I Do, I Do, Episode 7 Preview

I need to come up with a system or a schedule so that I can post my thoughts on episodes faster. When it takes longer, the thoughts just fester.. until they rot away to nothingness. XD; I’ve had a lot of thoughts on the previous episodes of I Do, I Do (and other series) that need to be written down. 😮 In any case, here is what I understand from the Episode 7 written preview. Please DO let me know if I made mistakes; learning comes with trying and being corrected when there’s a mistake. 🙂

So you’re having a baby…!!

Eun Seong hurt by Ji An’s words that he is just wasting his feelings, offers to tell their parents that they are not getting married. Ji An confesses her pregnancy to the parents, and the parents are shocked. Tae Gang, who is waiting in front of Ji An’s home, is confused to learn about Eun Seong’s presence.

Meanwhile, Eun Seong invites Ji An to the hospital to convince her to have the baby…


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