I Do, I Do, Episode 9 (Live Recap)

Guh. Tae Gang finding out? Dragdragdragdragdrag. I’m glad that the picnic scene from the official stills were for real, though.

BTW, as a note, once again, I still have only a smidge of understanding for Korean. (I can get by with some of the commonly used phrases, up to, “are you freaking crazy!?” lol) I’m still doing this from what little I know and from Japanese.

Also, thank you so much for the overwhelming amount of visits. And I apologize if it’s not 100% accurate. (I also miss some stuff as I keep on typing about previous scenes when the next one’s starting XD)

tae gang walks ji an home to her apartment. she holds her hand out for her bag, which he dutifully gives back. he turns to leave but she tells him to hold on. she wonders why he didn’t let her drink and he tells her that she didn’t look like she wanted to. she starts, earlier at the office, you…

eun seong steps out, calling her name. he asks if she knows what time it is, and how worried he’s been. she wonder why he’s there. he tells her that she even left her phone and car at the office. he was about to call the police. he even called her father, and wonders if she knows how he felt.

tae gang apologizes in her place, saying he had dragged her out. he tells them that they should make up with a handshake, since they love each other. he tells them to do it for the baby.

eun seong notes that tae gang seems to have mistaken him for the father. ji an nervously wonders how he knew. she says that she’ll explain at work.

he hands her the medicine and walks away.

eun seong walks away, lightly laughing amusedly. a little ways away, tae gang is waiting for him. he apologizes again for worrying eun seong. but why is it that the baby daddy is giving the mom grief, tae gang asks. eun seong notes that he seems to be quite interested in others’ private matters. eun seong asks for his name.. and he responds. “park. tae. gang.” eun seong asks how old he is; he responds, 20. eun seong introduces himself again. the two shake hands, tightly. tae gang a little sternly. eun seong smiling. tae gang says that he should shake hands more softly.

she wipes her make-up off at home and talks to herself. her pregnancy wasn’t that much of a secret anyway. she wonders how she should tell tae gang about the pregnancy.

she imagines how he’s going to react. we see how he’s exaggeratedly saying, “what!? the baby is MINE!?” he smiles widely, laughs, and hugs her tightly. next thing you know, he’s moving in with her. he notes that they’re going to be family, so they have to live together. he notes that it’s been hard on her recently; he’ll take care of her now. dad comes along as well, and tae gang tells him that he’s got the biggest room.

then tae gang shows his dad her shoe room. and they have a field day over her shoes. his dad says that they could make a killing on the shoes.

she looks in horror.

she shakes off the imagination. XD;

tae gang is pensive at chung baek’s restaurant. chung baek asks what he’s doing, not sleeping. he’s heard it all from tae gang’s dad. he wonders if tae gang still likes that woman.

the next day at work, tae gang is talking to ji an. he tells her that he’s known since a little while ago. he says that he didn’t know what the ultrasound pictures in the car were at first; he didn’t tell anyone. she nods, and slowly responds, i see. he continues that he won’t tell anybody in the future either, but he thinks that her stomach will get bigger soon. he asks if it’s going to be ok for her. it’s good that the dad is an OB/GYN.

he asks what she wanted to talk about, and she takes out a book for his studies. she tells him that he has to memorize the whole thing. he gulps back as she says that he had said he would do as she says.

when tae gang reports to bong soo later, he’s horrified to find out that tae gang had joined medusa’s team instead, instead of the VPs. he asks why not; give him back the party food! tae gang tells him to hold on, he’s now hwang ji an’s main disciple. he has to wait just one month while he gets his training. he asks bong soo to wait a month.

she thinks in her office, then calls eun seong. he wonders if she’s explained it to tae gang. she asks him to be her doctor until the collaboration ends. he asks what she’ll do for him then. he notes that he wants a car, perhaps a camper; or how about one of those baths you see in the movies… she asks, you’re joking, right.

tae gang studies later.. trying to draw designs.
even at home, dad reads the book out loud while he continues with the design.

at work, she’s trying to come up with a design as well.

she looks up and the old lady in the painting is staring at her. she goes over to cover the face with a sheet of white paper. she apologizes to lady jang.

tae gang knocks on her door, and hands over the shoe drawings to ji an. she praises him for finishing his work… but then asks if he thinks she’s blind. she tells him to do it over.

she mutters that the baby daddy doesn’t seem to be that dumb.

when she goes out to the team room, everybody is packing up. she asks if they’re going out for a field trip. na ri and jake come down, and na ri notes that they’re going out on an idea trip. working as if you’re playing is the motto. they ask if she wants to come with. she declines. so na ri says she can man the phones then.

seung mi comes up to ji an scared. ji an looks at her, wondering what she wants. seung mi greets her goodbye.

ji an takes tae gang out for an idea trip as well. and they go out to the park. tae gang picks out a spot. they sit down, like they’re having a picnic. he notes that she hasn’t been wearing heels lately. she tells him that her doctor told her to stop wearing them. tae gang then notes that he’s been studying, but one thing he’s curious about, why do they wear such inconvenient shoes? ใ€€

she sketches in silence for a while.. then turns to see that he’s fallen asleep, listening to something. she picks up one of his ear phones and puts it to her ear. it turns out he’s listening to a recording of his dad reading the book out loud.

she looks out and sees their feet together. she wonders. then leans her feet over to his.

a little while later, she’s fallen asleep as well, leaning on his shoulder. he shakes awake to that situation, and smiles softly. he caresses her chin and her lips. he leans over as if to kiss her, but then she wakes up. he draws back as she stares up at him. she asks what? he says that there’s something on her lip. she says, really? where? he flicks a bit on her lip and weakly says, “got it!” he says, “got it? what are you doing?” he notes that the weather is good.

they go out to eat at a restaurant. and he notes that she wanted to eat pig’s feet that badly that she’s at it for lunch already.

while they’re sitting, eun seong calls. she hesitantly takes it, and says that she had been thinking of calling him too. she steps out, and tae gang looks a little sadly after her. she comes back and tells tae gang that she suddenly has to go. she’ll pay so eat on up.

she’s at eun seong’s office. and she asks what’s so important that she had to hurry over. he says that he’s changing her primary doctor. he says there’s a really good doctor in his clinic, although he’s hard core, and he leaves. she waits. a knock on the door. the doctor steps in. it turns out to be eun seong, doctor-in-glasses mode. he tells her that he’s jo eun seong from the hard core school. he tells her that he’ll be watching over her, will listen to her, and email is even fine. he notes that he’s the only one who can do it.

she starts to leave. he tells her that he had been seen a friend who was going to be a mom; it was uncomfortable at first, but in the end, they’re all moms.

she sees jun hui later to report in about eun seong taking over as her primary doctor.

na ri and jake has taken the staff out. the staff are happy.

just then she gets a call. she puts on her best smile, and answers, “yes, mom?”

she goes to a restaurant and a guy is waiting for her. he introduces himself as cha yoon hi. she sits down to entertain him a bit, but starts scaring him off as he eats.. enough that he drops his spoon.

she drives home in tears, calling herself stupid.

tae gang is out at the rooftop, thinking about ji an. he clears his throat and turns to leave, but na ri is there looking dark. he lets out a high-pitched scream/gasp. she asks him if he wants to go out drinking with her.

he takes na ri to chung baek’s restaurant. chung baek wonders who she could be, and marvels at how pretty she is. he says that he’s a friend of tae gang’s. tae gang starts to say that she’s the VP at work, but she interrupts saying that they’re coworkers.

chung baek backs away happily and backs into a table. behind the cupboards, dad wonders who she is. chung baek notes, coworker. they both smile merrily as they note that she’s cute.

ji an gets home, and her mom is there cooking for her. her mom notes that she’s out so late, even though she’s pregnant. her mom fusses that there’s not even a single thing in her fridge. ji an leans over and gives her mom a back hug. she hugs her mom tightly even though her mom gruffly tells her that she should eat.

they sit down, and ji an starts eating. she asks if mom isn’t going to eat. mom says it’s fine, she should eat. she asks where dad is. mom says that her dad doesn’t have the confidence to see her yet.

her mom notes that they’ve always told her that she should take care of herself. they talk a bit. she notes that the doctor must have been crazy for telling her she’s already menopausal.
she notes that she feels better than she thought she would. she talks to the kid sometimes. her mom asks what name she’s given the baby. she responds that she’s named it “ankle”. she notes, isn’t it the most beautiful part of her body?

mom reaches out and holds her hand. she tells ji an that she’s her daughter, but she’s always been a little envious… that ji an has shaped her own life. her mom notes that it’s come to this, so she should take care of the baby [fetus] and give birth to a healthy child.

a little while later. ji an tells the baby not to be an unfilial child like her. ji an looks out from her balcony to see her mom meeting her dad.

na ri and tae gang leave the restaurant, and chung baek enthusiastically waves goodbye.

they go up to an outlook. she’s enthusiastic. he looks at his watch a bit. she wonders about his family. she notes that she’s also in a 2-person-family with her mom. her biological mom is a shoe designer, but it seems she lacks the genius.

she turns to leave, but her heel breaks. tae gang asks if she’s ok. he kneels down and hands her his shoes to wear. they walk back while he’s barefoot, and holding her heels. she nervously keeps sneaking glances at him, infatuated.

at the restaurant store room, he’s trying to fix the shoe. dad comes over and he asks what should be done. dad takes the shoe and starts to cut, but makes a mistake. tae gang cries that the shoe belongs to the VP!! dad asks what can be done now, even he says that. but was that girl really the VP? tae gang cries, and tries to take the shoe back but only makes it worse.

ji an is at a restaurant with jun hui, and she seems cheerful enough as jun hui takes her leave. time shift, and she’s sitting there with eun seong. he notes that he’s jo eun seong, he goes where there’s a pregnant woman. (that statement sounds creepy to me XD)

she says, please take care of me from here on. he says, really? she notes that she thought it would be a simple thing, thinking that she could still do whatever she wanted even when she’s pregnant… but after seeing her mom the day before, she thought that she wanted to give birth properly.

so he takes out his flip pad and starts asking her questions. about her urine, being constipated, itchy belly. he tells her to change her bra, and to massage her breasts. so he starts showing her how to properly massage her breasts. she looks embarrassed. he continues, unfazed, and she excuses herself. he stands up, still massaging. XD;

at work, tae gang is at bong soo’s office, still working on the shoe. he tries to glue on some strips, and asks bong soo how it looks. the latter looks disapprovingly.

he goes up to na ri’s office to try and give her shoes back.

he ends up going back downstairs to toss it in the trash, though. ji an comes out at that moment and calls him in. she hands him a shoe, noting it’s not the right size. i think she tells him that he has to know heels; he has to report on it later.

he asks, what she’s going to do? is she not getting married? she asks why. because she’s pregnant? she says she’s not getting married. he asks why not, what about the father. he heatedly says that no matter what kind of guy he is, he would take responsibility.

at the hospital, eun seong is getting baby therapy, when dr. yang comes up to him.

na ri goes home.. and sees the cleaning ladies leaning over downstairs. she turns around to see them wearing the shoes he had thrown away, now with a ribbon design up the heel. she turns around and buys it from them.

later, she’s showing it to jake.. who seems rather impressed. and she realizes that tae gang had done it.

at the restaurant later, tae gang gets some strange looks as he tries to walk in the purple heels from ji an.

as they’re thinking later, tae gang come sup with an idea.

cut to… tae gang trying on various skirts and women’s clothes. chung baek then strips off his leg hair while he bites down on hose. chung baek then does his nails as he sleeps. later they go to the salon, and tae gang gets his make-up done. he turns to ask chung baek what he thinks, and chung baek makes a vomitting gesture. chung baek later puts the wig on him, noting that he’s pretty almost like a different person, and he makes a kissy face.

they walk the streets, and he almost breaks his ankle.

people are walking by them, giggling as they watch the two walk together.

later, he goes to the men’s restroom in his get-up… and the guy there smiles at her.

at the restaurant, chung baek asks if he understands why women wear heels now.

then he looks over and sees eun seong sitting with a woman. tae gang wonders how this could be.

it turns out to be jun hui. they pore over a pregnancy calendar.

he starts to get up and is ready to go over there and cause trouble, as eun seong is massaging jun hui’s hand.

over at their table, eun seong is just showing her how to do it for ji an. jun hui bursts out that isn’t this what the father is supposed to do. he asks if ji an is in contact with the father. jun hui frustratedly says that it seems to be somebody at her work, that jerk.

just as eun seong is about to ask, could his name be..

tae gang comes over and punches him in the face. he gets up, and tae gang grabs him by the collar. jun hui rises in horror, while chung baek tries to stop him.

just as ji an walks in.. and her eyes widen as she looks at the scene.

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    • He is interested in JA…how can he be her doctor unless they are married…boundaries, boundaries…this is like harrassment to me…

  2. Lucky that I find your blog, Lilasia. I Do, I Do really grows on me. And it is such a nice recaps too. Keep up the good work!
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