I Do, I Do, Episode 10 (Live Recap)

I think I got everything… Gotta run and be at work early! Will fix dead sentences (sentences I started typing but never finished cuz I moved to the next scene or sentence… so I might have missed something) later.

Again, please take with a grain of salt. And please credit or link back.

eun seong asks, could his name be…

tae gang throws a punch. chung baek rushes over to ask what he’s doing. eun seong stands, and tae gang grabs him by the collar.

tae gang starts telling him off for cheating [on ji an]. eun seong asks what he’s talking about.

ji an comes over demanding to know what’s going on. jun hui goes over to ji an and hangs on to her, “ji a~n”. tae gang starts explaining what kind of a jerk eun seong is, but sees jun hui hanging to ji an’s arm.

she tells tae gang to step out with her. she starts telling him off.

she tells him to apologize. even if eun seong was having an affair, violence would be useless.

they go back in, and all 4 of them sit on a table, while chung baek stands in attention. ji an nudges him by the foot under the table. he says, “Sorry!” she tells him to do it more properly. “i. am. sorryyyy.”

eun seong stands up, it might be better if he sends that apology by email; it’ll sound more sincere then. what would he do about the treatment costs? it’s a good thing he didn’t break any teeth. he could say it would be about 100,000 won.

ji an stands up as well, saying i’ll do it (pay up?). tae gang says, that’s fine i’ll do it. even though he doesn’t have money, i think he says.

chung baek and tae gang step out. he asks chung baek to lend him some cash.. his wallet is empty. chung baek doesn’t want to, and walks away. tae gang is left standing.

at home, jun hui says, “what!? he’s the baby’s father?” she’s perplexed that that guy was the real dad. ji an asks if she thought eun seong was the father.

jun hui gets up to leave. ji an is left alone at home with a headache.

eun seong is reading at home in b ed… he can’t concentrate though.. so he goes out for a jog, and remembers tae gang with the ring.. and tae gang handing back her bag.

ji an looks at her drawing of her feet with tae gang’s feet while at the picnic… then flips to the drawing of a sleeping tae gang. she remembers jun hui’s words, to sort it out. ji an says, it’s not like she can fire him…

she receives a text from eun seong. tells her to come to the clinic at 10am… for a pregnancy class.
she responds back, as he’s walking over a bridge.

she comes to the clinic.. and looks around at the pregnant moms. she sees one reading her biography… afraid of being recognized, she puts on her sunglasses and tries to sneak out… but is caught by eunseong. she tells him she can’t do it after all. he said, you said you’d try? she says that somebody’s reading her book. she’s leaving.

he tells her hold on, come this way.

later she comes out of a room, wearing MUCH girlier clothes. he marvels that she looks different; it was her clothes all this time.

he tells her to wear a ribbon. (omg he’s enjoying this XD)

she goes to the class, and does some stretches. learns to diaper a baby… another mom looks over as she messes up somehow XD

the moms then sit in a circle, and introduce themselves. eun seong walks in. she introduces herself as the ankle’s mother, and that she’s 13 weeks pregnant. (time flies!!! o____o) the other moms laugh a bit.

they then sit to listen to eun seong teaching them to meditate.

in her meditation, she remembers her picnic idea trip with tae gang. she was bobbing her head.. then she leaned over and fell asleep. her eyes open. and now she thinks back to when her head had fallen into the nook of his shoulder while he wakes up. (how can she remember that? she was supposedly asleep.) eun seong smiles gently at her.

at work, tae gang is still trying to memorize the book, while listening to the recording. na ri walks in to see him, reciting to himself. she walks over and waves a hand in his face to get his attention. he stands to greet her, “VP!”

he bows down, and sees her wearing the shoes he fixed. he looks a little confused, and she backs away slowly as his eyes follow. she goes up to her office. he opens up a shoe box that she gave him… and in it are men’s shoes.

he doesn’t think he should accept such expensive shoes.. and she says that a designer shouldn’t wear shoes like that. (he’s wearing crappy shoes.) he says, this is the first time he’s tried so hard.

eun seong takes ji an out to a restaurant… and then tae gang arrives with na ri. things get awkward.

ji an looks down and sees his new shoes.

inside, the four of them end up sharing a table. na ri wonders that ji an should be hiding such a great boyfriend like this. but what’s with this scar. eun seong notes that a rabid dog attacked him on the road.

ji an asks about the shoes. he responds that na ri gave it to him. she wonders why the VP would do such a thing. na ri responds that they’re good friends.

na ri then says something.. ji an mutters to herself. eun seong observes.

the waitress comes over, and eun seong orders for them. i think he notes that it’s good for her health. she mutters for him to stop.

na ri then takes her turn and asks tae gang what he thinks.

in the bathroom, ji an is doing her make-up. na ri comes in. ji an looks down, and sees her shoes. ji an compliments them, and wonders if jake designed them. na ri says no, it’s somebody with good vision, etc. it’s park tae gang. ji an is surprised, but resumes doing her makeup. na ri tells her to take good care of her only team member. ji an tells her to worry about her own team members.

the two guys are left at the table and are having a discussion.

tae gang asks if he’s really not going to marry ji an? eun seong asks if he’s doing family counseling now.

the two girls return. he then says, your friend thinks we should get married. she’s surprised, as is tae gang. na ri says, married? congrats.

ji an and and tae gang leave first. na ri notes that she left her phone. tae gang looks at it.

ji an and eun seong are outside. and asks what he’s doing? he said he wouldn’t say anything. he says that she’s been tiptoeing around the guy since earlier. is it because that guy is the father? she says, that’s right. he says that’s why he can’t understand.

tae gang comes out. eun seong asks, who is that guy? she says, it’s just a biological relationship, a worthless presence.

they notice tae gang’s presence, and he gives back the phone. he leaves.

she turns to eun seong and asks how long tae gang’s been there. eun seong responds that it’s since she compared him to a sperm bank.

na ri and tae gang walk outside… tae gang lost in thought.. thinking about what ji an had said.

dad and tae gang are watching tv at the store room. a drama? he asks dad, what if he was in the same situation.. and there’s a barrier against their love? he asks what if it’s somebody who’s way older than him? what if she’s 60? dad says, 60? she could understand him then. how about a woman who’s pregnant with somebody else’s kid? “is that even a question??” dad gets fed up, and starts wrestling him.

ji an goes to the office. he sees the juice from tae gang, and thinks back to his words… then jun hui’s words that she should sort it out echoes in her mind.

outside, tae gang is distributing juice at each team member’s place on the meeting table.

later, they have a meeting. ji an says that something smells funny. nobody else thinks so. then she starts looking like she’s going to puke. everybody stops. then tae gang pretends that he’s going to puke as well. and notes that there must be something there. some of the others kind of try to smell a bit, and then get sympathy pukiness? (i know that’s not a word.) some of them look like they’re going to puke. (actually, i think tae gang said something about food poisoning… maybe connected to the juice?)

tae gang gets scolded by seung mi later. and ji an can only listen from a little ways off, regretfully.

she calls him in to the office. she thanks him for covering for her. she holds out the textbook and asks him about his progress. (i missed part of the convo again, sorry… ^^; )

she observes that he’s not wearing the shoes from na ri. he says these shoes (the crappy ones) were made by his father. he shows her a miniature of children’s shoes that he had made from an eraser.. the one she has in her shoe closet that he’d admired before. she’s taken aback in surprise. he’s quite pleased with himself but then she says something and pushes it back to him. he’s upset, takes it back, crumpling it in his hand.. then throws it in the trash. he walks out, upset. (i think she tells him that if he has time to do something like this, then how about memorizing a page in the book instead?)

she gets a call from lady jang, who tells her that there’ll be a documentary about her by MBS. she tells lady jang that she doesn’t think she can do it.

na ri and jake have another pow wow about the shoes that tae gang fixed.

bong soo comes by the team office, and calls tae gang over. he asks if tae gang has heard. apparently they’re looking for a new patterner. what about his dad? tae gang sucks in a breath and says, no way. if ji an were to find out… he tells tae gang the salary. “really!? but still no way.”

later, we see bong soo puts a wig on dad. he looks like moe from the three stooges.

they walk out together… and na ri comes across them. she stops and turns around.. saying hold on. he’s looking down. bong soo says thi sis the new patterner.. but then she looks down at dad’s shoes.. the shoes that she gave tae gang. then says, never mind.

later the minions are having a meeting. seung mi wonders.. time is running short, but what have they been doing all this time? does jake now? does na ri even know? they all sit to think.

lady jang arrives then, and they show her in to ji an’s office. she sees the paper that’s covering the painting lady’s face. then she sees the pill bottles on the visitor table. she wonders.

later, ji an and tae gang are out textile shopping, while drinking juice. at some point, he holds both cups for her.. and as she’s picking out textiles, he holds up the cup for her to drink… “vitamin c”, he coaxes. they continue walking, while he holds all the materials.. and tries to keep people away from her.. pretty much trying to give her a wide berth. at one point, he hugs her over trying to move her out of the way. then later she sits down, her back hurting. he says she must be tired.

lady jang is sitting; an employee is talking to her. she’s suspicious. (missed the convo)

eun seong presents a baby to its parents. and they’re so happy; he fondly looks at them. he signals the nurses to come in, and they have brought a birthday cake.

he remembers when ji an was touching the preemie’s hand.

later, in his office, he remembers the talk with ji an outside the restaurant. he texts ji an. he tells her that a baby was released from the hospital that day.

as he’s about to get out of his car.. he sees tae gang driving ji an’s car (in slo-mo).. eun seong stops for a bit.

tae gang parks. then he looks over at the sleeping ji an. he carefully tries to unbuckle her, but she wakes up. she asks, we’re already here? why didn’t he go to the office? she leans back asleep.

he comes around to her side, and opens her door. he’s about to lift her up, but she jerks awake, asking what he’s doing. he coaxes her to just let him carry her. he takes an arm and puts it around his neck. she hesitantly puts the other one up as well…

eun seong watches from across, as tae gang carries her.
she’s stoic, but tae gang is ecastatic. eun seong freezes for a bit.. then gets his bearings and moves to get out of the car with the bags. then stops himself, heart heavy.

tae gang carries ji an all the way to her bed. he asks if he should call that guy for her. she says, no it’s fine. tae gang says, that’s what that guy is here for. besides, isn’t he a doctor? he asks if there’s anything wrong with that guy… he’s got a good career, good looks, makes good money. she asks if he really wants them get along that much. he responds that he can’t be next to her all the time.

he asks if he should clean. she says, just go. he asks if it’s ok to take photos of her shoes then. he says that he’s been practicing drawing shoes by copying them. she says, fine.

he goes to her shoe closet and starts taking pictures of shoes… one shelf at a time. then notices that his eraser miniature is now on the shelf next to the original shoes. he happily picks it up. he smiles widely, and then puts it back.. admiring its place.

back in her room, she’s tiredly thinking.

then she hears him call out.. asking if he could look at her sketches. she says yes.. then realizes something.

he’s flipping through her sketchbook, and looks at shoes. then sees a sketch of his feet… then both their feet together. then about 4 pages of his sleeping face.

she arrives at the shoe room. he stands, faces one of the sleeping face sketches towards her, and asks, why did you draw this? she says, no reason. give it to me.

she goes over and she tells him again to give it to her.

he pulls her over as she’s turned to leave. he says, let’s both be honest for just one minute. why did you really draw this picture? she’s quiet. so he holds her face in both of his hands, and slowly, painstakingly, kisses her.

we pan out. and the sketchbook is on the ground.

he pulls back. and she’s quiet with her eyes closed.

it seems so painful as he stares at her.. and she opens her eyes.

the air is heavy as he says he’ll leave now.

she remains standing.

he runs out of her apartment. holding a hand to his heart as he laughs. he quietly says that he thought his heart would burst. he runs, clicking his heels.

in the office parking lot, eun seong is still there.

at chung baek’s restaurant, bong soo, dad, and chung baek are celebrating his new job.

tae gang rushes in, “dad!” his brows are furrowed.

they worry that he might have found out. they start to get flustered… but then tae gang comes over, and hugs dad from behind.. saying, “dad! dad, i love you~~~!” dad says he loves him, too.

just then na ri and jake walk in.

they take tae gang to a restaurant. apparently jake wants to take tae gang to america. he has a worried look in his face. right now, he’s only working as in intern.. if he does this, his pay could go up by five times. he asks why. jake tells him he’s got talent.

he still looks worried. na ri asks what’s wrong. he says he has to go to the restroom.

he looks at himself in the mirror, and laughs a bit. talent?

ji an is drawing in her shoe closet.. and remembers the kiss from earlier.

just then her doorbell rings. lady jang has come for a visit.

she wonders that lady jang should come all this way. lady jang hands her a bag. lady jang comments about how simple her place is. she takes a seat. lady jang picks up a pregnancy book. ji an starts to say, “well, that’s…” lady jang then congratulates her, when’s the wedding? ji an apologizes, she’s the type for whom marriage is hard. she’ll be raising the baby alone. lady jang says that as an icon for the company, to be a single mother would be… ji an says, she’s giving up the position of president. lady jang: “what?”

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