I Do, I Do, Episode 16 (Preview)

I see that the Episode 15 raw has been posted to youtube… and I’m tempted to start doing a recap “live recap style” during my work breaks today. XD; Who knows, I just might? (I mean live recap style as in… posting everything as I see and hear it.. as opposed to the formal style, in which I summarize and condense the meat of the episode.)

In any case, here’s the written preview for Episode 16. (The FINAL one T____T)

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I Do, I Do, Episode 15 (Recap)

no live recap. sorry, guys… i got up at 5:30am and started trying to stream the channel (show starts 6am in my part of the world) using various websites… but neither everyontv nor ionair were working for me… =/ i tried other channels.. and i finally found a way to stream, but the buffering was just AWFUL.. i couldn’t start watching until 10 mins late.. and i lost at least 5 minutes of the first 10 i was trying to stream..

i’ll update this post with a real recap when i can grab a copy of the video after work today (approx 13-14 hours from now). =/

[UPDATE +17HRS]: sorry, it was a long day at work.. and people wanted attention afterwards (which i’m happy enough is needed/wanted XD)… in any case. everything below this sentence (until the line that notes “end.” followed by struck-out text, which is what i originally wrote) is the updated recap.. i just wrote it like i do the usual live recaps… (ie, keep typing while the video is going…) sorry for the over-emo first post earlier… it was early in the morning, which means upsets are heightened. XD; wow, i’m rather ashamed of myself. XD;

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I Do, I Do, Episode 15 (Preview)

Again… please take with a grain of salt. I can translate more of what I read than what I hear, and that’s still with a dictionary. Please let me know if there are any errors. As usual, these are the written previews from the official website.

(And, omg, last two episodes… something’s going on with the electricity at my apartment, that it’s killing my two alarm clocks.. so I hope I wake up in time for the eps this week… I can’t wait! >___<)

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