I Do, I Do, Episode 6 (Live Recap)

Cute and sad.

tae gang is running through the streets of seoul. he thinks back to seeing the ultrasound picture in the car, talking about it with ji an, and bong soo. he’s running frantically. he runs up the step to her place, breathing heavily. he reaches for the doorbell. he remembers how she had cried screaming she’s 8 weeks late, asking if he knows it’s his fault. he reaches up to ring her again. he remembers her talking at the bench in the park. he has a frustrated look.

eun sung is sitting next to ji an, outside her work. he gets up in frustration… and she sits still stunned in her seat. he asks a confirmation, it was just right before she met him… she apologizes. he asks what for? because she’s pregnant? he says she’s too honest. he sits next to her. she says it’s a big failure on her part, and she’s been punished in a great way, so she’s thinking of having an abortion. she went to the hospital, but she suddenly regretted it. she wonders if she’s victim or criminal, she doesn’t know anymore. he asks if she’s looking for some kind consolation from him now. she comments that he’s right, they really had only just met, after all. he tells her that, sure, he’ll help her tell her parents.. but if that’s how it is, then he can just abandon all if she wants. (is he mad about the abortion?)

eun sung leaves her, and walks back to his car. he’s quite overwhelmed and doesn’t know what to do.. he starts to head back, but then he kneels down next to his car…

she walks home.. and tae gang is waiting for her. he tells her that he’s been looking for the design. she tells him to go away.

she walks into her apartment. and leans back against the door of her darkened place.

tae gang is talking to chung baek in his restaurant. he tells chung baek that he saw the ultrasound photo. he says it has to be another guy’s, right?

dad walks in then, to tell him something, and walks back out. tae gang tells chung baek not to tell dad.

father and son are having dinner at the sauna. dad talks to the ajumma serving them dinner, telling her that they’re gonna leave soon.. and that he’s going to make her some pretty shoes. tae gang doesn’t have much of an appetite.

he imagines ji an cooking dinner, and deliciously tasting the dinner. he calls out, “father. darling. come to taste this. hurry.” he smiles, and puts the delusion away. he thinks again.. this time, the dinner is burning, and tae gang runs for it… she calls. and he hurries over. dad is taking care of the crying baby, and tae gang wipes the floor, while ji an sits on her chair, designing. tae gang’s dad tells the baby to quiet down because “mom” (ji an) is working. she lifts her feet as tae gang mops beneath them… tae gang finally has it, stands up, and yells at her, “are you really the mother!?” she gets up, asking if he’s talking back. he backs away as she cracks her knuckles. he backs into a wall, she takes her shoe off, and is about to hit him… heel facing him. he screams.

he holds his head in horror, while his dad eats in ignorant bliss.

the next day, they are having a meeting.. nari is speaking about their collaboration.. but ji an falls asleep at the table. she immediately snaps to, and getting back into the meeting, snaps her finger, “next!” the minions quietly tell her that it’s not time yet.. the meeting ends. they wonder what’s going on.

tae gang texts bong soo to meet. they sit at a meeting.. and bong soo writes on the white board as he tells tae gang about symptoms of first pregnancies. they get lethargic, sensitive to smell, etc. he remembers something she said about craving certain food. he slumps in his seat, as bong soo asks who’s pregnant.

chung baek and dad go over to an address… looking for the lady who used to make them food. but she’s not there. they are told to go elsewhere… where there are some people begging not to get kicked out. dad is sitting out by the road, defeated. (update +6hrs: somebody tells me that they were going to the old house that they were buying back by paying month to month.. they weren’t looking for the lady who used to make them food. except they were cheated. sorry for the misunderstanding!)

the minions are gossipping. seung mi walks in on them talking.. but then walks away. she goes back to her seat, and looks sadly at a drawing her child did of their family.

she goes to ask ji an if she could be taken out of the project. ji an tells her not to quit because of her child. seung mi says that she wants to do it. she doesn’t have much of an opportunity to be a mother anymore. the kid drew their hamster, but didn’t even draw her or her husband into the family picture.

eun sung gets some baby therapy at work. he smiles a bit, but then he remembers when he brought ji an there. he remembers her look when they talked at the bench. he shakes his head and walks away.

ji an is with lady jang. lady jang is shopping for clothes for ji an.. and she picks something out.

na ri walks in, and strengthens her resolve to approach lady jang. just then, ji an walks out from the dressing room, wearing the dress lady jang picked out. na ri stops on the spot, stunned. lady jang asks her if it looks good on ji an. na ri responds favorably, her eyes set.

later, lady jang and ji an are having dinner together. lady jang wants to make the official announcement the following week. ji an asks for some time to think. lady jang asks why. ji an wonders if it’s bad of her to think of becoming president. lady jang tells her that an opportunity like this will not come around twice.

they leave the restaurant. ji an walks a drunk lady jang to her car. lady jang drunkenly laughs as she calls ji an, “president hwang.” she thinks ji an is going to be awesome. she chose ji an! ji an tells her to go safely.

when lady jang’s car leaves.. she starts walking. then na ri’s car comes up. ji an gives a tired sigh. na ri comes out to face her. ji an asks if na ri is stalking her. na ri is dripping some poison, as she tells ji an that she had told her to fight fairly. she had planned to do so, but now ji an is sneaking about in the shadows. she tells ji an that the first thing she’ll do as a president will be to fire na ri. ji an doesn’t really have much to say. she pats na ri on the shoulders and walks away.

ji an walks back home, and looks at her shoes in the shoe closet, hearing the voice of lady jang in her head. she starts slowly dragging her shoes off the shelves and dropping them on the floor.

tae gang is eating a carrot at chung baek’s restaurant… and remembers ji an saying it’s a tumor at the restaurant.. chung baek says something that makes him throw a carrot at him.

just then, tae gang’s phone rings.. and he freaks out. chung baek asks what’s going on. he shows chung baek his phone saying it’s medusa. he wonders if his career is about to come to an end.

he answers with a frightened look.. and just says, “yes. yes? yes. yes. yes.” slowly. chung baek asks if she had said the kid was his and to take responsibility. apparently she’d told him to go buy some pig’s feet.

he walks out of the restaurant. chung baek tells him that even if there’s even one millionth chance it’s his, don’t say anything until the DNA test.

he brings her the pig’s feet. she lets him in, and tells him to sit down. he helps her open up the food.. and she starts eating. she asks if he’s not eating. he wonders why she called him. she asks if he’s found the design yet. he responds that she told him to forget it already. she digs into it a little bit. he says that he can’t find it no matter how hard he tries.

they have some moment of silence… his heart beats loudly as he waits for a response.

she tells him that she had told him to bring the pig’s feet in 15 minutes.

she walks away. he frustratedly starts to follow her. he walks in to her shoe closet. she’s sitting on the floor, with all her shoes on the ground, polishing her shoes. he sets his stuff down and starts to help her. he starts wiping them expertly. she asks about it. he says that he does this for his dad. “dad?” she asks.

then he asks about a children’s shoe. she says, this? it was her first work. she says the white shoe was so plain in her elementary days. it gave her an inspiration. he asks why shoes, though.. not clothes? she tells him that she had heard that good shoes would take her places.

they have a moment.. then we hear a fart. they look at each other. she looks at him accusingly. but then she gets up and leaves. he thinks it’s not him… but then holds his nose as he sniffs. (it’s her XD)

dad is at the bus station. he thinks back to he needs to plan what with their debt and everything. he needs to go away and not get caught. i think he’s trying to not be a liability to tae gang? (update +6hrs: i guess dad leaving is related to the scene with the house…)

tae gang is still polishing shoes, and she hadn’t come back. he goes out to look for her, and she’d fallen asleep on the couch in the living room. he lifts her up and takes her to her room. (her room has a shoe display, too o___o). he lays her down. and as he looks at her, he says… “you’re pretty”, rubbing her cheek a bit with the back of his hand, as he smiles. she squirms with the touch of his hand, and he draws back. as he gets up, he sees her sketchpad.. which has a bucketlist. (sorry, i can’t read it.) he looks at her, like he’s about to shake his head.. but then gives a slight smile.

he goes out to her living room. “aigoo”. then starts washing her dishes, and cleaning. XD;;;;; dusting, cleaning her couches, sweeping, mopping… throwing her trash out on his way out. he wonders how she’s going to raise a kid when she can’t even do any housework.

she gets up in the morning. when she walks out, she sees her place is clean. she wonders if her mom is there, but no one is. her shoes are clean and back up on their shelves, in neat order. there’s food for her on the table… and a note from tae gang. it says that there was nothing in her fridge, so he went to the store to buy some stuff and made “this”.

she eats, but it’s really spicy. she digs through the stew and sees a giant pepper. she wonders if he made this after saying she liked the food. lol, there’s an egg with a ketchup smiley.

she goes out to a store, where jun hui is. (jun hui is a clothing store salesgirl?) jun hui asks.. what. ji an says she was just passing by. she brought jun hui some shoes, jun hui squeals in delight. ji an says she’s sorry.

she eats with jun hui and her kid. mother and daughter are wearing matching clothes, hair ribbons, and manicures. ji an smiles. later, she watches them in the park, as mother chases daughter.

she imagines herself on a field with her daughter.. drawing designs on a picnic blanket. they’re both drawing a ribbon.. then tap on the book. then scratch their heads as they think. she curiously looks at daughter as she moves her feet this way and that.. then moves her pen from her head to her nose. the kid follows all the way, then says, ee, that’s dirty. kid runs away as she’s about to tickle.. and she chases after her daughter.

presently, she smiles and shakes her head.. putting imagination away.

jun hui brings her a drink, and asks if she’s decided. ji an says that she hasn’t made a definite decision yet, but she wants to wait until she has some resolve. she asks if jun hui could imagine her being a mother. jun hui says everyone wants to be a mother, but it’s a million times more trouble than imagined. but, still, she thinks it’s also a million times happier.

at home, ji an looks at her bucket list. and thinks about jun hui.

she goes to work the next day. tae gang runs in, and rushes to carry her files and purse for her. she wonders what’s going on. he’s amiable as they get in the elevator, talking about straining himself cleaning her place. she tells him not to touch her stuff, she doesn’t like it. also, the stew was too spicy, her stomach hurt. he takes a peek at her stomach.

she has a meeting with her minions. they talk about how they’re too busy to do the collaboration. she tells them that it’s because they’re too busy that they have to work together.

there is a debate at the hospital, but eun sung isn’t really paying much attention. he’s withdrawn in his seat. but, then, he speaks up in disagreement. he says something about mothers, how as an ob/gyn, he’s never seen a woman be happy about having an abortion, but it’s not like they have the right to make the choice, and how he can’t tell women not to kill the children they’ve created from their own mistakes. he gets to his feet and leaves the debate.

as he walks down the hall, he remembers how she had apologized.. and he responded, “for what? being pregnant?” he thinks through the rest of their conversation, then his phone rings.

tae gang is talking to chung baek at the restaurant. chung baek starts to worry about him, as he seems a little happy thinking about the kid being his, and thinking that it might be good to get married if it is. chung baek asks if he likes ji an… did she cast a spell on him?

ji an is still walking about in a daze.. and is heading somewhere. eun sung is walking to the same place, as well. (they’re meeting her parents?)

she heads in. she greets her father. but it turns out that her parents are meeting his parents as well. she stands, stunned. eun sung follows after her.. and is about to talk, but stops as he sees his own parents. the two sit down next to their parents, who are complimenting each other’s children.

but, then, ji an interrupts them. she’s about to talk, but he interrupts. he says they need to talk outside, and asks to go out with her. the air is serious between them. she relents and lets him take her away.

she’s angry once they’re out, asking why? she says it’s no good if nobody says anything. that’s fine, she’ll talk. he asks how she can be so selfish. he asks if she knows how he’s been spending his time since their talk. how he’s felt? how much he likes her? he says she’s awful… because he really likes her.


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