I Do, I Do, Episode 16 (Preview)

I see that the Episode 15 raw has been posted to youtube… and I’m tempted to start doing a recap “live recap style” during my work breaks today. XD; Who knows, I just might? (I mean live recap style as in… posting everything as I see and hear it.. as opposed to the formal style, in which I summarize and condense the meat of the episode.)

In any case, here’s the written preview for Episode 16. (The FINAL one T____T)

What is the best in life?

Ji An proudly reveals her relationship with Tae Gang at the company, to the complete shock of their coworkers. The official announcement that Ji An had been waiting for has come out, and Na Ri chokes from the pressure from Lady Jang. Tae Gang tenders his resignation without regrets, and makes a separate proposal to Ji An that they start their own business partnership.

On the other hand, Na Ri causes a surprising stir at the inauguration for company president…


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