I Do, I Do, Episode 8 (Live Recap)

Have to run to work early today! I’ll delete hanging sentences, if there are any, later. XD;

By the way, I apologize in advance for any inconsistencies on what “that guy’s” name is.. Jake? Jkwann? Jikwan? Jake Hwa? I honestly don’t know which one. As a reminder, my understanding of Korean is low (I’m on Chapter 4 of the first year book, self-learning)… and I’m using what little I know and as much of the context as possible to try and work with the delayed partial Japanese subs on live stream. XD; I look forward to the English subs as well to confirm what I’ve written. I think that I’m definitely picking some vocab up as I do this, lol.

tae gang awkwardly stretches on a couch and wakes up. he sees pamphlets on the wall.. he looks out and blearily sees chung baek and some cops. they ask him if he’s ok. he gets up abruptly and apologizes. then he holds his head to nurse the headache. he asks what’s going on. chung baek gestures behind him, where his dad is still at the desk, cuffed… with the scammer.

he bails his dad out. outside, dad asks him what his relationship is with “that woman”. he says they’re not anything like that.

tae gang is agitated. he tells him that he had told his dad to believe in him, and he had to go and hide something like this. is this family?

bong soo is driving ji an back… and tells her about tae gang’s dad.. and how he was just recently arrested.

ji an remembers when tae gang had confessed to the knockoffs in his dad’s place. bong soo continues telling her that’s why they had no place, and they’d been staying at the sauna all this time.

as tae gang walks, he thinks back to chung baek telling him that he had said it himself – that woman was his first, and something about his sincerity being stepped on. tae gang tells him that he should have stopped him. chung baek said he’s not the type who could be stopped.

ji an’s dad has called eun seong to meet at a cafe.

eun seong asks her dad not to apologize. dad wonders if that’s something he could even do; but could he even try to convince eun seong about ji an? eun seong reponds that, as they saw, he and ji an don’t get along well with each other. dad says that he can’t stand to see her as an unmarried mother. eun seong disagrees; he thinks ji an is a strong woman. she’s also doing her job well. he tells dad that she might not be able to have kids anymore. dad falters. in a few years, she’ll be going into early menopause, so this may be the first and last time that she can be pregnant.

lady jang arrives at the team office and asks for ji an, with na ri looking down.

lady jang has had a painting of a stern woman brought to jian’s office and placed on the wall. she asks what ji an thinks about it. she tells ji an that she has high expectations for this collaboration. they can’t remain this way. they somehow have to make it work, since they’ve brought several shareholders in.

na ri is with jake at her office, and warns him against ji an. she says that ji an is staking her life on this. she’s been working late at night and falling asleep all the time at the meetings. jake says, you don’t know what she could be plotting from the shadows.

ji an comes out to the team office, and the guy minion tells her that tae gang is always late.

ji an sits back at her desk… and thinks. she imagines: we see tae gang at a bridge. he slowly takes his shoes off.. and remembers all the times that ji an has talked down on him. he gets ready to get on the bridge to jump off. he holds his arms out and gets ready to jump. ji an shakes her imagination off.

she tells seung mi to clear her afternoon schedule.

she goes to the restaurant, and peers in. there’s chung baek singing on a carrot. she can’t believe she’s doing something like this. she says, this too is all your fault.

she turns around, and dad is there staring at her. he tells her to get in the restaurant. the three of them sit. dad takes a drink, then asks how long they’ve been seeing each other. since before the employment, since after? he talks about they work together and she’s the boss. chung baek starts to talk about how she was the one who called them in to the police. she kicks him under the table. it gets a rise out of dad, and asks if that was really her, and if she knows what she’s put them through. she asks him if he knows how tae gang’s being treated at work; he’s always being treated like a high school dropout. he does all the menial work. that’s all he can do.. and

tae gang is walking and thinking.. and he thinks.

ji an’s stuff is being cleaned up, and she wonders what’s going on. even seung mi talks against her. na ri tells her to welcome their new designer.. and out comes a guy. (i thought it was going to be jake but..) it’s tae gang. standing slick, he takes off his sunglasses and slowly walks towards her… he addresses her as the director, no, ms. hwang ji an.

she wakes up at her desk, late. and she wonders at her self. she gets up and walks out.. just in time to see tae gang come in. she asks him where he’s been. he says that he’s quitting. he’s getting fired anyway. she asks if he thinks it’s because he had outed her and hurt her pride. she tells him that his pride is unusually high. (they talk about money, but i didn’t catch it on the lag.) she tells him that he should quit with pride. she tells him that he had just gotten drunk. she hadn’t seen him act as a man, so it will be like this forever.

she walks out on him. he stands in the office… his forehead wrinkled.

he takes the bus.. and remembers her words. he gets home, and chung baek calls for dad. inside, dad pretends to go to sleep in the store room. chung baek goes back out to clean up. once he’s gone, tae gang sits down. dad asks where he was. tae gang says, wasn’t he asleep. dad tells him not to go to ‘that company’. he talks about the brand of the shoes there.. tae gang says that he’d already given up, so why does he have to be like this.

he talks about how they’d thrown away their pride and will work until they can pay back their debt. they have a huggy moment.

tae gang walks back into the office.. and tries to encourage himself to go in.

he goes in to the team office, and everybody is too busy to talk to him, even as he greets them and apologizes for not coming in the day before. they’re all looking for something, and freak out.

even ji an is leafing through papers and materials in her office. her phone rings.. she hesitates, but then picks up a call from dr. yang. he tells her that he’ll be the doctor in charge from now on. he starts that he had heard from dr. jo… but she tells him she’s busy right now. she asks if there something he wants to talk about right now. he can just email her if he wants.

dr. yang goes to eun seong’s office in a huff, and drops her file on his desk. he’s indignant about being told to just email if he wants something.

the team have a meeting about the collaboration. seung mi presents ji an’s designs. jake says he’s a little disappointed. is she in a slump. na ri and jake talk about splitting the team between ji an and jake to create designs.

the minions gossip later, and they talk about how ji an is in a slump right now. tae gang is concerned.

he walks out later, in deep thought. but then jake calls out to him, walking with na ri. tae gang bows his head.. and when jake keeps looking at him, he bows his head lower (below jake’s height). jake goes over and puts an arm around him, telling him to be on his team. tae gang remains silent.

na ri tells jake to go on ahead. na ri tells him that he should join their team.

tae gang seeks bong soo out. he tells bong soo about working on team jake. bong soo asks if the VP really said that. on confirmation, bong soo gets up and yells out (in english) “i love you! i love you so much!” he says he won’t have to worry anymore. bong soo says he won’t have to worry about the twins’ fate anymore.

ji an is trying to draw up a list in her office. she thinks about how seung mi has been with her for 10 years.. and then there’s da in. they’ll be able to do it with 3 people.

na ri and jake are talking in the office. and they wonder how many people will come. in come the four minions.

ji an continues to wait but there’s nobody there.

da in walks in to na ri’s office as well.

tae gang arrives just as seung mi is headed up to na ri’s office. tae gang asks what’s going to happen to ji an if she goes up there. everyone’s betrayed her. she says that she’s not going because she wants to.

tae gang is in ji an’s office.. and talks about how awful everyone is. she tells him to sit down. they hear echoes of people loving jake from na ri’s office. tae gang asks if they should laugh too. he asks what they should do. she asks what the two of them could do. he asks if she wants to eat pork feet. she asks if she looks like she could eat right now.

he walks out and sees everybody having fun up at na ri’s office… talking lively.

later, alone, she flips through magazines. and wonders if she really is in a slump. she looks up at the stern lady portrait.

she comes out later.. and sets her stuff down.. but then she starts to itch.. and she’s scratching everywhere. she takes off her bra and is feeling free.

tae gang walks in seeing her stretching about.. then sees her bra on the table. she notices him there and screams.

he asks where she thinks she is.

she asks him if he isn’t leaving. he says that since they’re on the same team, he was wondering if there wasn’t anythin ghe could help her with. she tells him he’s in the way and tells him to go home. she picks up her bra.. folds it with her files. thens tarts to walk away.

eun seong calls her and asks to come by.

coming out of the elevator, he runs into tae gang. tae gang walks eun seong to her office. tae gang is continuing to look away. she greets eun seong.. and invites him to her office. she walks past tae gang.. but then turns around and asks him to get juice.

as she goes in, he lets out a sigh, wondering if he has to bring out the juice too.

in her office, eun seong asks her about not even contacting him for days. he says that she didn’t think she would meet with him, so he had passed her case to dr. yang. she said that didn’t she ask dr. yang to just email her. he gives her a baby book (boshi-techou, in japanese?).

he then looks at her shoes. he tells her to stop walking around late at night in heels. there’s a 15% chance of miscarriage? she tells him that she’s a shoe designer.

he tells her about his dad coming to him to tell him to ask her to drop the baby. he says that he’s told her dad about her early menopause. she yells there was no use in telling him that.

tae gang walks in with the juice. and as he sets them down, he sees the baby book. he stares curiously at it. then gets up. eun seong gets up to introduce himself to tae gang.

tae gang walks out.. and they continue talking. she tells eun seong to leave. he gets to his car and drives away.

up in her office, she’s slumped on her couch.. her shoes off. and she’s crying. tae gang can hear her from outside.. and really wants to go in, but can’t get himself to do so.

his phone rings. his dad calls him, and tells him to come home quickly. dad is on the rooftop with chung baek and bong soo, with a meal prepared. tae gang tells him he’ll come quickly. he hangs up.

he knocks on ji an’s door, where it seems she may have fallen asleep. he says he’s leaving. she gets up.

but then he comes back and invites her to dinner, because she hasn’t had dinner yet. she tells him to just go.

he finally gets up, and says sorry. he walks to her desk, and grabs her purse. she asks what he’s doing. and he tells her to come out quickly, he’ll be waiting at the elevator.

outside, she wearily follows him, as he dangles her purse. he keeps walking with it. and when she finally catches up to him at the curb, he still doesn’t want to give it back. can’t he hear? so she leans over, as if to whisper in his ear.. then screams. he says, you feel better now don’t you? he hails a taxi.. and then goes over to reach out for her, telling her, let’s go eat. (and omg is it wrong that i think it’s hot when he takes her arm and leads her to the taxi? maybe it’s too early in the morning for me?)

eun seong is picking something up from the grocery. he goes back to her office. but she’s not there. he calls her, but she left her phone under a magazine.

he goes back down to the garage. he sees her car there.

tae gang drags her up to the roof. and they see bong soo, dad, and chung baek. they wonder why he brought her. bong soo thought it would be the VP, but it was director hwang? she asks, what’s this. she turns and starts to leave. but then dad calls out and says hey, if you’ve come this far, just come over and eat. tae gang says, see, dad’s saying so, too. he puts a coat on her and says, you’re cold aren’t you? you have to keep warm.

he brings her over and sits her down. they cook. and she twitches as she smells it, but continues to not look at them. dad nods at tae gang. they continue to cook, in good spirits. tae gang prepares a cabbage roll for her, and then holds it out, saying, ahhhhh. ahhhh. (OH so cute.) dad clears his throat. the other two guys looks over and wonder. tae gang continues to say, ahhh. finally she reaches over and takes the proferred roll. tae gang laughs a bit, amused. she eats it slowly.

eun seong arrives at her apartment, and repeatedly rings the bell, calling out for her, still holding the bag.

at the rooftop, chung baek holds up a bottle of alcohol. they’re drinking.. then dad holds out some alchohol for her to drink. tae gang says no no no. and then gives the excuse that she’s allergic; she can’t drink. chung baek stars to say, that’s not the case; she’s quite a strong drinker. tae gang deflects. the four guys take a swig. they start singing and listening to the harmonica.

then her legs start swaying. she says she has to pee. he notices and asks what’s going on; she tells him she has to pee. tae gang hurriedly gets up, runs over to the shed, and starts rummaging through a pile of stuff, throwing stuff aside. she throws off the jacket, but then shivers. he finally unearths a wheelbarrow. he brings a wheelbarrow over, and tells her to get on. she looks at him incredulously.

he runs down the hill with her in the cart. and she’s yelling.

she pees at the store.. and then he rolls her to get back in the wheelbarrow, princess. he wheels her back up the hill. she notes that it’s been a while since she’s looked up at the night sky. he says, but she’s always walking around at night. she says, she never looks. she used to love looking up as a kid. then she asks because she’s curious: why did he want to be in her team? is it because he felt sorry for her? he said, no way. he said that she promised that she’d teach him well. so she should. he’s happy, and starts running up the hill; she yells.

he walks her home later. and finally hands her bag over in front of her apartment. he turns to leave. she says, wait, why didn’t you let me drink the alcohol earlier. even at the company party, he didn’t, either. he says, well, that’s… it didn’t look like you could.

but eun seong steps out at the time, and calls out, “hwang ji an”.

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    • omg. thanks. XD; I guess my imagination tried to come up with some fancy designer name that sounds like that. I promise not to do that again. XD;

    • oops. did i call it haha-techou? that’s what i jokingly call it when i talk to my friend. (haha? get? XD i drop the “child” part in the reading…) it’s actually boshi techou, which, in full, is boshi kenkou techou (mother and child health handbook). XD;

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    • and what an awesome way to end an even-numbered episode (well.. up to eun seong showing up to interrupt the almost-talk). warm, fuzzy fluff is awesome. XD

  2. Thank you so much for the recap. U r a champ. U self learning Korean & can write a recap, u must be smart….

    • He must have quite the charisma… how did he get into Ji An’s office by himself, and while nobody was there? The security in her building must be pretty lax….

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