I Do, I Do, Episode 14 (Preview)

I’m actually surprised that the next episode preview is up already. 😮

If I remain confident, then the truth will come out someday

Na Ri flatly rejects Lady Jang’s plan to remove Ji An, while Tae Gang discreetly takes Ji An from the company. Ji An becomes depressed by a rather insulting scout from a rival company, but is instantly delighted at Eun Seong’s news that the baby is a girl.

Late at night, the two are spending some time alone together in Ji An’s apartment. Suddenly, Ji An’s dad drops in for a visit, and Tae Gang introduces himself as Ankle’s dad, but…


8 thoughts on “I Do, I Do, Episode 14 (Preview)

  1. mmmm….I want baby boy…*TK ah you should make another one-baby boy with Jian* 😀
    Oh no what happen then…..TK has bad impression to Jian’s father…
    can’t wait, I hope their relationship working well

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  3. Oh myyy!!! That kiss! I hope it would lead to the photos that are on Kim Sun A FB page, the ones where they are looking at each other and she is asleep lying next to Tae kang, on his back, things we didnt get to see on their first time together…A sista can dream, ’cause knowing Kdrama, it wont happen anytime soon.. Yikes!!

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