?), but he tells her to just put her back into it… like when she slapped him. she draws in a breath, and she’s finally able to yell out

ji an is in her shoe closet with a drawing pad. she wants to think clearly. she can’t become the president of the company. she doesn’t even have friends.

tae gang is running to work, late. the team mates are already quietly discussing something together. he tries to sneak in.. but they notice him. they wonder where ji an is. they try to figure which of them is going to her house to check on her.. and it looks like they’re going to try to make da in go again.. and she’s like, why… tae gang lets out a loud sneeze.

he gets out of a taxi.. and cautiously walks up to her mansion. at first he rings the doorbell.. btut when there’s no response, he starts freaking out, calling out. he remembers how he’d doubled over while chasing him before.. and he calls somebody to break her locks (with a drill XD XD XD). he walks in to a messy living room, and nobody’s there. he goes to her bedroom, not there. he goes to her shoe closet.. and there she is.

he tries to wake her up, to no avail. so then he starts yelling at her to wake up. she finally opens her eyes.. and gets up in surprise to see him there. he asks her why she didn’t come to work, without even any contact… she loks at his wristwatch.. and freaks out over her tardiness. she starts getting ready.

he marvels at her shoe display.. and starts playing with them. as she’s preparing, she peers out at him, and asks him something.

na ri is met by seung mi and da in, and wonders at ji an not being there. na ri goes to meet their customers, apologizing in english, on ji an’s behalf.. telling them that ji an isn’t feeling well. she entertains the customers (in a flat english tone). she asks about the proposal; they tell her that they accept the proposal, and commends her for the efforts that she’s put into the work. na ri’s face starts to fall.. and ji an runs up the stairs, dressed but slightly flustered.

tae gang waits in the car (he’d taken ji an there).. in boredom, he looks through her dash, looking for a CD. there isn’t even one. he opens an envelope (thinking there’s a CD?) to see the ultrasound picture.

the customers walk out, and na ri tells her she shouldn’t have come. she tells her that she’d be straining herself. but ji an says she only overslept. she wonders that ji an could even make mistakes. na ri walks away, but only after having mentioned lady jang.

tae gang comes out at her worriedly. she starts to cry and scream about being late, hitting at tae gang’s shoulder, asking if he knows that this is his fault.

later they are at a park bench looking out. she asks if it hurts. he says he’s getting used to getting hit, so it’s ok.. but he cringes and pulls back when she reaches for him.. like she’ll hit him again. he apologizes, saying he knows this happened because he lost the design. he says that he understands, it’s like a mother abandoning her child, like when he had to let go of his motorcycle.

they go out to eat. and she looks like she’s swallowing an entire pig whhole. they chat amiably. he tells her that he saw ultrasound picture in the car, and she starts coughing. (but he’s nonchalant, so he probably hasn’t realized…)

she gets back to work. and looks at her employees. da in starts to get up. she stops them. she looks at the sleeping seung mi’s desk (i guess da in was going to wake her up)… looks at pictures of her kids. she then snaps her fingers, and seung mi jerks to. she tells seung mi to bring the samples.

while looking at the sample, she asks about seung mi’s kids. she says it must be hard. seung mi: “eh?” it’s the first time ji an has asked such a thing.

outside, tae gang is making copies of flyers with bong soo. he thinks there’s a better chance of reuniting north and south korea, than there is of finding that bag.

at the hospital, eun sung and dr. yang are walking.. and they walk to the nurse’s station.. where one of the nurses is teary eyed. she looks at eun sung and runs off crying. he wonders what it’s about. the other nurse says that they’d heard he was getting married. dr. yang had spread the word.

eun sung is sitting at home, listening to carmen… he thinks back to ji an. he seems pensive. he starts singing along to carmen. (he looks just a little crazy.. i’m worried about his mental state.)

ji an is at work, late, thinking at her desk. she looks at a text message on her phone.

she drives off in her car.

tae gang and bong soo are out in the streats.. with “missing” flyers.. asking if anybody had seen the bag. bong soo is also holding flyers, and playing the harmonica. tae gang starts singing along.

the two sit down at a bench, and they eat.

bong soo shows tae gang a picture of his twins. the ultraound.

as he looks at them, he remembers ji an’s ultrasound. his face twists in fear, and he drops his burger. he points at it, saying, “this.. this…” (he realizes he’s the father of ji an’s baby? XD)

eun sung is outside waiting for her. she walks up, and he tries to put his expression together again. he good naturedly asks if she’s back from her work trip. he tells her that as a woman she’s got stuff on her mind too, but he had made arrangements, not even asking about that. she’s silent, but tears start collecting in her eyes. he looks concernedly at her.. as she tries to gulp back tears, still unmoving.


17 thoughts on “I Do, I Do, Episode 5 (Live Recap)

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    • you’re welcome! i can’t wait to watch it with english subs, as well! i probably missed some important parts in the dialogue.. and i might have made a few mistakes on the speakers. ^^; i’m glad it could help anyway.

  2. this is the first time i prefer the main lady lead to choose the second male lead! ES is simply so considerate! TG is still so childish! Whether it’s maturity of thought, personality or age, ES suits Ji An better than TG! But will TG accept Ji An’s pregnancy?

    • lol, it might be too late for me to respond now. but, at the time, i don’t think i doubted that he would.. i just wondered what kind of fuss he could raise up, and whether she was going to try to hide it from eun sung or not. XD;

    • thanks for your kind words! they were done while i was watching the episode, only fixing afterwards for some spelling errors (or glaring mis-attributions). so i’m just hoping i don’t make mistakes that are beyond silly. ^^;

    • i really love eun sung as well! but i AM also a little worried by the look on his face at the end of episode 5; it doesn’t look healthy. 😮 but i could just be imagining things…

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