I Do, I Do, Episode 15 (Recap)

no live recap. sorry, guys… i got up at 5:30am and started trying to stream the channel (show starts 6am in my part of the world) using various websites… but neither everyontv nor ionair were working for me… =/ i tried other channels.. and i finally found a way to stream, but the buffering was just AWFUL.. i couldn’t start watching until 10 mins late.. and i lost at least 5 minutes of the first 10 i was trying to stream..

i’ll update this post with a real recap when i can grab a copy of the video after work today (approx 13-14 hours from now). =/

[UPDATE +17HRS]: sorry, it was a long day at work.. and people wanted attention afterwards (which i’m happy enough is needed/wanted XD)… in any case. everything below this sentence (until the line that notes “end.” followed by struck-out text, which is what i originally wrote) is the updated recap.. i just wrote it like i do the usual live recaps… (ie, keep typing while the video is going…) sorry for the over-emo first post earlier… it was early in the morning, which means upsets are heightened. XD; wow, i’m rather ashamed of myself. XD;

we return to the end of ep14. tae gang and ji an are at the hospital, with dr. yang performing the ultrasound. he points out the parts of the fetus. the head. the body. the feet.

tae gang starts talking to the baby. “is that you, ankle? don’t you look like me? ankle, it’s your dad. hello.”

ji an smiles softly.

dr. yang turns up the volume to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, as tears fall down tae gang’s face. he takes ji an’s left hand into his, sniffling tears.

she asks why he’s crying.. and he notes that their son’s heartbeat is strong… startling both ji an and the doctor. apparently, ji an forgot to tell him it’s a girl. he thought it’d be a boy because of all the pig’s feet she’s been eating. he laments not being able to turn their baby into a soccer player, and ji an registers the disappointment. tae gang denies it. they argue over whether he was disappointed or not, drawing a confused dr. yang into it. XD;

eun seong is in his office, concentrating on his work, when dr. yang came in. dr. yang tells him that they were crying at first and ended up arguing.

dr. yang recognizes ji an as the woman from the article, and eun seong tries to get him off his back, with a smile.. he calls the next patient in, effectively getting dr. yang out of the office. he lets out a sigh once dr. yang is out.

tae gang is driving ji an back in her car, when she asks him to pull over. she gets out and walks to the driver’s side… telling him to get out. he wonders if she’s still mad, but she says that she’s going somewhere.. so he tells him to catch a bus. they can’t go together anyway.

tae gang gets out and is left standing in the middle of the road… confused and frustrated.

she goes to jun hui’s shop. jun hui starts recommending some clothes for her… when she asks about maintenance cost for the shop. jun hui wonders why; is she doing it for tae gang’s dad? she gets indignant over having to take care of their finances. ji an wonders about opening one for herself… but jun hui is skeptical.

she walks out… and goes to see lady jang at the gallery cafe, bearing flowers. she sits, and lady jang asks why a bold single mom would want to see her. she starts to apologize for the trouble she’s caused… but then we see her lips starting to quiver a bit. lady jang asks, why now. she hesitates for a bit, and notes that her disappointment only equals her affection. lady jang had done so much for her, so she’s regretful. she asks to be forgiven, unwilling to give up neither job nor baby… the tears build up in her voice as she desperately tells lady jang that the company needs her and she cares for it like a mother (throwing back what lady jang had said before). her eyes well with tears.. and she bows her head. lady jang shifts in her seat.

ji an walks back into her office and sits down, heavily. she is stone-faced as she recalls what happens next. lady jang asks who had told her the company was hers. she calls ji an a mere babysitter that may be replaced; she’s the real mom. ji an is stunned…

she opens her laptop and her hands hover lightly over the keyboard as she prepare to type… slowly… her reisgnation letter.

tae gang is in the usual conference room showing his dad the picture of the ultrasound. tae gang proudly tells his dad that the baby’s got everything.

he’s interrupted with a call. he says, “what?” then sits up in attention, “hello, Father!” ji an’s dad is standing in front of the company building… apparently he asks about tae gang’s dad.

later, the two dads are sitting at a cafe. his dad tries to awkwardly start the conversation, and her dad, with the ever-present stink face, asks to be called Hwang Sonsaengnim (teacher? professor?). his dad starts to say his name, then pauses and says he’s Mr. Park.. or whatever he wants to call him. her dad asks about tae gang leaving for america.. and as his dad starts to proudly say that he’s gonna go off and improve his talents.. but her dad sternly notes that he’s just leaving after getting ji an knocked up. his dad protests… that tae gang had proposed and got rejected. i think he then insinuates that tae gang hadn’t been man enough to try again. his dad gets insulted, and her dad’s face starts to look comically twisted. his dad throws back that she’s the one who’s causing trouble. we escalate to the ridiculous as her dad pretty much does the “nuh-uh” neck wind to yell out, “mr. park”… startling his dad at the form of address. XD; but he was the one to say call him that. her dad notes that he lost a doctor for future son-in-law, but his dad throws back that he lost a chaebol’s relative for future daughter-in-law. the insults continue, and his dad yells that he’ll never approve. but then her dad yells something out at him, and his dad backtracks. (too many dads XD) the stink face worsens.. and he flips his fan open to fan himself hard.

at the conf room, tae gang is fanning his dad as he drinks something. his dad tells him that she’s just like her dad. tae gang is apprehensive. her dad had said that they either marry now or he gives up the baby. tae gang is saddened by the news.

at their house, her mom reprimands her dad for the exchange. he was supposed to play nice so they can know each other, but he had gotten annoyed. he dismisses them as worthless.. but then she screams at him… setting him aback. (about time it’s her turn XD) he asks why she’s like this. she cries out about his pride.. he turns his back to her and slams his slippers to the ground. she gives his back her own stink face.

at the office, seung mi is talking to ji an… she asks ji an, who is staring off to mid air, if she’s fine.. and she responds that she’s ok. she commends seung mi for doing a good job and tells her to take care of the team. seung mi asks her about her big annual project. she pauses, like there’s a flicker in her mind, and she crumbles just a little bit.. letting out a tiny sob, as seung mi looks at her with concern. she notes that she’s just going a little crazy, as she wipes tears away. seung mi commiserates.. ji an asks to continue on.

later, the minions leave as tae gang stays behind… he highlights/crosses off some of the things on his bucket list. he lifts it up to look closely at it… he wonders when he’ll get to do them.

he knocks into ji an’s door, and walks in (without being admitted.. unless the sound cut out when she said, come in)…he leans on her table. he wants to go on a date, and he’s made a schedule of things they should do…

she just watches him talk.. and says, later. he wonders when that would be. she puts her hand on his clasped hands and gives a small smile to assure him a bit, but he wonders if she’s still mad over the baby gender thing. she scoffs it off, saying, no. he protests that there’s not much time left, and she just keeps working. she puts both hands on his clasped hands this time, and tries to cajole a bit, saying “sorry, sorry~” he says, fine. do what you want. he leaves.

she lets out a sigh, alone.

at a restaurant, eun seong is sitting with a blind date… pretending to be extremely particular with a napkin.. shaping it into a perfect fan. his date is getting frustrated, but sits up in attention when he starts talking to her. he starts doing the mommy thing again with her, but she responds that she has a daddy complex too.. XD; she tries to pay back with vanity, playing along. he’s at a bit of a loss.

he then looks at his reflection on the back of a spoon.. then takes out mascara, shocking her. he lifts it with a flourish.. he walks off to the restroom, holding it high in the sky. XD; she’s at a loss for words, her brow furrowing.

in the restroom, he washes his hands.. then he looks at his watch.. timing it. and comes out.

his date is taking pictures of herself with the glass. he braces himself.. and sits back down. she shows the picture to him, talking about how pretty she is in the photo. (i feel sorry for him; he looks like he’s having such a hard time!!)

she continues talking… and he takes out his cell phone to start texting… but she’s not fazed and just keeps talking.

they eat.. she keeps talking. and he struggles to maintain interest as he answers. but then water gets thrown in his face. she exclaims as he just looks straight at her. tae gang is standing there, protesting his indignation, how could he? how could he? when they’re in love? (i think) she stares, with a questioning “huh?”, and watches as eun seong slowly puts his hand over tae gang’s (gripping the glass). eun seong tries to tell him to calm down, but tae gang slaps his hand off dramatically. he turns to eun seong’s date and, slightly heaving, tells her he can have this guy. eun seong huffs, and tae gang puts a hand to his mouth (like he’s going to cry) and walks off in hurt indignation. her mouth is wide open and she wonders what’s going on… she incredulously asks if his make-up is waterproof!? he weakly says, yeah.. as she stands up and walks away.

eun seong comes out to the lobby to meet tae gang, who is drinking his coffee. he asks tae gang something… but they’re both smiling and amused. tae gang says they’re even for the pig’s feet thing now. eun seong, “fine” and flicks the towel he’s wiping his face with at tae gang.. who catches it with a laugh. (THEY’RE SO CUTE! i heart their friendship!! thank you!!) tae gang wonders about going through with all this.. but eun seong notes that he has to make it look like he’s trying for his parents.

eun seong asks if he wasn’t going on a date with ji an? tae gang protests over prioritizing her work. eun seong, a little amusedly asks, that he liked her anyway, right?

ji an is still thinking in the office.. thinking back to na ri’s words about tae gang and his father’s fate if he gets found out. she talks to ankle… she’s having some hard thoughts, trying to think of what to do. she wonders about bringing up the collaboration or the marriage article… but she shakes her head each time.. and wrings her hands. she blinks a few times.. she’s really at a loss 😦

she picks up her phone to make a call… something about a friend.

at his apartment, eun seong is telling tae gang about babies, and flipping through a book as he shows tae gang. tae gang oohs in wonder and takes the offered book… looking at the pictures of ultrasound fetuses in the book. tae gang laments about ankle knowing eun seong better than him. eun seong wonders about him going to america. tae gang responds that he’s going so that he can become a designer. do what ji an did in shorter time.. eun seong continues to question him, watching him closely (whoa, they’ve drank quite a few cans of beer already.) eun seong notes that he needs to consider things from all angles. he teases tae gang a bit, alluding to going after ji an again.. but tae gang just brushes it aside.

eun seong picks up a can.. saying that’s fine… shaking the can. then he sprays it at tae gang who is intently reading the book (YOU’RE GONNA GET THE BOOK WET! OMG! [/indignant book ho]). tae gang protests.. but then picks up his own can.. and chases after eun seong. as he’s about to spray, eun seong defends himself with an umbrella.

later, eun seong cleans up the mess by himself (he even prepared snacks in nice plates! eun seong makes a good wife *____*)… he reflects back to what tae gang said.

at the storeroom, he’s happily looking at the ultrasound photo, touching the baby with his finger, like he really could.. and gives it a happy kiss. he flips over and takes out a book and a recorder.. he starts recording himself reading a children’s book. (AWWWWW! DIE OF CUTE!)

ji an paces in her shoe closet… heavily debating with herself. pacing, pacing, pacing… for a very long time.. until she sits on the ground. morning comes, and she’s still sitting in a corner… then draped over her couch. she tells herself, there’s nothing. tears well up and she starts to cry…

she goes out to her parking lot… and tae gang is there waiting for her at the car. she looks straight at him.. and takes a heavy breath. she approaches him, as he waits silently, expectantly. he notes they can’t go to work together, but he doesn’t care. he can leave mid-way; he just wants to see her. she asks to be held, and he complies. she drops her bag as she puts her own arms around him.. she cries without him seeing, and he asks if she’s ok.

ji an turns in her resignation letter to na ri. na ri asks if she’s really doing it… she responds that she’s doing it for somebody else.. and that she’ll keep trying for the duration of her employment. she asks na ri to keep it a secret from tae gang, who agrees.

dr. yang comes in to eun seong’s office, bearing a photo.. of a girl he wants to introduce eun seong to. eun seong just looks him straight with his usual smile, asking if he’s doing the same thing as his parents now. dr. yang is trying to watch out for eun seong, but the latter notes that he’s now curious about the baby. dr. yang compares him to gandhi.

at work, ji an continues to work.. when tae gang knocks on her door. he asks if she still has to work when they have an appointment/date. she smiles and invites him over to her place. he tries to keep his smile down, as he responds with a yes. he goes outside.. and he paces a few times in anticipation.

he imagines their date. they walk the streets in matching outfits.. they’re holding hands and she leans onto his shoulder. they take pictures. they have lunch together. he trades food with her. she feeds him from her plate. and it’s like a regular couple date. (as if she weren’t medusa at all.. she’s sweet XD; ) they sit together at a lounge eating ice cream. she feeds him again. they take cell pics together. she laughs. they take another picture, with him giving her a kiss on the cheek as he snaps the pic. later, they’re at her apartment, watching a movie.. he’s paying attention but her foot is prodding him.. seducing him? he looks a little scandalized, but, in no time at all, he’s all over her.

he claps his hands together in victory.. and rubs them together.

she’s at home. trying to cook again.. but she’s really HOPELESS. she tries to straighten her place and clean.. finally, she lays down on her couch, exhausted. she then cleans the bathroom.. and crouches down to look at her shampoos. she opens them and smells.. she remembers tae gang’s words about her shampoo.. and she smiles. she straightens again outside, putting away non-perishables. then she seems to remember something.

she goes to the shoe closet.. staring at the kids’ shoes. she takes the first shoes she made and boxes them gingerly. she talks to ankle… telling her about her dad…

tae gang is walking the streets at night, holding a big giant box.. with a ribbon. he smiles to himself..

his phone rings.. and it’s bong soo with big news…..

tae gang arrives at her apartment, and he seems rather tired and resigned. but she’s in fairly decent spirits as she leads him in to the dining room table to eat. she smiles at him, all date mood.. but he looks at her seriously across the table, saying, “just…” she tries to feed him.. he asks about the resignation, making her stop and draw back. he asks why. she responds, just cause.. he doesn’t buy it, but she says it’s the truth. he still doesn’t believe it, and is indignant. she responds back with a small voice.

but then he says he’s quitting.. and she looks up in disbelief, “what?” she demands to know why the heck he’s doing that. she’s about to get into full blown yelling.. but stops herself. she reminds him that he’s leaving for america tomorrow.

he suggests starting their own company – the three of them.

ji an gets a call from seung mi… and responds that she’ll be over.

she gets up… and he stands to intercept her, telling her not to go. she tries to move past him.. and he puts his hands on her arms to stop her.. but she says it’s her child.

she continues going past, and he can only sigh. he’s left alone in the living room.. and he paces, paces, frustratedly. he prays for bad things, but falters.

at work, na ri is on the phone, while the minions stand around in attention. ji an comes in, demanding to know what happened. na ri puts the line on hold to ask seung mi.. who apologizes. she didn’t know what to do.

na ri tries to tell ji an to go on out. she looks at da in, snarky girl, and guy minion.. guy minion shakes his head slightly. ji an remains standing, and demands to know how it happened. na ri owns up that she gave the orders. ji an tells her that getting on the phone (?) is useless right now. na ri turns her head with a pained look, and ji an digs her heels in to think. the minions are expectant.

ji an suggests bag companies. she starts shouting out orders, telling them to hurry up. na ri wipes her brow.. a bit of load off of her..

tae gang arrives. she gives a small smile.

the minions try to sell the materials to other companies… getting them to feel it.

da in and tae gang are paired up. da in is the look of doom and gloom but tae gang is positive. he asks to talk to somebody.. but the two of them are thrown out by the guard. tae gang’s eyes widen suddenly and looks da in up and down.

they return in more stylish, formal looking clothes.. with surgical masks and sunglasses. (quite honestly, they look like they belong to the yakuza to me XD) they go back in.. and the guard tries to stop them.. he tells the guard that she’s kim na jeong… the guard lets them pass.

tae gang does the selling, to an attentive audience.. while da in just nods her head to everything he says.

na ri is continuing to work from her office.. and lets out a sigh, putting her head in her hand.

ji an walks in with a couple of files… and sets it on her desk. na ri asks what they are. they’re logs she’s been keeping and she offers them to na ri. na ri asks why.. ji an talks about how the company has been everything to her for a long time.. she waxes a little sentimental as she recalls an incident, and it looks like na ri actually appreciates the help. at the end of ji an’s speech, she actually gives a small smile.

na ri’s phone rings.. she breaks out into a relieved smile, as she responds, “really? ….thank you.” she puts the phone down and covers it to address ji an.. that they’ve sold. ji an bites her lip with a smile.

ji an comes out to the team office where the minions are excitedly congratulating themselves. da in excitedly comes in, excitedly reporting higher numbers, thanks to tae gang. they all ooh and ahh.. to a silent (still slightly upset?) tae gang.. she mouths a “thank you” to him.. and he acknowledges it. he nods, and she smiles. she congratulates them, acknowledging their hard work with a smile.

they call out for a celebratory dinner. she agrees to treat them. tae gang offers to get na ri.

he knocks on her glass door.. and walks in. she seems to be sulking in her room. i think she says she’s not going..

so he slips something from the back of his pants and smoothly puts it on the desk in front of her. she asks what it is. he says it’s not a love letter.

she picks it up and opens it.. to find resignation letter. she calls out his name, in almost reprimand. he alludes to ji an’s resignation… and she looks a little pained. he tells her something, and she agrees… but then she frustratedly tells him that ji an is quitting for him.

at the restaurant, the minions are happily eating.. she has a faint smile, but she keeps a look out for tae gang…

…who is still talking to na ri. he demands to know why. she responds that bad things will happen to her if he’s found to be the father. he’s at a loss (i can almost feel him floundering inside) as na ri entreats him to reconsider.

later, he hangs out outside by himself.. and thinks back to her words in the office when she wanted to keep working.. and when she asked for a hug. his brows furrow.

his phone rings, and it’s ji an calling.. asking where he is. he tells her to eat.

na ri reviews ji an’s files… (and it’s actually pretty cute/cool)… like a scrapbook of work.. and quite detailed.. (is anybody else thinking of her cook/recipe diary in my name is kim sam soon?? XD)

at her apartment, she tiredly takes the box from her entryway (genkan) area… and takes it slowly to the sofa. she opens it to find three children’s shoes… with a card. (these shoes are hard to describe, but one looks like a tuxedo shoe XD)..

she takes the card and opens it.. and it notes his desire to want to do things for her. but he’s fulfilling his bucket list item to make shoes for ankle. she holds back a sob..

tae gang rings her doorbell.. and she hugs his back as he walks in. it’s a tender moment.. as they talk.. and she tells him that she saw the shoes.. and to go. he can’t hold it back, and turns, taking her hand firmly.. and telling her, “i’m not going to america.” she’s at a loss.. he tells her that he was gonna go for her and ankle.. to be someone ankle could be proud of. but he doesn’t want to go. she entreats him to go.. and be a good designer. he tells her that he wants to be present for ankle… for all the firsts in her life. she tries to talk sense into him.. but he refuses.

he tells her that he loves her for who she is.. with all of her qualities and quirks. he hugs her, closing his eyes into the embrace as her eyes well up with tears again..

the next day at the office.. bong soo is with the rest of the office gossips.. glasses gossip comes by saying there’s big news.. standing in the entryway are ji an and tae gang, in matching outfits (white shirt, green tie)… and they’re surrounded by a lot of employees.. who are muttering loudly.. and taking cell phone pics of them. they’re just standing there, letting the employees take the sight of them in. she seems a little apprehensive (?), but he just smiles and starts posing. she gives him a light nudge/shove for what he’s doing.. but coaxes her into posing herself…

bong soo runs to his dad’s office.. and he’s wearing the same thing as ji an and tae gang. bong soo, his eyes wide, looks at his own silver tie XD

they decided to go in to work… he holds out a hand.. and ji an takes it. they smile at each other.


just to give you an idea, this is what i have so far.. (also, i have absolutely NO subs this time.. previously, i had been relying on japanese subs, at the least, to get a lot more detail… sorry a bout the sketchy matter of this post. i’m really distressed over this.. and it’s only 6:46 am… i hope i can stream tomorrow. *distress distress distress*)

(show started at 6:10 after commercials.. at approximately 6:19) seung mi is talking to ji an, who is staring into thin air. seung mi asks if she’s ok. she says, no, i’m fine.. but.. she tells seung mi that she’s doing a good job.

seung mi says something about lady jang. ji an is startled into tears.

outside, the minions leave as tae gang stays behind… highlighting his notes..

he lifts it up to looks closely at it..

he knocks into ji an’s door, and walks in (without being admitted.. unless the sound cut out when she said, come in)… he’s made a schedule of things they should do..


she puts her hand on his to assure him a bit, but he’s not buying it.


she tells him she’s sorry…

he walks out.

(buffer for a few minutes…)

at a restaurant, eun seong is sitting with a blind date… pretending to be extremely particular with a napkin.. shaping it into a perfect fan. his date is getting frustrated, and tries to pay back with vanity.

he looks at his reflection on the back of a spoon.. then takes out mascara, lifting it with flourish.. he walks off to the restroom, holding it high in the sky. XD;

in the restroom, he looks at his watch.. timing it. and comes out.

his date is taking pictures of herself with the glass. she shows the picture to him, talking about how pretty she is in the photo.

she continues talking… and he takes out his cell phone to start texting… but she’s not fazed and just keeps talking.


tae gang is talking.. (but i’m not getting video 😦 )

eun seong comes out to the lobby to meet tae gang, who is drinking his coffee.

in her office, ji an is pondering the situation.

ji an makes a call… (still no video. 😦 )


at his apartment, eun seong is telling tae gang about children. eun seong wonders about him going to america. tae gang responds that he’s going so that he can become a designer.

(ji an talks to tae gang in the parking lot and he hugs her)

(ji an talks to na ri… but all i could catch was ji an saying “no” in a much softer tone than she’s ever used on na ri.)

in the hospital, dr. yang tries to set eun seong up with another blind date.

(buffering for the last 5 minutes now…)

[UPDATE 7:01am: she’s hugging him from behind, and he tells her, “i’m not going to america.” :O XD]

15 thoughts on “I Do, I Do, Episode 15 (Recap)

  1. No worries! Nevertheless I really really appreciate your hard work, I usually just check how the ep ends lol ^_^ Looking forward to your recap and have lovely day at work!

    • thaaaaaaaaaaanks! i think i’m emotional about this right now because it’s so early in the morning and trying to troubleshoot while your eyes are still a bit bleary makes compy issues that much worse. XD;

  2. T__T good for you could watch it even though with buffering accompany, the video keep freezing on me.
    Thanks for the short recap 🙂 this nice…

    • yeah… that’s pretty much what happened to me too. sometimes i got sound but no video.. but for the most part, i’d get a dark screen with the buffering sign. so i really only got to watch a fraction of it in tiny bits and pieces. i hope all the streams work tomorrow. XD;

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  4. Thank you for trying so hard for us.
    Please don’t be too distressed over this.
    It’s ok.. We will wait for u..
    Looks like a very positive ending!!
    So excited!
    Hope you have a fabulous day at work!!

    • i feel like well just collectively died and went to drama heaven.. it seems like the clamor of fans are getting what they asked for: tae gang not going to america.. and perhaps their own company? XD;

      also, sorry for the emo.. thinks are more distressing first thing in the morning. XD; (a lot of other things actually happened after i headed out to work.. but coming back home to watch the episode in full.. makes for a good way to let the day end. mwah.)

  5. What a frustrating morning for you! Thanks so much for the effort and for the little details here! I am SO excited about Tae Kang not going to America, I’m not sure it matters what happened in the rest of the episode 🙂 Hearing this information definitely helped me get through the day.

    Thanks again for doing this!!!!!

    • i’d be surprised if they made any sense this morning. XD thanks for the kind words.

      and, yes! it’s actually almost unexpected that the audience would get what they want.. speaking for just myself, i’d been expecting him to go even while hoping against hope that he stays.

  6. It’s ok 🙂 Thank you for all the hard work! I can imagine how heart-breaking it was for you not to be able to watch it properly so that you could recap it for us. We’ll be ok though. What future dramas do you have lined-up for recapping, if ever?

    • i was really sad! as were the tons of other people who couldn’t watch who were able to before. XD; one last episode.. and i hope it works properly tomorrow!

      i really didn’t think beyond i do, i do.. i’m not even sure what dramas are coming up. for sure, i have to finish some recaps for dr. jin for another group… but that’s definitely not live (i wouldn’t be able to keep up with the historical AND the medical on my own)…

      for sure, though… i’m not doing “to the beautiful you” (the korean hanakimi)… i imagine there will already be 100 other bloggers doing that. 🙂

      we’ll see….. 🙂

  7. Thanks for all the hard work. At least youve given us a taste of what the 15 episode entailed. I didnt know what Ji An decsion was going to be in regards to her job.

    Will come back cause i do look forward to your recaps for this drama. 🙂 Have an easy-breezy day at work!

    • thanks so much for the comment. i really do appreciate it. 🙂

      although, i think i only caught ONE good part (the end part) and part of another good part (the blind date – i totally didn’t get to see the tae gang cover up until i was able to get my hands on the vid.. that was awesome. love them getting along! XD)

  8. Thanks for the update! You are really sweet to do that, especially after working all day. It sure helped, especially here at the end trying to decide how it will end. Still can’t figure out what will happen to the dr.

  9. I’d have say my favorite part of the episode, hands down, was the restaurant scene. I must have watched it a dozen times. Tae Kang really played up his role, as what I can only surmise, as the jilted lover to Eun Sung [Who says we can’t have a little over-the-top “bromance”?] — I still kind of question the set up honestly if Eun Sung didn’t want to go through with the date he could have just stood her up or better still said no, but then we wouldn’t have had a scene like this to enjoy now would we?

    Too bad it looks like nothing is going to happen (in terms of a happy ending) for Na Ri (I was never too keen on the OTP being what they were — Yes I actually liked Na Ri & Tae Kang more than Ji An & Tae Kang). Which is kind of sad since she really. She still has “Mommy issues” as well as directional issues that could have been resolved around pairing her with someone (and her little foreign friend wouldn’t be my choice here) and letting her focus on him and not have her turn into another Ji An-esque character (in that “work before all others” type of role).

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