I Do, I Do, Episode 10 (Preview)

Written preview from the official website… Again, please let me know if there are any errors!

(I’m glad that yesterday’s turned out correctly. The sentences were a little hard to unravel. XD)

It’s just a biological relationship

Tae Gang, who has misunderstood Eun Seong, wants to hide in a hole, and Jun Hui’s words on sorting it out with Tae Gang repeatedly weighs on Ji An’s mind. Ji An, who has rushed into full-fledged pregnancy lessons, is just simply awkward, while Na Ri’s crush on Tae Gang continues to grow more and more.

Ji An and Eun Seong coincidentally end up eating at the same place as Tae Gang and Na Ri, and a strange rivalry between the four arises. Meanwhile, Lady Jang, who has dropped in on Ji An’s office, looks suspiciously at the various bottles on her table…


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