Cheongdamdong Alice Eps 13-14 Previews


i can’t believe there are only 2 weekends left! that means this series is over in about 9 days.. i’m about to turn into a bundle of nerves. sometimes i wish they’d gotten the truth out of the way since there are probably more hurdles to overcome anyway. but we have what we have… and i’m scared about possible breakdowns.

Episode 13

Seung Jo’s heart immediately sinks upon seeing Tommy Hong and asks him what he’s doing here, and Se Kyung nervously tries to calm Seung Jo down while exchanging glances with Tommy Hong. Il Nam (Seung Jo’s father) meets with Se Kyung’s dad and asks him to consent to the wedding, citing that he likes Se Kyung. Meanwhile, In Hwa is going to visit Il Nam, bringing along the Tablet PC with the video, but…

Episode 14

Seung Jo proceeds with the wedding preparations for his marriage with Se Kyung, as if nothing had changed. Seung Jo takes Se Kyung to the church, having told her that he had something to show her, but just as Se Kyung is about to confess the truth, it immediately gets horribly twisted…*


* I couldn’t tell what/who the subject was in the last part, so it could have been that “it [the confession] immediately gets horribly twisted…” or “Se Kyung immediately undergoes a scary transformation…” or “Seung Jo immediately changes terribly…”

** This was translated by myself.. and I don’t have that great of a grasp of Korean. (I had to juggle between the Korean text, an automated Japanese translation, and Korean/Japanese to English to get these through… (I, at least, have a good grasp of Japanese XD;)) I am cross-posting this to a couple of my other blogs where I do translations/synopses… and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to squee as much or posted my squee entry since work is really killing me. 😦

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