I Do, I Do, Episode 13 (Live Recap)

Sorry.. I was still half-asleep when I started the episode, so may be sparse at first. Started picking up later.. but now I’m kinda falling asleep again. (I had a hard time typing my password in…) XD;

In any case.. WHOOO-HOOOO! Thanks for coming, Wednesday.

ji an and tae gang march down the hallway to the competition.

they enter the room, decisively, and go to their seats… lady jang watching them closely.

the two of them sit at the long table. na ri watches cautiously; jake waves at them.

seung mi starts presenting to the crowd that they have decided to divide the collaboration into two teams.

jake presents first. we pan to see his black shoes… their concept is the clothing of high class women.

ji an presents next, noting that they are expressing the charm with flowers and classic charm in this movie (the movie they watched). she talks about how the butterfly is the fantastic love, but reality isn’t such. shoes are fantasy; but they wear shoes in reality. she calls them the romantic clothing.

jake nods in acknowledgment. ji an smiles confidently.

the crowd claps, and lady jang observes the reception. tae gang is clapping ecstatically as she takes her seat.

the presentations end. and the voters are asked to submit their ballots. people do. we pause at lady jang putting hers in.

the minions talk about how good ji an’s presentation was; da in hopes ji an’s team wins. the other snarky girl notes that jake will win.

ji an and tae gang… na ri and jake… the four of them look at each other across the way.

tae gang notes that they should be nervous. ji an notes that she won’t regret a loss because she did her best.

everybody is excused while the results are tallied.

ji an walks outside.. and meets na ri with lady jang… who thanks her for the flowers. she tells ji an that it’s so bold of her; she wants to pay ji an back. ji an notes that it’s alright because she’s done enough for her.

bong soo and tae gang’s dad wait impatiently at dad’s office.

eun seong is also anxious in the hospital, as he sees patients.

back at the event hall, tae gang holds her hand as they await the results. she turns her hand over and reciprocates.

ji an is declared the winner… and tae gang lets out a joyful whoop. jake is stunned, and tae gang gives him the stink eye. ji an seems surprised as well, and gulps back a few times before standing to make her speech.

she thanks the crowd. she notes that she couldn’t have done the work herself. she calls tae gang up… and it takes him a bit to register. he goes up to stand next to her, and she tells the crowd that she did the work with her co-designer, park tae gang. he claps along with everybody else.. and he lean-bumps a bit into her… she smiles, allowing him this one, smiling.

one of the foreigners, in english, tells her that her work made a strong impact. ji an thanks her. she snaps her fingers to get tae gang’s attention, and he comes over. she starts complimenting him for the work. stunned, though, he can only respond with a “nice to meet you”.

jake rushes over and puts an arm around tae gang… claiming him.

ji an gives them a cautious look, as the lady asks her how long it took to develop the shoes.

ji an and tae gang go to her office, and she tries to suppress her squeals. she’s giddy as she reaches out her arms and hugs him and he lifts her up. when na ri walks in, they both settle, trying to get back to their normal states. she excuses tae gang, and he walks out. she asks na ri what she wants.

na ri notes that she’s surprised.. and that she came to apologize. ji an asks, what for. na ri admits that she ruined the sample. she gave the order, because she was out of her mind with greed. ji an asks, why now? she could have kept her mouth shut. na ri notes that she thought the shoes were fantastic as soon as she saw them. ji an asks if na ri won’t stab her in the back anymore. na ri says she doesn’t know; she could do something worse to survive, but she hopes ji an can cope with that. she tells ji an to watch her back.

bong soo rushes to dad’s office.. and they both yell and hug when bong soo announces the win, 23-16. they separate a bit… then hug again, laughing.

she’s on the phone with eun seong, who congratulates her and tells her that they should go out. she tells him that she’ll be telling tae gang the truth tonight. it took too long, she notes, so unlike her. she’ll get him dinner tomorrow. his smile fades.

in the garage, tae gang dances and sprays some freshener in his mouth. he has the ring box, and he flips it open to look at the ring.

his phone rings, though.. he answers the call from his dad. his dad asks, you’re going to propose today? ji an comes out of the corner. he tells his dad, sorry, i love you.

she puts her foot out, and taps it a bit, drawing circles on the ground with her toe, her lips curved… waiting for him to realize that she’s wearing the shoe he re-formed. he smiles broadly when he does notice.

she walks over to her car, but he stops her and draws her over… “ta-dah~” to a crappy gray car. she asks what it’s about, but he insists on taking her in the car he had borrowed. she wants to take her car, but he insists, trying to push a bit to his car.

while they drive, she asks what jake meant earlier. he says that he thinks jake is gay, he kept looking at him oddly. she doesn’t think so. he tells her not to mind so much. she tells him that the shoes are good. he thanks her for the high compliment. she asks where they are going. he tells her, you’ll see.

eun seong is pensive in his office, and thinks to ji an’s words that she’ll be telling him the truth.

tae gang leads her to the spot. and she stops for a bit when she sees what’s prepared.

it’s the rooftop, all decked out. umbrella, a beachy table, flowers on stands… flowers (roses?) rimming the wheelbarrow/cart. he leads her over, and she asks when he prepared it.. asking what if they’d lost. he says that he knew they’d win.. he leads her over to her seat.

he pours some milk in wine glasses. he tells her that she was cool today, and congratulates her. she says you were as well. he counts to three and they both blow out the candles on the cake. they drink the milk.

he reaches for the ring.. and he holds it in his hand. she takes a breath.

they both start to talk. they tell each other to go first. but he insists.

so she starts… soooo, well… never mind, you go first.

he takes a breath happily.. then walks over. he turns her around to face him at the edge of the table. with the scenic view.. he kneels down in front of her. her smile fades a bit in anticipation. he sings to her, on his knees.. her eyes are soft. they seem to soften some more, tears near in her eyes.. we see flashbacks of her sitting in the rain, as he brings her the umbrella.. then they walk home together. he continues to sing… (*WIBBLE* I’M GOING TO CRY!) when he finishes, he tells her, “i love you, ji an”. he takes out the ring and tells her that it’s the ring he had received from his grandmother through his dad. he picks up her hand, and puts the ring in her finger, while she silently just gazes at him, heart in her throat. she bites her lip, as he covers her hand with his and tells her that he’s been wanting to give this to her for a long time. he tells her, let’s get married… let me be ankle’s dad. he tells her that he can be the best dad.

she tries to lift her other hand a few times.. nervously. she starts nervously that she knew now why she couldn’t say it til now… but it’s now or never. she tells him, you… are ankle’s father. he’s stunned: eh? she repeats that he’s the father. he sits in stunned silence. she apologizes for lying. his eyes look hurt.. he draws his hands back… he stands, asking for a minute. and he walks over to the railing.

she waits her mouth slightly open.

he remembers her words to eun seong, comparing him to a sperm bank. how she had said their relationship was only physical, that he’s not a man, no meaning at all.

he rushes over to her and he asks, why… why!? he’s having a hard time expressing himself.. and asks how long she’s known. he wonders what he’s been doing then. she apologizes. he exclaims, you’re sorry? ok, tell me why you lied then. she stands, her eyes looking hurt as well, as they tells him that she didn’t mean to. he says, is it because she got pregnant, and the baby’s father was uneducated and only knew how to clean.. so she was so ashamed so she named the baby ankle. she hurtfully exclaims that yes, that’s why.. the only mistake gave her so many things, but how could she tell him the truth.. her world has changed. he says that she should have told him anyway. then what, she asks… she asks if he remembers how they met, how they didn’t even exchange numbers. she didn’t know how he would react. she wanted to tell him that they did this together but that the burden was hers, but it wouldn’t have made any difference. he asks if she would have lied to the doctor if it had been his baby. he says she would have married him. she asks, what could she say.. she was in so much pain.

she shakes her head and turns around, her nose red. she shakes her head again, and takes off the ring… she drops the ring on the table as she walks off and away from the rooftop. he watches her retreating back, hurt.

he looks down at the ring on the table. he slumps down next to her seat cushion… holding back tears. he punches the platform.

she walks into her apartment, turning on the lights. she stands there for a moment, then sits down, leaning against her door. she’s breathing heavily.. and she starts sobbing, quietly.. trying to stop herself at first.

at his place, eun seong has dr. yang over.. and they drink. dr. yang says he knew it; he thought it was weird… he notes that girls think they have it bad… he asks why eun seong would love a woman carrying another man’s baby. eun seong notes that he was being cool. dr. yang calls him a show off, marriage is death, then there are the kids. eun seong notes that he should be the drunk one, not dr. yang. eun seong tells him to go home. dr. yang hugs him around the waist, drunkenly. (how did he get this drunk so fast when he seemed sober earlier? o____o)

eun seong gets call from a drunk tae gang… XD; (one drunk guy on his waist, one drunk guy on the phone?)

eun seong walks into the bar and finds him leaning on his hand.. with about 10 empty bottles of beer on his table.

he touches tae gang’s shoulder.. and tae gang acknowledges him: “oh, it’s the doctor”. he sits down.

tae gang notes that he proposed to his girlfriend and he got dumped. he accuses them of having fun, deceiving him.. calling him stupid behind his back. eun seong says he’s sorry. tae gang tells him, the sperm and the bio-dad.. he’s nothing.. and that’s him.

eun seong stops him from taking a swig… telling him that it’s tae gang, not him (that’s the baby’s dad? and maybe that she’s chosen?)… he says you didn’t care who the baby was, you said you’d date her anyway, that you don’t care about anything, so what’s this now?

ji an is in her shoe closet, legs folded with knees to her chest. she receives a call from eun seong… who wonders how it went. she says it went well. she should have told him earlier.

his brows furrow, and he asks, really?

she tells him that she was scared for nothing.. they talked it out and it went well.. now she can focus on the baby.

he lets her hang up then.. and looks at his couch, where tae gang is sleeping. what the hell, he thinks.

ji an remembers how she had yelled at him.. about why she had to go through this because of him… how she had told him she had never seen him as a man.. how he should read one more book instead of doing things like this… how it was because of him… how it was because of the night with him that she lost so many things.. then she remembers how he had asked to be ankle’s dad, that he’ll be the best dad.

she strokes the shoes he gave her.. crying about how stupid it all was. she looks out to the children’s shoes, the eraser replicas, asking ankle why it went wrong. she didn’t want to live like this, be like this.. she sniffles.

tae gang wakes up the next day, on eun seong’s couch, covered with a blanket. he gets up, holding his head.. and reaches out for a juice with a note. eun seong notes that he had cleaned up his mess all night.. so just drink the juice and close the door when he leaves.

he goes to work the next day, still in the same clothes with a hangover. he sees his reflection on the side of the building, looking like a mess.

he remembers when she had cried hysterically, noting that it’s all because of him, all because of him. he bites his lip.. and walks to the entrance. he encounters ji an heading it at the same time.

he looks down and away a bit. she pauses and looks away. she continues in the building. they’re both silent. she starts, so yesterday… he interrupts asking if he could stay there. she asks what he means.. he asks if she won’t be bothered to see him. she say she’ll be fine. he commends her that she can do that, but what to do? he’s really bothered.. she asks if she should move him to a different group, and he hurtfully says that he’ll do it his own way. she walks out.. and he actually looks regretful.

as he comes out, he runs into his dad.. who grabs him into an office. his dad says, you were with her all night. tae gang denies it, and says he won’t marry her and he’ll go to the states.. that’s what dad wanted. he’ll study hard and become famous. dad says he never asked for that. tae gang responds that that’s the proper thing; he’ll be successful. dad wonders what she said to make him be like this.

at the board of director’s meeting.. the president notes that they decided to change the marketer. she’s shaken out of her thoughts, asking, what? he notes that it’ll be hard work, since she’ll be in the media a lot.. it’s for their image. she asks if she lacks something. he responds that she should understand, it’s the CEO’s will.. their target is asia, not some foreign country (single moms are bad, apparently).. she declares that she’s out then.. go with jake’s design. she notes that they’re embarrassed because she’s a single mom. she’s not here for free volunteering. they note that the design isn’t hers anyway.. she had said it herself, it was done with the other designer, park tae gang. she walks out.

na ri follows her.. and tells her… you knew this was coming, i warned you.

she continues walking.. and sits in her office. she tells herself, that’s right.. this is reality.

seung mi brings something in to sign. she says, “manager ma.” seung mi waits. ji an asks if she made seung mi do anything to make her tell ji an that she was pregnant. seung mi notes that it was years ago. she tells ji an that she helped her a lot. she tells ji an that she’ll have a harder time when she has her child.. in her case, it was easier to give up some things than stand her ground. she excuses herself.

na ri is talking to tae gang in her office.. and he tells her that he’s thought about it, and this was the fastest way to succeed. na ri wonders if ji an had told him to go. he says it was his decision.. when does he leave, he wants to leave soon. she asks if it was because he was dumped. he tells her he wants to be successful. she says, she’ll talk to jake.

as he walks out.. a reporter from the company paper meets him. she takes him to the team office for an interview. she notes that tae gang did a lot in the collaboration, but he says that ji an did it all. the woman notes that he’s humble, but he said he only did the ribbon.

ji an walks in.. and overhears that jake had made him an offer… he confirms. the reporter notes that na ri says he had talent.. and that the company is going to support him.

ji an sits in her office.. and remembers na ri saying she found a new designer. then she remembers how jake had put an arm around him, saying, “this one is mine already.”

he knocks on her door.. and approaches her desk when hse admits him. she asks why he didn’t tell her that he had gotten an offer from jake… why didn’t he tell her when they had said so many things to each other. he notes he’s leaving maybe next week or sometime in the month. she tells him to study hard and become a good designer. he tells her that he’ll send her money for the baby, and be responsible.. although he can’t send a lot. he asks if she’s happy that he’s going. she says, no. he thanks her.

na ri and jake are driving.. and they note their loss. jake tells na ri that she must be happy that tae gang is going to the U.S. and that she likes tae gang.. she denies it. he tells her that he’ll put him through the wringer and introduce him to girls. she responds favorably, asking him to train tae gang to be a good designer.

na ri has lunch with her dad and lady jang.. she notes that they can be cooperative with jake’s company.. and have an extension in the U.S…. using tae gang. lady jang asks, but isn’t he only a high school graduate? her dad calls her a cinderella, becoming a businesswoman.

somebody comes by, calling him away.

alone, lady jang notes that she looks happy. she notes that it’s the first time she’s working so hard. lady jang asks about ji an. na ri notes that she can still user her and her knowledge. lady jang notes that ji an is a single mom and a designer, but ji an is a lot smarter.. ji an is a rival and can’t be beside na ri.. she recommends firing ji an. na ri notes that they got awards because they respect women.. they need to have a proper reason. lady jang tells her to make one then.

at a restaurant, ji an remembers tae gang singing to her. eun seong finds her there, telling her she looks unwell. she tells him that she’s just tired. he tells her that they have to cure the depression.. he can give her medicine. she says no. he asks if he should hang out with her? depression is bad for the baby. he asks her, what about a movie? a play? he asks why she’s staring at him.. he must be right. she leans back, a little frustrated, as he notes that he’s being dumped three times? four? how many? she notes that he’s embarrasing her. he tells her, let’s be friends.

tae gang is still wearing his suit, as he helps chung baek peel vegetables. chung baek excitedly asks if he’ll be living in a house. apparently he’ll be dorming. chung baek wonders if he’ll live with girls.

back at the restaurant, eun seong asks what happened between them. ji an notes that he’s leaving for the u.s. she seems back to her prickly self, as she notes that it’s good for him.. since they’re not going to be living together.. so it’d be nice to see him w hen he’s successful.

eun seong asks if she knows why he likes her. she’s straight.. she only texts “yes” and doesn’t put a period.. but there’s only one thing she’s not strong about: her heart. she pretends to be ok, but she shouldn’t do that. she should express herself, stop pretending to be an adult.. they’re chldish and immature, not adults at all, only kids with wrinkles. he asks how she feels again. she lowers her eyes, and notes that she feels bad. she takes a drink.

tae gang thinks in the storeroom.. and remembers the sketches of him in her shoe closet.. about the kiss in the closet.. about the breakfast she cooked and he had happily eaten.. how she had given him a peck on the cheek. finally, he gets up.. and runs outside (to her?)

he runs, thinking over words that he doesn’t believe her, only what he saw and heard…

at her shoe room, she paces, eun seong’s voice echoing about letting her feelings out.

she gets a text from tae gang.. noting that he’s coming over to talk.

she goes to her make-up room and starts arranging her face and hair.

he rushes up to her door.. and straightens himself.. before ringing the doorbell.

she lets him in.. and he starts meekly. “so..” then he starts again, asking why she told him. she says she doesn’t know.. she says she’s been wanting to tell for some time. he notes that she doesn’t want to marry him? even in the future? she responds that she can’t say.. he asks why. and she notes that he’s reckless. he notes, you don’t want to get married and i’m childish. she notes that he doesn’t know things, he’s childish, he’s not serious.. but she still wanted to tell him. he softly asks, you really don’t know? she pauses. he grabs her by the waist, and draws her in.. telling her that he thinks he knows. he kisses her.

this time, she puts her arms around his neck.. and starts kissing him back.

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  1. Thank you so muchhh….because of my internet connection, can’t watch it full..this is helping me….^^ finally they admit their feeling each other, especially Jian….^_^

  2. wooot. this is what i’ve been waiting for! can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode! once again, thanks so much for the awesome blow by blow recap.. i hope you get a good nap soon ^_^

  3. Again, so much good information after I watched it live. It’s like what qualities Tae Gang doesn’t have, Ji An has & vice versa, so between the two, they may just make it! (Instead of 1+1=2, it’s 1/2 + 1/2 =1) As we say in the South, “Bless their hearts.” It seems as though it will take both of them to raise that child, all things considered. 🙂 [I keep thinking like many of you that maybe she will start her own design company, plus add a childcare facility like many places in the U.S.]

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  5. Hi! I’m Nita from Indonesia.. Thank you so muchch for the fast n good recaps..! I really appreciate it.. I hope this drama will hv a happy endings.. my warmest regards

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