I Do, I Do, Episode 8 Preview

The written preview. Don’t hold me to it. XD; I’m better at deciphering long Japanese sentences than long Korean sentences, and still trying to get used to Korean particle usage… but I want to know what the next series of reactions will be in Ep8. XD;

What the hell … Just what the hell is happening to me?

Ji An, who learns of Tae Gang’s miserable situation, does not feel good about it, and Tae Gang is also embarrassed by revealing their mistake while under the influence of alcohol. Ji An’s dad tries to convince Ji An to go to Eun Seong, but Eun Seong tells him that, setting a wedding aside, there is still the possibility that Ji An may go into early menopause.

Meanwhile, Nari is rushing in her mission to push Jake on Ji An, while Ji An has an unexpected run-in with Tae Gang’s father…


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