I Do, I Do, Episode 9 (Preview)

This was a little iffy to translate… so please let me know if there are any errors. (For sure, that title looks hokey.)

By the way, did anybody see the video preview? The important parts: (1) Tae Gang goes in drag and struts his stuff in wig, skirt, and heels; (2) Eun Seong shows Ji An how to do breast massages while they’re in a restaurant, and she leaves him in embarrassment; (3) Na Ri is looking adoringly up at Tae Gang, schoolgirl-crush like, as they walk around; (4) Ji An falls asleep on Tae Gang’s shoulder outside, and he leans in for the kiss; (5) Tae Gang is ridiculously excited over something.

To all the people out there… Try tossing out those herbal medicines well

Eun Seong gets upset with Ji An for worrying him, so Tae Gang, who is watching both of them, takes his leave, telling them to make up for the sake of the baby in her belly. The two are confused; Ji An starts to panic while Eun Seong rather calmly accepts the situation.

Tae Gang reassures Ji An that he would keep her pregnancy a secret from the company, and Ji An starts giving him a full-fledged design training…


8 thoughts on “I Do, I Do, Episode 9 (Preview)

  1. Oh, no! Does this mean TK believes that the baby is not his? And what about the 50-50 %? 😦
    I hope that the kiss scene is not just another dream sequence.

    Thanks for the written preview.

    • i think it might just be at the beginning of the episode. i don’t think we can conclude yet that he thinks the baby might be eun seong’s… just that he’s trying to look out for her, perhaps.

      at least, i hope that’s what’s going on. 😮


  3. do you mind if you translate the dialogue of ep 9??
    I want to know what Nari told to Jian, thank you,
    and thank you too for ep 9 review ^_^

    • Hi, Aisu! Sorry, I didn’t get to respond to your message earlier. This is what I had typed out previously, but it was close to airing time by then:

      Tae Gang gets himself made up.. “(Missed the first sentence) Why do women wear heels?” He walks the streets, cross-dressing, with Chung Baek. Eun Seong is sitting at a cafe with Ji An, and he tells her something about providing a service.. or “At your service, I’m Jo Eun Seong.” She says, “I’ll leave myself to your care”/”Please do take care of me”… (it translates to “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu” in Japanese, but doesn’t translate very well into English.) He starts massaging his chest, “Like this. You massage just like this.” She gets up to leave, appalled. Na Ri is driving, in tears. Tae Gang says something in a voice over. Then there’s Tae Gang putting shoes on Na Ri at a scenic outlook of the city. Clips of a shoe sketch, Na Ri looking gleefully at a pair of shoes, Tae Gang ecstatically holding his chest, Tae Gang getting made up, and then Na Ri in the bathroom, all with Na Ri in voice over… something about “(missed the first descriptor), somebody with good vision, Park Tae Gang”.. Ji An looks at her, surprised. Tae Gang says something (but I missed it). At the park, Ji An falls asleep on Tae Gang’s shoulder. He leans over to kiss her. He says “Why (something)… I love (?)”

      I can only catch some of spoken Korean. I can understand better if there’s Japanese subs. XD;

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