I Do, I Do, Episode 11 (Preview)

Here is the written preview from the official website. Not even a clue about Jake’s offer.. or when he’ll get to find out. Anybody want to start laying bets on the episode number in which he finds out? (Although, we should have probably started laying bets a few weeks ago…)

Again, please take with a grain of salt…

But she will thrust on forward

Ji An, whose pregnancy has been discovered, declares to Lady Jang that she will be giving up the position of President, but Lady Jang says she would rather have her quit. Lady Jang comes up with a strategy, having a magazine release an article that Ji An will be marrying Eun Seong, thus turning the company upside down in a single stroke.

Tae Gang is shocked by the article regarding Ji An’s wedding, although he can’t seem to give up his own feelings for Ji An…

I wonder if Ji An actually agreed to this arrangement? Or if Lady Jang just did this on her own… I’m thinking it could still be the former. How far will they go? What if her parents (and his) read this or hear about this on the news? I mean, she is a pretty well-known person as one of the top shoe designers who is in the running for President of Jinny Kim… I certainly hope this isn’t what pushes Tae Gang away.. even if the preview gives us a hope that he’ll be around to stay. Or does that statement mean that he’s about to do something awkward and embarrassing? :O :O :O :O


11 thoughts on “I Do, I Do, Episode 11 (Preview)

  1. Thank you so much…I’m so damn tired of TK blindness of the truth, he deserve to know that the baby is his.
    Wonder does the article’s only for the image sake, hope so..

    • I think he deserves to know as well… although I do understand, as well, that there are some major changes that could be associated with that, especially with an acknowledgment of her feelings. she’s realizing that she’s had happy moments with him and that she is, perhaps, attracted to him, but i’m not sure if she’s ready to admit that yet.. and, even if she were, if she’s ready to accept him in her life.

      i’m more antsy about him knowing because we’re supposed to get to that in the drama world… and i want to see what happens after he knows and how they deal with it. putting it too close to the end makes it seem like there won’t be some rough patches after telling him.. and i think there will be.

  2. I for one am fine with TK not knowing…JA needs to confirm her and his feelings to each other first. She wants to tell him at this point, but is so afraid as to what this will do to TK’s life. We all know that she will need him to fill a space that no one else but the baby’s BIOLOGICAL father can…let’s wait for that..hehe

    • Agreed. And even if she confirms that she does *not* have feelings for him (although it’s more likely the other way), she still needs to think about the role he will have in her life and the baby’s life. I’m not sure that she’s as concerned about what it will do to his life… because he can either walk away or accept it… If he accepts it, she has to be prepared to let him in her life, whether as her partner in life or as just the father to her baby.

      Lol, I don’t *fully* agree about spaces that only a biological father can fill, especially from her perspective… From the child’s perspective, perhaps… but I also believe that even loving adopted fathers can fill that space. From her perspective, just about anybody who isn’t sterile can be a biological father, especially from a one night mistake.. but, Tae Gang seems to have something that can fill her life… as Tae Gang himself, not as the baby’s father.

      The point about being the baby daddy in the story adds to their interaction (where it could have been close to nil) as well as a layer to what interaction she might have without the whole baby daddy deal.

  3. I agree that JA needs to confirm his and her feelings towards each other, but we got only 6 episodes left and we yet to see more romantic scenes between them, only a kiss by previous ep… greedy me says I want moreeeeee!!!

    • More romance would definitely be awesome – and, for that, I’m willing to take an extension, as long as they don’t get too lackadaisical about it XD – but I think I can settle for the heartbreaking cuteness like what we saw in that last ep if the story drives us to a satisfying conclusion~ 🙂

  4. am i the only one who watches dramas for the storyline and for the acting and not just the romance? it seems right that TK still doesnt the baby is his….because he has…..then we’d have a couple of episodes of him tryin to win her over and JA would STILL be cold and distant. thus far, TK has shown that he truly likes JA….DESPITE thinking that the baby is another mans. If he’s offered to go to america….and he stays for HER, then he will let JA knows he stayed for her….and not just cos of the baby. cos no-one wants TK staying just for the baby.

    i agree that i want more romance too…but tbh….we had not seen much from TK for JA to suddenly like him. THe drama’s paced at a certain way so we allow TK to gradualy grow on us and accept a younger guy like him with a more successful and older, mature woman. initially….JA would not have looked twice at TK! Its understandable why TK likes JA…..plus it was his first time (keke…made more sense actually), but the other way around..nu huh. BUT….its getting there….so i’ve alwas been happy. I trust Kim Sun Ah, she’s a great actress and i love ALL her roles. we’re allowed to see how a successful, beautiful and mature single woman facing loneliness and fear of rejection and losing dreams, but also gaining hope and happiness with being a mother. i think its awesome. often, popularity isnt a true reflection of storyline/acting.

    • I agree with what you said. There are so many streams of thought going on for a drama that seems to be going at its own pace – but I guess that’s just how much people can connect to it at their own level. It struck me in last week’s episodes that he still wanted to act on his feelings and be honest about it, despite thinking that she might have another man in her life… who might be the father of the baby. Like he said in an earlier episode, he’s always been sincere.

      I’m just worried about the timing of the drama.. the episode count. Right now, at 6 episodes left, we could still be OK.. but I don’t think I want him to find out in the last week of episodes. Because there are still other issues to deal with.

      Practically speaking… she could still end up with nobody. I think I would be somewhat disappointed if that were to happen because of the romance billing. But it would make sense for me in real life. He can still be a dad and a friend. Eun Seong could still be a friend.

      I guess we’ll see in this week’s episodes. Tae Gang should make his decision this week. If they draw out that decision and prolong the discovery phase, that might be a problem. XD;

      I don’t think the discovery should be the climax. I think it should be the vehicle that leads us to the climax. I understand that we probably won’t get to watching what happens when he leaves for military duty, since that will be assumed with the ever after ending… but I think there are other things to deal with after he finds out, even after accepting all else.

      (Then again, we’ve seen all kinds of what could happen after the discovery with KJW and Eugene’s “Wonderful Life”… XD)

      • I agree about the episode count..this pace is only acceptable for at least an 18 ep drama…for 16 it’s a bit laidback. I definitely want romance, but the realism in they way they are attracted to each other is also very well woven into the plot. Ahh…I’m torn!!!

  5. Hi, I also dont think JA agrees to the arrangement…remember she sent Jun Hui flying out of her door when she suggested marriage to Eun Seong. She’s mean, but not crooked…it’s all Mdm Jang’s doing, I bet! Letting JA go would be too much of an embarrasment to her, esp since she’s also against Nari taking up the position…she’s more desperate for JA than Eun Seong is,,,hahaha

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