I Do, I Do, Episode 11 (Live Recap)

Happy Fourth of July! (Using the official still for now, for lack of a good quality preview image. XD)

Eun Seong stands in front of Ji An’s apartment, impatiently waiting. He thinks back to Ji An’s words… and remembers Tae Gang carrying Ji An with a smile.

Ji An is talking to Lady Jang, telling her that she would like to give up the position of President. Lady Jang scoffs. She asks if she has so much pride as to hide her pregnancy. She starts to explain herself. Lady Jang asks her, wasn’t she afraid to lose everything? Her baby has only been around for a few months, while her dedication to the company has been for 15 years. Motherhood is nothing; her love for shoes is motherhood. The shoes and the company are her children. Ji An tells her that she has never given up on the company. She would do anything for the company; nobody has the right to fire her. Lady Jang tells her to take the opportunity to take care of her child (shoes and the company?) forever, then.

Lady Jang gets up to leave.

As she exits, Eun Seong is there standing at the door. She pauses, with a thought. Eun Seong awkwardly bows to her.

He goes in (without Ji An admitting him in…), and tells her that he didn’t know she had a guest. She is sitting quietly, but then her abdomen starts hurting. He worriedly hovers over her as she doubles over. (What, he just barged in? I like you, Eun Seong, but please let the door close and knock next time.)

He hurriedly carries her to the car, and buckles her in… as Lady Jang’s car pulls up to see it. Lady Jang is thoughtful, then asks that his identity be found.

At the storeroom, Tae Gang thinks back to kissing Ji An. He giggles to himself, and fidgets next to his sleeping dad. He wonders why the morning doesn’t come any sooner.

Eun Seong takes her to the hospital, where she sleeps. He stays by her side, asking her why she makes it hard for him to be mad at her. He holds her hand, and caresses her bangs.

The next morning, she wakes up. Eun Seong knocks on her door and enters. She asks if the baby is OK. He asks her about worrying over the baby when she didn’t take care of herself. He tells her that “Ankle” is fine, but she’s having palpitations. He tells her to calm down; maybe take a break from work. She tells him that she can’t, due to the collaboration being so close. Eun Seong asks about who the lady the previous night is; she tells him that it was the CEO’s wife. He wonders what she was doing there. She responds that Lady Jang knew she was pregnant and she would be tossed out. She says that she can only try her best.

At work, Tae Gang submits something to Na Ri, who signs it. They ask if Ji An’s not feeling well? Why is she taking time off now? They think it’s an excuse, that she could use it as an excuse for losing the competition.

He sits next to her later, wondering why she’s sick. She say stress. He leans over to put a hand to her forehead, but she leans out of his reach. He smiles, and wonders what she was expecting. She reaches out and twists her ear. She tells him to help her to go buy the leather. She’s not sure if she can trust him though. He says he can do it; he’s her number 1 student.

Downstairs, Bong Soo is surrounded by other employees (including the guy minion), telling them about how Na Ri had begged Tae Gang on her knees to go to the states. The others marvel at the miracle.

Bong Soo has lunch with Dad in a wig… Dad seems to be sad about Bong Soo’s story. He says that he doesn’t want to be separated from Tae Gang. Tae Gang comes in at that time, and wonders who Bong Soo’s friend is. He recognizes his dad. But holds himself before he can burst out about his identity in front of Na Ri.

But Na Ri recognizes him anyway. Dad cringes to Bong Soo.

Tae Gang and Na Ri goes to her office. He apologies. She wonders why it was a secret. He says that it’s because his dad was making knockoffs in the past. He tells her he’ll make him quit. She says it’s fine, because it was in the past. He’s good at what he does. He thanks her. She says, just a word of thanks. He promises to buy her something with his next paycheck.

An employee reports to Lady Jang that Eun Seong is a boyfriend she met on a blind date.

Later Ji An and Tae Gang are at her house. He shows her designs. She flips through, unsatisfied, then talks about the theme of nostalgia. She sighs, thinking heavily. She tells him to shut up for an hour. But he writes on his palm, “Aren’t you hungry?” She shakes her head at him.. but then he writes “Pig’s feet?” He tells her to go get it already.

Ji An thinks back to Lady Jang’s words about being the company’s mother for the last 15 years, while only the baby’s for a few months. She remembers back to a date a long time ago, on her birthday… (birthday, right? she blew out candles. unless just Christmas.) when she had been more preoccupied with another woman’s shoes than her date. He asks her if she wants to travel. She wonders, thinking that she’s too busy. He says that it’s only for 5 days.. How about Europe? France, Spain, Italy? She tells him to hold on a bit, and gets up to chat with the lady whose shoes she admired (about the shoes of course).

Her date (fiance?) takes off his ring and leaves it on the table. By the time she gets back, only the ring is left. Afterwards we see her still designing at work on Christmas.

Back to the present, she explores her shoe room…. stopping at the kids’ shoes and looks at the eraser replicas. She remembers Lady Jang’s words echo in her head.. asking if she wants to take care of a child forever. She talks to Ankle, saying that she can’t live like that… Please understand her.

She hears the doorbell ring. In come JUn Hui with Eun Seong. They’ve brought her food (bought; Jun Hui can’t cook). He tells her that she should first eat good food. Eun Seong asks why Tae Gang isn’t there; wasn’t he supposed to be helping. She says that he’s out buying something. It seems that the pig’s feet place is closed… so he asks a passing lady. Apparently, the owner’s mother is sick; that’s why it’s closed.

He returns, but Jun Hui and Eun Seong are already there, having prepared the food. They serve her healthy food, saying it’s for Ankle. They tell her to eat up.

They all pick up their chopsticks, and Jun Hui giggles at Eun Seong, telling him it’s delicious. She asks if it’s pork, and Jun Hui tells Ji An to eat up. Tae Gang is a little uncomfortable. Jun Hui praises Eun Seong; then they talk about how instant food isn’t good for pregnancy. Tae Gang tries to take back what he bought, but Ji An tells him to leave it. The other two take this in, quietly.

In the kitchen, the two men compete over washing the dishes.

In the living room, Jun Hui thinks they’re cute, and wonders if she can’t keep them both. Maybe a weekly rotation. Ji An kicks her out.

Na Ri arrives at the restaurant, where she is greeted warmly. Na Ri sits with dad, who is a little awkward around her. She says to just treat her like another one of her son’s friends. She asks to call him Dad. Then she starts off saying that she’d heard he had a business making knockoffs. He spits out his food, and starts to swear that he doesn’t do that anymore. She says, of course. But if he does it again, he’ll go to jail.

She asks about Tae Gang. But Chung Baek tells her that he’s out with Ji An, working on the collaboration.

At the apartment, Ji An sees them off, handing over one umbrella. The two reach for it. She says it’s the only one. Neither refuse to let go.

Outside, the two are walking. Tae Gang holds the umbrella over Eun Seong. Eun Seong pushes it back over his way. Tae Gang holds it over him. Eun Seong pushes back again.

Eun Seong asks him to go out for a drink. They do. Eun Seong apologizes to him for misunderstanding him. He was too sensitive. Tae Gang tells him that he’s in love with Ji An, and asks for permission to flirt with Ji An. Eun Seong says, what? Tae Gang says that he’s telling Eun Seong since he’s the father. Eun Seong says, even knowing that, why is he doing this? Is he going to marry her? Tae Gang says, he doesn’t know… he just wants to act on his feelings. Eun Seong says he’s jealous that he’s so blissfully ignorant. Tae Gang scoffs. Eun Seong tells him that he’s got a lot. Eun Seong takes a swig.

At work, Tae Gang is happily typing… a survey… (“What color do you think of when thinking of your life?” o____o)

The minions are pushing at each other, wondering who should approach Tae Gang. The guy minion finally loses out, and he asks Tae Gang to have lunch with them. He respectfully declines. The others leave.

Tae Gang hands out the survey in the cafeteria, in the hallways, in the streets.

At the hospital, Dr. Yang excitedly rushes to Eun Seong’s office… and shows him an article with Ji An in the magazine. Dr. Yang asks, was she really that famous? It’s apparently an article on her love letter.

At her gallery, Lady Jang says to send a painting to somebody.

Eun Seong calls the magazine, frustratedly asking why they wrote an article without requesting his permission. He tells them to correct the error.

His father calls him next, asking when they got back together.

At work, the minions look up info on Eun Seong. They think that they know now that she was preparing for her wedding. He’s a doctor and he’s handsome.

Tae gang comes in to find them hovering over a computer. They tell him that she’s getting married. He asks, who? They tell him Ms. Hwang; didn’t he know?

Bong Soo later reads the article to an unbelieving Tae Gang. Article talks about how hard it is to be a careerwoman and find love, but she made it possible. Tae Gang is in denial; can’t be true. Bong Soo says he doubted it as well, but it’s so detailed. Bong Soo tells him, it’s for the best because first loves aren’t meant to be.

Ji An works at home… and Jun Hui watches over her. As she reacher for her laptop, Jun Hui rushes over to cover the laptop. Tells her that electronics ar ebad for her. And that there’s a directive not to get her stressed. Ji An says she used it yesterday; get off!

Ji An finds the article about her impending marriage. Jun Hui entreats her not to be so shocked; please stay calm. Ji An says, so that’s why she got so many congratulatory texts. Jun Hui tells her to think of the baby. Ji An says, yeah, shouldn’t get mad. Jun Hui says it’s bad for the baby. Ji An breathes slowly. Jun Hui wonders if she knows who would have done it. Ji An says, yeah… for sure it was Lady Jang. Jun Hui says, the CEO’s wife? Ji An says she won’t stand for this. Jun Hui asks what she’s going to do. Ji An asks for food. “Sure, let’s eat,” Jun Hui says.

Na Ri and Jake discuss the weirdness of the matter. She has a boyfriend, and takes breaks now? Jake says that’s what happens in dramas; the parents tell the guy to be responsible and rush them to marriage.

Na Ri remembers how she’s been falling asleep at meetings.. and feeling puke-y. She remembers how Ji An had gained weight, and Ji An responded that she just ate.

Tae Gang rushes to Ji An’s apartment, and asked why she hadn’t been responding to calls. She says she’s been getting weird calls. He asks if she’s getting married. She asks if she’d seen the article; guess it’s spread now. She says no. He happily hugs her. She asks if came for that. He holds out the results of the survey, saying this might help her. He takes his leave, saying he’ll organize later.

She looks over the survey results.

She remembers when they were working together, and she tells him that the theme is nostalgia… and that she can’t ask every person about it.

She wonders that he did it all himself.

Later, he comes over, and helps her organize. But he catches her looking at him. He tells her to rest. She says, stop treating her like she’s sick. He says, so you’re not doing it… She asks, what? the wedding? Why? should she? He says, no just stay like this for a while. They go back to their work, and he starts singing.. about wanting to kiss under the palm tree. She awkwardly stops what she’s doing. She then gets up, gives him a light kick, and scuttles to the restroom. He remarks that she’s shy.

When she comes out, he’s fallen asleep on the carpet. She tries to wake him up, telling him he has to go home.

When he doesnt, she takes the last survey out of his hands. Then puts a pillow under him and a blanket over. She looks at his sleeping face, then lays down next to him on the pillow, gazing at his sleeping face. She observes his eyebrow, nose, lips. She says that she hopes “you look like your dad”. Then she feels the baby move in her belly. He licks his lips in his sleep. She smiles.

The next day, he’s alone and sleep on her carpet. He wakes up to the rays of the morning sun. He gets up, checks the time, and noted that she should have woken him up. He gets up to go to the restroom but hears something.

She’s in the kitchen making something. He starts walking over, and remains standing from behind a curtain, peeking out… watching her with a smile as she cooks.

She consults her phone for a recipe, and continues cooking.

He finally calls out, asking what she’s doing. She says, can’t you see? He asks breakfast? She says to hurry and wash up.

She serves him breakfast. He says it looks good. They look like a newlywed couple. He takes a bite. But it’s too salty. He takes a swig of milk. She tries to hold the plate out. But then starts shoveling food in her mouth, telling her it’s good. He seems like he’s about to cry from the saltiness. XD; He tells her not to cook; it’s a hard job. Thinking that she likes her cooking that much, she gets him some more.. and shovels it onto his plate. XD XD XD

Later, he leaves. and he stretches outside her apartment. “Good morning.”

At the shoe closet, she looks over shoe designs. She’s frustratedly not finding the one she wants. She thinks back to Lady jang saying, this is her company. To Nari, saying she’ll fire her when she becomes CEO. To Lady Jang saying she’ll be sad if she rejects the offer.

Ji An wonders to herself.. thinking that the designs are traps. She wonders at keeping them. If she doesn’t have teeth, she’ll chew gum (gum??); No designs, she’ll redraw; Barefoot, she’ll walk without shoes. She’s starting from scratch. She starts tearing them up. Then she crumples some and chucks it at her board.

She goes over the survey results again. Then starts designing again.

Eun Seong is talking on the phone, about how the article can’t be corrected now. Then he remembers how Ji An had said Lady Jang knew she was pregannt.

He rushes to the gallery, but he is turned away; Lady Jang doesn’t know who he is. He tries to get in as Ji An’s friend, but is asked to make an appointment.

He stands outside the gallery to wait. When Lady Jang comes down, he approaches her, asking for some time. Lady Jang excuses her entourage. She asks who he is. He says that they met outside Ji An’s apartment. He asks if she had ordered a written article. He says there was some nonsense about him marrying her. He asks that she correct it. She says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He says, fine, he’ll just sue the company. She says, I don’t know who did it, but be thankful, now he can marry her. She says that he has to catch her mind; good luck on the wedding.

At the office, some guy minions are gossipping, wondering if it’s true she’s getting married. Tae Gang bursts in the middle saying it’s a lie. They wonder who he is. He tells them they should get back to work.

Later, Tae Gang is talking to Na Ri. He tells her that the article had been a lie. He asks that she post a message, since the rumor has spread. Na Ri wonders why he’s so sensitive. Tae Gang protests, but it’s not true; they’re nothing to each other. She says that she thought Ji An was pregnant, does he know something. He says no. She says, that he’s been to her house; has he seen anything. He protests that she sounds like she wants him to spy on Ji An. Na Ri asks if it was too much; if she had been ji An, she would have fired him and his dad.

Tae Gang is at the restaurant with Chung Baek. He talks about starting his own company.. with himself, dad, and Ji An… with the two of them as a couple. He’ll propose to her. Chung Baek asks if he’s crazy. There’s a baby daddy involved. (He thinks it’s Eun Seong XD). Tae Gang says he’s already told the baby daddy. Chung Baek thinks he’s crazy. Tae Gang says that she doesn’t have feelings for Eun Seong. Chung Baek says it doesn’t change the father. Tae Gang says he’ll overcome everythign with love. She’ll accept him eventually; she’s already starting to have feelings for him. Chung Baek wonders what his dad will do. Tae Gang thinks his dad will understand. Chung Baek, riiight, that his son is going to propose to a woman with a baby?

Dad comes out, asking who’s proposing to who. Chung Baek tries to cover, saying it’s just a friend from school. But Tae Gang gets up to tell him that, no, it’s about himself.

Eun Seong is visiting Ji An at her home. She’s in a good mood, although she tells him that it’s hard working from home. She says her designs are coming out well; she can see the light… and oh, the baby moved yetserday. He asks if the baby was farting. She says no. He takes out his stethoscope to check on the baby. He’s silent, and she wonders what’s wrong. He shushes her a bit.. and says Ankle is saying something. She wonders what. He says he’ll translate. She smiles and leans back. “Mom, listen to me.” The article about mom and the doctor getting married is from that witch. The doctor tried to make it right, but it didn’t work out, so he’s sorry that he couldn’t be any help. She tells him to tell “Ankle” that she knows how much he tried, even though she didn’t see it for herself, so he doesn’t need to be sorry; instead, she’s grateful.

He stops, and puts the stethoscope up to her ears. Then speaks to the other end. He says, “Ankle’s mom, let’s get married.”

10 thoughts on “I Do, I Do, Episode 11 (Live Recap)

  1. thanksss!!! I was a bit disappointed with tonight’s episode coz I was expecting more romantic scenes between TK and JA after their initial kiss last week.. I hope the pace of this drama won’t be too draggy.. I hope we can see more of their love development by tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for the recap! Oh my goodness somebody give Tae Gaeng a clue he’s the baby-daddy! It’s killing me already! That doctor needs to go, pronto. 😛

    • I’m sooo with you on that Pixiemoondust.. I really want Tae Kang to know he’s the father so that doctor can go rest his ‘tired-body’, (Pathetic Self a saying in the Caribbean). I don’t want them to drag Hwang Ji An along with that ‘we might-as-well’ crap! It’s been too much of a rollercoaster ride with Kang not knowing she was even pregnant in the first place. Stop already!!!! Let her tell him HELL NO! Let’s Go Team Park Tae Gang! 🙂

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  4. thank.you for recappp. .
    i can sleep now. .
    but i stil keep wondering when they gonna let everyone know the truth. . .
    thank you

  5. that Doctoer must Dieeeeeeee! He knows he is not the father!!! Why would he help take this baby away from its real father!

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