I Do, I Do, Episode 13 (Preview)

Should I be upset that the preview pretty much gives away the results of the collaboration? Lol, jk. Ah, well. There are other bigger things to worry about with the episode anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

Looking forward to the next ep!

Let me be Ankle’s dad!

While Na Ri’s guilt-filled gaze at Ji An crosses Lady Jang’s sneering gaze towards Ji An, Ji An ends up winning the collaboration campaign fair and square. Ji An proudly introduces Tae Gang as her co-designer to everyone at the meeting.

That night, Tae Gang takes the ring he had received from his grandmother to propose to Ji An, but…

This is the written preview from the official webpage.

I’m sorry about the number of times Ji An’s name ended up in that first sentence… That is exactly the same number of times it shows up in the original Korean text…. and it’s been translated pretty much exactly, without consideration for the vernacular. I’m really sleepy right now, however; I hope it makes as much sense to you as it does to me. XD


23 thoughts on “I Do, I Do, Episode 13 (Preview)

    • me, neither!! i was getting nervous that they were going to play dirty with the collaboration yet, but it sounds like the collaboration has been swept under as minor… and only a vehicle for adding stress and introducing new characters + hurdles. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      • I’m so with you on that, the “competition plot” has dragged on too long, now that’s settled can we give Ji-an a collective scream “Tell Tae-Gang already!” and “Give him a hot kiss!” LOL. Oh Wednesday come sooner!!! ^_^

  1. What a nice surprise. I didn’t expect such good advance info. Poor Tae Gang – just can’t win, at least Ji An, not until she’s ready (probably the last episode). ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yeah… I have a bad feeling about a proposal in this episode. I don’t think she’s ready to accept one yet, since she’s only just learning that she is attracted to him.. and she’s only now discovering something that may be more important to her than shoes (the baby). She still seems set on being a single mom, but I hope that a rejection won’t shake his resolve, thinking that it’s final. The question is, will he then go to America to become a better man for her? Or will he stay and persist? I’m glad that she’ll be acknowledging him publicly, though. That’s as much of a step forward in his career – coming from a top designer such as Ji An – as Jake wanting to take him under his wing.

    • But what would a mid-series episode be without a party pooper? XD; I had replied to a previous comment… that, yeah, I agree that she may not be ready yet. She may just reject him if he ever gets to propose, because she’s just been learning then had to put her feelings on hold until the collaboration was out of the way………..

      Also.. yes. Hurry up, Wednesday! XD;

  2. Wow! JA and TK will win in the competition, i thought will play the dirty tactics. But im happy to know they won.haha!!! I hope tomorrow is Weds already… =))

    • I know! I’m right there with you, lol. Or, at least, I thought Lady Jang would be the judge and vote for Na Ri… (while secretly underneath I hoped Lady Jang still loved Ji An no matter what…)

  3. i like kim seon ah and watch her drama. she is a reall actress. no matter what, i like this drama just bz of her

  4. I just love Tae kang so MUCH, he is so sweet and driven, not to mention GORGEOUS! I love the way Lee Jang Woo has portrait the character….But, I have a complain…He knows the doctor is not the father, and he kind of knows Ji An doesn’t sleep around and he was sure he was the father in the beginning, SO WHY ON EARTH he is not putting 2 and 2 together already?????? So tiresome of the writer to drag this conflict.. I just hope this week he finds out, and I don’t mean as a cliffhanger for episode 15…So much time wasted, when the can be cuddling and feeling ankle move together…Oh drama, please give us some romance and bed scenes……

  5. I think TK doesn’t have the chance to hear the truth from JA (just my own thoughts, nothing to do with reality) and he found out from elsewhere. He is first so happy but remembers the ‘biological relationship’ remark that JA made and realizes that he is unwanted. Knowing this, JA has to come to terms with losing TK and her growing feelings towards him…the ball is on her court now….hahaha I want it to turn out this way better than her rejection to his proposal..that’s just too sad ;-((

  6. Thanks for the translation, I can`t wait to see the Ep. tomorrow and sad at the same time that this drama is about to end. I want more of Jian and TK romance!

  7. thanks lilasia.. I’m glad they let us know the result for next episode.. they’re gonna win the competition..yeahhhhh.. and I’m really happy to know the JA is acknowledging him as her co-designer.. but towards the end of the preview, it did make me sad just looking at their gloomy faces.. I’m rooting for a happy ending for both couple, fingers crossed!

    • Hi, jas! I’m sorry I just got home after 18 hours of being away and I’m gonna try to go to sleep before the episode comes out o______o I’m still not 100% on the Korean listening skills… and I’m really sleepy so I’ll try to just refer to the voice over… but.. I think that..

      Ji An tells Tae Gang that she (?) doesn’t have any regrets (or perhaps that he shouldn’t have any). Then Lady Jang tells Ji An that she did pretty well. I think that she then tells her that she’s still pretty resolute with her decision. There’s a voice over from Eun Seong asking somebody (Tae Gang?) what he intends to do for “that person” (“her”, we assume). In the car, Ji An asks Tae Gang what Jake was talking about earlier. It appears that the current President says that the new President will be Yeom Na Ri. Ji An seems to protest (didn’t catch what she said, but she might have mentioned the collaboration). In the elevator, I think Tae Gang is asking somebody if they want it (?) that much. He says something about later… and the child? (I didn’t catch the rest of what he said.)

      I’m better with Japanese subs or actual text I can read. XD; In any case… the show starts in about four hours! Sleep time now, so I can be awake for it “tomorrow”! XD;

      (P.S. Please, for the love of God and all that is holy, let’s leave this crappy attempt here and forget it ever existed when the show starts XD)…

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