Thoughts before the final episode of Last Cinderella

last cinderella penultimate
(so i admit i’ve been watching this series. perhaps i’ll talk about it more later, but for now…)
the short bit, as i’ve posted in other social networks:

i love tachibana. but i hope it’s hiroto. and if they air tachibana, tell me they have an alternate ending we can access. OR AT LEAST… if they air tachibana, tell me that it wasn’t because of the poll. if they choose tachibana, let it be that it was their decision from the beginning.

some lengthier thoughts that probably will be incomplete because it’s past midnight, i’m tired, and i have to work in a few hours:

* i was rather irritated with hiroto rolling his eyes whenever he just didn’t get what the old lady was up to in the beginning… but i was pissed off when tachibana started spouting that chauvinistic spiel. thankfully, both of them have grown past that.

* i love love love the bantering and bickering between sakura and tachibana, but there really hasn’t been much in the way of romance. even if we discount the fake consideration from hiroto when going out with her was completely against his will, he has definitely shown how sweet he can be for her when he realized he was really into her.

* sure, she has a comfortable relationship with tachibana, but i also have a comfortable relationship with my friends – both guys and girls; doesn’t mean i should end up with any of them, necessarily. the fact that she can tell tachibana stuff about her relationship is a lot like when i talk to my friends – guys or girls – about my boyfriend. i’d say that she doesn’t really hide her personality around hiroto, either. it’s just that her girlier side also comes out when he’s around.

* it makes sense to me that she didn’t go to hiroto when she thought she might have been pregnant. i think that a girl who had just started going out with a guy who she had just recently met (and she wasn’t even sure would be ready for a baby when she thought she was pregnant) might go to a friend first to talk it out. the fact that tachibana caught her while she was sick could be attributed to the fact that he lives next door. would he have gone all the way out there to check on her if he lived across town? i don’t actually know. but tachibana isn’t the only one who has witnessed a weakness. hiroto was present when she had a family problem, which she didn’t hide from him.
– by the way, i was recently re-watching shut up! flower boy band (for the umpteenth time.. and don’t judge the drama by its title, because it was awesome)… and i remember when woo kyung was lamenting that liking somebody means being embarrassed all the time – because you want to look your best in front of the person you love. i always thought that was kind of a funny line. but… particularly in the beginning of the relationship… it seems that one would want to put in more effort and put their best face forward… not necessarily to impress them. but because you want them to like you as much as you like them, that you want to do your best for them. in these stories, they want the one they love to be able to show them their weaknesses while at the same time they themselves try to put on their strong front so that they can be more of a support and a burden. (i’ll stop here; i’m not sure i’m able to express this well. blah.)

* both men are there for her. they give her comfort and support. let’s say that both could make her happy. she improves hiroto’s life and makes him happy. i’m not sure yet that tachibana actually needs her, or that she’s been a great contributor to him getting over his past relationship. what does sakura mean in tachibana’s life? other than that he’s comfortable with her… and he says he can protect her. from what, though? does she need protecting?
– let me go with an itazura na kiss analogy (sorry for the abundance of analogies) in which kin-chan says he could make kotoko happy and protect her, but naoki notes that he needs kotoko more than kin-chan does because he can only be himself when kotoko is with him. let’s also note that she loves naoki and has only ever thought of wanting to be his support, so being with him is her happiness. this setup seems a lot like the three in last cinderella. barring the part where all the girl wants to do is support the guy she loves; sakura is definitely way more independent… but maybe because she already knows herself and is independent, she doesn’t need either. perhaps it’s that one of them needs her.

* btw, the first time tachibana thought she was attractive as a woman was when he first saw her wear a more fashionable dress. true, their personalities mesh, but it doesn’t seem like he seriously took her for a woman until then. when hiroto fell for her, she definitely did not have her best face on, but he fell for her quirky personality and the feelings behind her actions. (don’t make me go into an analogy on sakura, hiroto, and tachibana as alanna, george, and prince jonathan from the song of the lioness quartet. lol.)

* i’m a little bothered by the fact that tachibana went from almost zero to pushy very quickly. especially at a time when she’s troubled by her current relationship – note that she and hiroto haven’t really broken up yet.

* at the end of it, it’s not really about which man deserves her more, but which man she wants to be with. i’d rather not watch her choose neither, because i’ve seen that before and i don’t really need to see that pointed again in this drama just to be different or surprising. but i guess i’ll accept any ending, as long as they make me believe it.

p.s. so both men are potentially headed for america? XD; wtf?

in any case. it’s taken me over an hour to type this up… and i still don’t have my full thoughts down. unfortunately, it’s almost 2am, and i have to be up shortly for work. besides, the drama is probably starting soonish. :p

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