I Do, I Do, Episode 12 (Live Recap)

Why, Tae Gang’s dad? Whyyyyyyy? You’re awesome, but stop that!

Eun Seong talks to Ji An, asking “Ankle’s mom.. let’s get married.” He takes the stethoscope off her ears. He says let’s be honest. He tells her that he didn’t feel bad being mistaken for the father. He wonders if he really wants to be the father of her baby. He’s not all that confident, but he keep sthinking about this. So he’s curious. She asks why he’s saying this right now. He quips that real life is in a small river. He says, let’s have a happy life together. He tells her that she doesn’t have to respond at this time. She insists, however. She tells him that, to be honest, it’s not that she doesn’t want to rely on him. Raising a child alone is a scary thing. But she has to work right now, so she can’t choose marriage. She says that people tend not to be brave when they have something to lose. She’s one of those people; she wants to do well and be proud to her baby. It makes him sad, but he doesn’t want to beg. He apologizes, and asks if she’s going to be ok on her own. She says she’s not on her own.

Outside, Dad is throwing Tae Gang around, while Chung Baek tries to calm him down. His dad asks him, you were going to do what? How can you do this to me? Tae Gang says that his dad raised him alone, and said he was lonely. He says he loves her. Dad asks, Love? Are you crazy? Tae Gang says he’s not crazy. Dad wonders what made him this way. He tells Tae Gang to go to America.

Chung Baek draws dad away.

Tae Gang goes to work, lays out a cloth, and sleeps on the table.

At the store room, Dad and Chung Baek talk. Dad asks, Manager Hwang? That’s who Tae Gang wants to propose to? And she’s pregnant? Chung Baek explains that there’s a baby daddy; that she doesn’t even like Tae Gang. It’s one-sided, so not to worry.

At work, he tries to approach his dad, but his dad is giving him the silent treatment… on his desk, in the restroom. Dad steps on him on the way out.

Na Ri is looking at the article at her desk. She says that Ji An is really pregnant; she must be psychic. She wonders that they had said no to her that time. They looked like they were dating. Jake tells her to just go ask.

Tae Gang and Ji An are at her home. He says that something reminds him of a movie. It was about a blonde and a soldier.

They start watching the movie at her place (A romance movie XD). Apart on their own seats at first… then Tae Gang comes closer as they both reach for food. He leans on her chair, which swivels towards him, so their faces are close to each other. He swings her back in place.. but at another part of the movie, he leans hard on the arm of her chair, swiveling her chair so that they’re face-to-face again (Kissing distance o___o). He gulps and turns her around again. Later he’s crying, and she hands him a tissue.

Lights turn back on, and they’re looking at the shoes again. He says that they should do that concept. Love like a butterfly. So they should have a ribbon like a butterfly. He thinks it’s great that he’s having ideas. He notes that her past works have been dark. She thanks him for the survey.

She thinks, should she tell him? Now? About the baby?

Phone rings, and she responds, “Today? Ok.”

Tae Gang asks if Na Ri is going to come over to ask about the wedding. So he asks to go home early. He rushes out.

He goes out, and meets Na Ri up front. She asks why he’s here. He asks her what she was going to say to Ji An. She says she has something to ask, who is he, her secretary. He tells her to stop bothering Ji An. She’s Ji An’s superior, why is she bothering a sick person. She asks him if he likes her. He says yes. She asks, but she’s pregnant with another guy’s child. He says, So what? Since they’re talking now, he asks her to not ask about the pregnancy until Ji An says something about it herself. Na Ri turns and walks away, tears rolling down her eyes.

Na Ri goes to a bar, and is laying her head on the bar. Jake comes to look for her. He wonders why she’s drinking so much. Is she ok? Na Ri declares that she hates Ji An. She raises her head, and tells Jake that she wants to win. She thinks she’ll die if she loses this time. (Lost her stepmother and guy to Ji An already, doesn’t want to lose competition)

At home, Ji An is still waiting. Trying to call Na Ri. She gets a text to check her email.

There’s an email with pictures of different ribbons. He tells her to focus on the collaboration. They’ll win for sure. He says he likes the third ribbon, what about her? She agrees. She talks to “Ankle”, saying your dad’s answer is right; she has to concentrate on the collaboration.. then she’ll tell him after they win, ok?

At work, he smiles happily to himself.

Bong Soo and Tae Gang are having lunch. Bong Soo is surprised, you’re going to PROPOSE? to who? To Hwang? Tae Gang notes that the important thing is to do something sweet and romantic, but affordable. He wonders what could be good. Bong Soo notes that he had bought fake money, but he’ll turn them into real money after 10 years. He wasn’t able to do it, but she was touched, and she had told him that she’d give her future to him.

Tae Gang goes to a shoe store and looks around. He picks up a shoe and thinks, I can only make a few shoes but later I’ll fill your shoe room with my shoes in the future.

At the hospital, Eun Seong is being congratulated by people. He meets Ji An in his office. He notes that she’s all better. She asks if she can go to the office then.

They go to a cafe, and meet a couple of reporters. The woman is from Women’s Times. Ji An introduces Eun Seong as her doctor. The woman notes that Eun Seong had given advice when Ji An chose to be a single mom. She notes that what they said is going to be a lot of help to single moms.

The reporter excuses herself.

The two of them walk outside. They talk about how when she had an injection when she was little, and about how she had been afraid at the time, but, later, it turned out to be nothing at all.

Eun Seong goes back to his office. He walks out later and greets people, but as he walks past them, they giggle silently. There’s a note on his back that says, “Not getting married.”

At the office, Jake goes to the patterner’s office. They have a file for Hwang. He asks to see it. He sees the design. (UGH!!!) Dad witnesses it.

At her office, Na Ri seethes, thinking to herself that Ji An was having a slump. How could she do this; it’s totally different. They think that she might have changed it.

Na Ri goes to the patterner office, handing him Ji An’s specs, telling the patterner that he’ll make it himself. Tae Gang’s dad watches from his desk.

Na Ri walks outside and runs into Tae Gang, who greets her well enough. But she says, go and tell her that I won’t talk about the pregnancy… but she’ll get fired before then. Ji An can start packing.

Tae Gang and Ji An are eating at a barbecue… He tells her that she should rest some more. She says she doesn’t want to. She asks about the samples. He notes that she’s eating about as much as three people. She says she’s not alone. He asks if she isn’t scared, since people will find out the next day. She says she is, but after the shot, it’ll be nothing. She says she didn’t do anything bad. He asks what she’s going to do the night after the collaboration. She notes that they’ll party since they’ll win.

Lady Jang sees the single mom article the next day, and is rather angry that Ji An did this. An employee calls in for her. They rush downstairs.They see a flower offering (same as in funerals). They all state that the Single Mom Hwang is thankful. She asks to have it removed. But there are a lot more, lining the other wall, and just arriving.

Jun Hui is helping Ji An pick out clothes. She says these are the best clothes from her shop. Ji An says she can’t go to work with them. Jun Hui says she has to wear sexy clothes at a time like this. Ji An asks why. Jun Hui says not to be afraid. It won’t be anything later, just be herself. Ji An agrees.

She goes down to the parking lot, where she is met by Eun Seong. Eun Seong sees her short white dress and her flat shoes. He covers his eyes a bit saying it’s oto bright. How could she be this bring so early in the morning, he’s gonna go blind. He opens the door for her, telling her to get in… He covers his eyes again as she gets in the car.

Ji An arrives at her building. She gives a decisive sigh. She says, let’s go, Ankle. She goes in, and everybody bows down in greeting. She seems to be acting her old self as she makes her way to her office.

The minions are talking about the single mom article. They note that they didn’t know at all… while Tae Gang rather frustatingly looks at them. They wonder who the dad is. He’s about to get up (to tell them to shut up? but maybe in a nicer way?), but Seung Mi beats him, slamming a hand to her desk. She asks if they had done this when she had gotten pregnant. They said it was different. Seung Mi says, so what? They’re mothers; don’t do this kind of thing in front of her. She tells Da In to stop crying. (Da In is sobbing at her desk as she works XD)

Jake and Na Ri pow-wow.

Ji An arrives, and Seung Mi greets her, asking how her time off was. She asks if she was well. Ji An asks for milk. Tae Gang goes to her office and shows her the ribbons. She wonders if he had made it.

Na Ri stomps in, and asks Tae Gang to let her have a few minutes with Ji An. She asks Ji An what she’s thinking. She notes, good timing; Was Ji An going for the pity votes. Ji An asks, who pities her; she’s not pitiful. It’s reality that single moms aren’t welcome. Na Ri asks her to resign. Ji An asks if Na Ri is threatening her. Na Ri says she means it. Ji An doesn’t care, but she doesn’t think Na Ri means it. She’s thankful that Na Ri selected the teams, so she got her designer. Otherwise, she’d still be in a slump. She already told Lady Jang that she doesn’t want to tbe President. Na Ri asks why she’s doing this, why throw away her life because of a baby from an accident. Ji An says, throwing away life? That’s a good line. Yes, she is.

Eun Seong visits Ji An’s parents. They say he should have just visited without bringing them anything. They ask if he’s off (from work), he confirms. They wonder why he came all the way here; Eun Seong’s dad doesn’t even know that Ji An is pregnant.

He shows them the article, and notes that Ji An is brave. She said she’d be a single mom; she needs their support.

Dad bites back a bit, with that signature pained look on his face. He finally says, they thought he would… but never mind. He says that he had proposed, but she didn’t accept him. He was hurt, but… Mom tells him not to be.

At work, Bong Soo talks to Tae Gang’s dad. He laments that Tae Gang doesn’t even know who the father is, and in this industry? She must be crazy, Lady Jang won’t let her be like that. He asks if he won’t go anywhere. Tae Gang’s dad thinks that he might stay there.

At the team office, the minions wow over a sample. They think that they couldn’t have done something like this design themselves.

Meanwhile, Tae Gang is getting angry at the patterner’s office. The sample is completely different. The patterner said that he made it as specified. But it’s a totally dark one and tacky. He says that it’s totally different. He asks that the patterner make it again. The guy says he can’t fix it.

So Tae Gang goes to the maker office directly. He says it’s urgent, but they’re unresponsive.

Na Ri is brought in to see Lady Jang. The latter smiles as she comes in, and welcomes her. She tells Na Ri to sit. She asks how Na Ri’s collaboration is going. She said it’s going well. Lady Jang notes that she has a present for Na Ri, she calls her people to bring it in. It’s a painting. Lady Jang notes that she hopes it’ll suit Na Ri. She says, that she was wrong. She tells Na Ri that the company is hers, after all.

Na Ri walks outside into the fresh air. She remembers Lady Jang saying the company is hers. She takes a deep breath, and asks herself why, it’s fine. (She feels empty, methinks. An empty win – to win by default.)

At the office, Ji An asks about the sample. They already have it. He tells her taht he checked it himself, and tell sher to go home for Ankle’s sake. She says she has to see it. She gets up to go look herself, but he blocks her path and she walks into his embrace instead.

Her phone rings, and he reaches for it, putting it up to her ear.

Her mom has called, “What? Father?”

She walks out, and puts a hand to her cheek. (She’s blushing? XD)

At the storeroom, Tae Gang begs his father, as the one person he can trust. He says that he’ll be in big trouble if he loses. His dad says it’s not that simple, and lays down. Tae Gang continues begging. His dad tells him to go to America then. Tae Gang wonders why. His dad notes that he thought Tae Gang had been traumatized by his mother, and he’s sure now. He must like Ji An for not wanting to give up her baby. He tells Tae Gang that it’s pity not love.

Tae Gang frustratedly tells him it’s not pity. The most hateful thing he’s ever heard is pity. Tae Gang walks out.

Dad asks himself, why Tae Gang is doing this.

Tae Gang goes back to the office, slumps in his chair, and looks at the bad sample.

At her apartment, Ji An sits to dinner with her parents. She asks slowly if they’d seen it. Dad tells her that they saw the article; it was nice but the skirt was so short. Mom starts to say it wasn’t. Ji An apologizes. Dad notes that everybody knows now; so raise the baby well.

Mom smiles, pleased, and tells Ji An to eat up.

At work the next day, some guys are poring over a laptop. Ji An walks in the middle of them, and wants to see what they’re looking at. They shut it down. The guys disperse, and face the wall. She opens it up… and there’s Ji An’s face photoshopped onto a bikini-clad pregnant woman’s body. She asks who did this; the body is nice. She says she’ll pay the guy who did it. The guys run away.

Tae Gang and Bong Soo are poring over the work BBS. Bong Soo wonders that it’s all messed up; she was supposed to marry the doctor but the wedding is off. He thinks the father is probably an Italian model. Tae Gang says that she’s having a hard time. He asks Bong Soo to help him. Bong Soo plays the harmonica.

Ji An rushes to the patterner’s office looking for the pattern. But the patterner says that Tae Gang has it. She rushes out to look for him.

Tae Gang is still at Bong Soo’s, and he’s holding a knife to the shoe. He’s thinking of doing it himself. She walks in right at that moment.. and he hides the shoe behind his back. She reaches out, and asks him what he’s hiding.. but he holds out one free hand. She grabs his other hand, and sees the shoe. She’s almost reduced to tears as she wonders how it turned out this way. Tae Gang says that he had made it this way. She laments that it’s tomorrow. He says they can do it. She asks, do what. What can they do now.

Eun Seong is seeing patients in his office. His phone rings after the last one leaves.

At work, Ji An hurriedly tries to redesign the shoe, while Tae Gang can only watch her. She keeps working, but soon finds her frustratingly slamming it on the table. Tae Gang tries to coax her to stop. But she doesn’t want to and starts again. He tells her she’ll get sick. She says to leave her alone.

Eun Seong is showed in.

Tae Gang says they have to send her home; she has a fever. Eun Seong tries to get her to go, but she says, don’t touch me. Eun Seong says let’s go home, you’re gonna get sick. She stands asking why he’s doing this.

Dad walks in, wig on like a 70s disco star. Then takes the wig off and slams it to the ground. Tae Gang: “Dad!” Dad puts his bag on the table, and starts laying out orders to do the work. They have 8 hours. Tae Gang tells Ji An that she knows his dad is good; he’s been doing this for 10 years. They can do this.

Eun Seong agrees, and tells her they should wait at home.

Tae Gang, dad, and Bong Soo (with tissue in his nostrils) get to work. It’s about 5am, and Bong Soo is falling asleep. Dad and Tae Gang continue working. In the end, even Dad has fallen asleep, holding the shoe.. while Tae Gang is still curving it. Tae Gang tells his dad to sleep for a while. Dad says he doesn’t have time, then asks for toothpaste. Tae Gang gives him some, and dad puts toothpaste under his eyes. Tae Gang does the same, and exclaims that it works. He thanks his dad. Dad tells him again to follow Jake and go to America. He entreats Tae Gang to keep this promise; he trusts him because he’s his son.

At home, Ji An can’t sleep. Eun Seong tells her to let her kid sleep then. Ankle was so stressed out, the baby could have made shoes. He tells her to comfort the baby and rest. Eun Seong leaves.

She talks to Ankle, saying sorry. She says that Ankle has done a good job, and that mom is sorry. She ends up going outside, though.. and looks at a calendar, that shows her today is D-Day.

At the office, the three musketeers are asleep. Ji An walks in, in her black dress, and quietly looks at them. She quietly walks around them, and sets a few drinks down next to Tae Gang. She sees the shoes, and gingerly reaches for them. She’s happy (it could make ME cry) as she gazes at the shoes. She looks happily at Tae Gang, and back at the shoes, smiling to herself.

The office building is filling in with guests. Na Ri shows Lady Jang in… although she’s uneasy.

Ji An practices her presentation. But she’s having a hard time concentrating. Tae Gang knocks; she admits him. He walks in, with a soft smile, asking her if she’s ready. He says, here it is (flat shoes). He brought some shoes for her; he reformed it. She says it doesn’t go with her outfit. He says just to wear it. She says fine, give it to her. He tells her to let him do it. He puts it on her feet, and she smiles as she watches him do it for her. He stands and holds a hand out to her to help her out. She takes his hand, smiling, and gets up. He asks if she’s really ready; she says yes. He tells her not to forget about tonight. She leans over then and gives him a kiss on the cheek; he’s a little stunned. He starts to ask what that was for. She says she’ll do well today, and later on as well (telling him about the baby? or just work in general?).

The two of them march down the hall to the competition. He sneaks a glance at her and smiles. They stop at the doors to the competition. They both face it, standing still. She says, are you ready? He affirms; shall we go? She nods, and he opens the door for her.

She takes a deep breath.. and walks in. He follows.

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  2. thanks!!! Omg! I love it when JA kissed on TK’s cheek… another one was when TK embraced her…sweetness!!!

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  7. Thank you, from your pov I bit understand now 🙂
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