I Do, I Do, Episode 7 (Live Recap)

Sorry, this is a little messy this time. I woke up late and missed the first few minutes… (the show starts at 6am in my part of the world)… This might also be a little more helter-skelter as part of my brain is still asleep. XD;

i missed the first few minutes, but, per the previews, i assume that they had gone in and he had said that he didn’t want to get married.

they are outside the restaurant, and her mom is crying. (eun seong and his parents are gone.) she tells her parents that she has to go. she tells them that she’s pregnant. her mom falters. her mom mothers what this means. she tells her mom that she’ll explain. her dad closes his eyes. her mother cries and starts beating her. she turns around and protects her stomach to protect the baby, so that her mother is

tae gang is still waiting outside her apartment, and he’s happily playing with a ring.. that rolls. it’s picked up by eun seong, who gives it back to a grateful tae gang. eun seong waits.

time passes. tae gang is restless, and starts kickboxing, doing jumping jacks, etc. tae gang says that korean women really do take their time. he thinks that his forgot the time they were supposed to meet. eun seong asks how long he’s been waiting. he says 2 hours. eun seong asks why he doesn’t just call. tae gang says that she’s probably busy with work. eun seong wonders how he could love somebody like that. “i know”, tae gang responds. but eun seong says he understands; she’s a lot like somebody he knows, quite unfriendly and selfish.

ji an arrives and eun seong rises to meet her, calling her name. tae gang starts to rise at well but his smile fades as eun seong meets her. tae gang stays back, hidden.

eun seong asks if she’s ok. ji an says that she’s fine on her own. they go up to her apartment. eun seong opens her fridge and surprised to see there’s nothing there. he gets her some water. she asks what it is it; is it so important that he’s here. he says that she might have overdone it in her state. he came to apologize. he doesn’t want to end it like this; for the first time in his life, he had thought of wanting to live with someone and eat together with someone. but life isn’t a dream; things don’t go that way.

she tells him that she told her parents the truth. she tells him that it seems it was a bigger shock to her mom, who started hitting her for the first time in her life. so she asks him if he knew what she did then? she wanted to protect her stomach area. He tells her that it’s just instinct. That’s why she’ll have the baby. He says, is that so. If so, then please do as she wants. he tells her to drink this if she has a fever in the morning.

as he turns to leave, she gives him back the necklace. he looks at it, a little sadly. she says, please be well, and holds her hand out. he slowly lifts his hand to shake it.

at the restaurant, tae gang is pensive. chung baek says, that’s right.. at her age, there’s no way that she doesn’t have a guy that she’s dating. or maybe it’s just her friend. tae gang says, that’s right! must be a relative! something like that. chung baek calls tae gang the guy on the side. he gets angry and walks out, frustrated.

the next day, he’s at work early, and he’s thinking at his desk. she asks where everyone is. he says that they’re at the home shopping meeting. she asks about him. he tells her that he was told to watch the phones.

she goes to her desk, as he looks at her in worry.

she sits at her desk, and remembers the night before. she sits by herself on the sidewalk… and her dad approaches her. she apologizes. her dad tells her that she doesn’t have to get married if she doesn’t want to; she just has to live well. he tells her that she won’t force it on her anymore, but the baby issue is a no. she tells him that she’s having it. he says, even with your mom like that? he tells her to clean her affairs and talk to them in a few days.

at work, tae gang brings her tea. her phone rings. she answers her phone and it’s eun seong. he asks if she’s decided on a hospital. she says, well, thats… but notices that tae gang is still in her office, eavesdropping. ji an tells him to leave. eun seong tells her to go to her hospital; they have a lot of good doctors.

na ri comes down from her office and finds tae gang exaggeratedly trying to listen in on the office. she leans in as well to find out what he’s listening to. he says, please talk louder. she says, why don’t you crack the door open if you want to hear. he jumps back in surprise.

the two go up to the rooftop. he says that na ri said let’s have lunch so he thought she’d treat him to steak or lobster or something. he remarks that the two of them surprisingly have stuff in common. they’re even the same age. she asks about his relationship with ji an. he say that ji an has him on junk mail.

ji an goes to eun seong’s hospital with jun hui, and they look for eun seong. they’re admitted. in his room, jun hui is giggly around eun seong, telling him he’s handsome.

ji an comes out in patient scrubs; they start the ultrasound. he tells her not to worry, but she’s surprised when the gel is cold. she wonders how it is. eun seong assures her that the baby is alright, healthy… and points out the feet, etc.

they raise the volume to listen to the heartbeat. but then she tells them to hold it. she tells them that it sounds weird; she hears, shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes (in korean.. the sound is close to the korean word for shoes). jun hui tells her it’s not like that, it’s more like a ba-dum, ba-dum. she says no way, she hears shoes. she tenderly leans back and looks at the monitor, as they turn the volume up once again.

at the restaurant later, jun hui wonders that the father of the baby doesn’t know.

tae gang seems to be daydreaming at the restaurant, where he’s supposed to be helping chung baek out at a busy time. but then ji an calls and tells him to bring pig’s feet. (jokbal?) he rushes to her place, with the goods. she tells him that he’s late.

as he sits down, she asks him if he forgot that he has to keep bringing the stuff until the design is found. she tells him that he’s stupid; how high is his IQ anyway. he says 139. he notices that there’s dust on her furniture again.. and starts straightening up.. with his left hand, and she asks if he’s left-handed. he says he’s both. he goes to the bathroom.. and he giggles a bit to himself.. he sprays some perfume, and he thinks.. ah this is medusa’s scent~! he thinks that he’ll clean up the bathroom.

eun seong calls her; he’s in the parking lot. he asks to come up to her place. she freaks out. and, as tae gang comes out of the bathroom, she pushes him out abruptly. tae gang wonders why, outside the apartment.. she’s gotten weird since she got pregnant. and he sees eun seong approaching.. they greet each other. eun seong apologizes for leaving so suddenly last time, and wonders if tae gang was able to meet with his girl. tae gang says yes. eun seong leaves.

tae gang imagines that eun seong has gone up. ji an is in sexy outfit.. and so is eun seong. eun seong has a rose in his mouth… and the two of them do the sexy matador dance. XD

he looks up, and the lights are off. he thinks that he knew it!! upstairs, the two are sitting in the dark, because he’s brought her a home planterium. he thinks that it would be good to destress her. he has some natural sounds as well.

as they’re having a good talk, the doorbell rings. then you hear the person pounding on the door. eun seong answers the door, and tae gang is there. eun seong wonders why. he barges in, and angrily tells her to order somewhere else from now on. then he slaps something in her hand, and walks away. eun seong wonders who it is. she tells him that it’s somebody she had ordered food from.

later, when eun seong heads to his car, he remembers his first meeting with tae gang, when he had picked up the ring. he remembers how tae gang had giggled a bit.

later, tae gang walks into the restaurant, hugging chung baek, overjoyed. chung baek wonders if he’s drunk. he says it seems she’s got a boyfriend; he just feels good, then picks up an open bottle of soju from the bottle, and chugs it. he laughs some more, but then looks sorrowful.

we have an image of ji an as a little girl, when she was sick. they’re outside. she lays on her dad’s lap while he fans her, and her mom blows on the coals. at present, ji an is asleep in her shoe closet, and is dreaming. it’s the same image but it’s now her current adult self on her dad’s lap.

at the office, there’s a lot of chaos as the phones ring off the hook. tae gang mops. seung mi finally hangs up on her phone, and tells them all to unhook their phones now. they wonder who spread the rumors. he asks them who jkwann is.. and they’re incredulous that he doesn’t know. they tell him to keep at his work.

he keeps mopping, but accidentally runs his mom on somebody’s feet. the man with na ri screams, ‘ON. MY. SHOOOEEES!” na ri looks on with concern; as tae gang walks out.

in the hallway, tae gang runs into ji an… and he pointedly snubs her.

she walks into her office, and sees everybody around a guy sitting in the middle in just his socks as everybody fawns over him. na ri tells her to greet jkwann, the project manager.

while cleaning jkwann’s shoes, tae gang gets a crash course from bong soo, who tells him that jkwann is a genius designer who won this year’s designer award. he wonders why the guy is here. apparently he’s here as a supervisor. bong soo says that they’ll be deciding the next president soon, right? this must be yeom na ri’s bid.

ji an and na ri talk in the office later. na ri notes that it’ll be interesting from now on, sorry about not telling her in advance. ji an says she’s happy. how many times in her life will she get to work with jkwann.

na ri goes back to her office, where jkwann is. na ri warns him about ji an.

tae gang brings the shoes back. but then jkwann tells him to come back. he pushes off his slippers, and tells tae gang to put the shoes on him. the air is awkward. jkwann says it again, in english. na ri tries to excuse him. so tae gang does it for him. when tae gang leaves, na ri tells jkwann in english that “you suck”. jkwann sasses back, asking why.

chung baek runs to the police station, where dad has apparently been arrested for beating the guy who scammed them.

later, at the karaoke, tae gang goes all out, singing “listen to my heart”. seung mi is checking his phone; and ji an is listless. na ri smiles. he starts singing the chorus, and points out. and he’s pointing at ji an, but this slips everyone’s notice. na ri is amused. jkwann asks if ji an isn’t going to take a drink. she says she doesn’t drink, making one of the girls laugh. he pours her a drink, but she pushes it back. na ri says that jkwann has invited her; it’s rude not to take it. they take it as an insult and a refusal to work with him. so she takes the proferred glass, and slowly starts to drink it. but then tae gang walks out and takes it as her black knight. so they tell him, one more. and the others egg him on. he drinks the next one, hesitantly. he has to shake it off.

outside, bong soo is looking for them… while tae gang is taking all the shots. he’s taken quite a few.. and ji an tries to tell him to stop. he tells her to let go. so he points at jkwann, “hey, made in usa.” one more?

bong soo finds them.. and grabs tae gang. and tells him about his dad, telling him they have to go. ji an tells them that she has to leave now as well.

bong soo is holding a drunken tae gang and is trying to flag a taxi. ji an drives up, pulls up, and calls them over. she asks where they’re going, and bong soo tells her the police station. she tells him to get in. when she asks where the station is, bong soo says it’s in incheon. she tells them to get out.

but they make it there anyway. tae gang is still drunk in the station. dad asks why chung baek called for tae gang, and is embarrassed. chung baek asks why bong soo brought medusa.

ji an witnesses the scene… and remembers how tae gang had noted that he used to do the shoe work for his dad.

tae gang then gets up and starts yelling, saying to call hwang ji an over. she sighs and moves towards him. she asks what he wants.

he tells her that she had stepped on his sincerity. he had even brought a ring thinking of giving it to her. it was the ring that his grandma had given him. he had waited over two hours. but he’s changed since then. “why you ask?” because she’s his first woman… and. her eyes widen in surprise, and rushes to cover his mouth before he says anymore.

14 thoughts on “I Do, I Do, Episode 7 (Live Recap)

  1. You’re live recaps are god-send..they keep me up when I can’t find the videos uploaded yet. Thank you so much! ^_^

    • thanks for the kind comment! i can’t wait for the videos – where i’ll see if my eyes were playing tricks on me earlier – and the subs – where i’ll see how close i got. XD; it’s a good thing that this show is a joy for me to rewatch. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Thank you so much for waking up early just to do the recap! Have been waiting for this the whole day.
    You made my day!
    Hope you have a GREAATTT DAY!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. Oh my!!! I am so loving this show. I loved how this episode ended, can’t wait for the next episode. I really want Tae Gang gets the girl, he’s really a sweetheart.

    Thanks for the recap!!!

  5. I love this series…but I wish that ‘jikwan’ guy wasn’t there…why is he there…the story was moving splendidly without him…..thanks so much!!!

  6. first of all i read your recaps then i watch this drama. thank you so much you are so fast . please keep recaping with this speed. i love this drama and i love you

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