Discovery of Romance, Episode 1 (Recap)


in all honesty, this was supposed to be really short.. approximately, 15 sentences short? haha. i had initially intended to just give a brief overview since there are probably some 5000 blogs already recapping it… and recapping it better. but i enjoyed this show a lot – a whole lot more than i thought i would, and i wanted to put in some of my reactions. (and to keep this from being just a “whoo, sung joon and his hawt kissing”, i thought i should hash out the story and try to put a *little* substance to the post… hah. XD; ) in any case…

the series starts out by showing us the very cute relationship between tae ha and yeo reum, which unfortunately does not last past their fifth year anniversary. she gets upset when he doesn’t seem to notice nor take pains to ask her about her depression, while he argues back that he’s been exhausted and is doing the trip precisely because she’d been down and wanted to go. she notes that she’s the only one who waits, the only who one who looks to him, and it’s making her lonely (sound like a certain itazura na kiss heroine?), so she proposes that they break up. btw, don’t expect anything hear to be overly introspective. this is more like a brain dump… (and, as noted on the blog, mostly about how to keep track of stuff for me…)

fast forward to the present, where tae ha expresses his interest in seeing her again and perhaps even being friends. on yeo reum’s side, she feels the exact opposite, particularly since she’s currently dating a great guy. said boyfriend, ha jin, is planning to propose to her on her upcoming birthday. apparently, ha jin had been intended for sol (ha jin’s best friend) on introduction, but he had hit it off with yeo rum instead… (so well that they were making out [probably] within the hour.)

yeo rum and ha jin are planning to see a musical together. but, apparently, he has a blind date to attend to beforehand. joon ho, his coworker who happens to be yeo rum’s friend and roommate, texts the dish to sol… who immediately informs yeo rum.

yeo rum finds ha jin at a hotel lobby with his date, and sits at the closest table behind him… writing out a note to the person already sitting there, effectively asking for understanding as she spies on her boyfriend. unfortunately, the person sitting there happens to be tae ha.

when ha jin sounds a little too flirty with his blind date, tae ha becomes the target of yeo rum’s ire.. as she faces him, while [in actuality] addressing ha jin. tae ha plays along a bit, but when she yells that they should break up and then asks if he ever really loved her, he honestly speaks for himself, saying that he did love her, miss her, and wanted another chance. ha jin and his date (who apparently knows about yeo rum) are amused by the conflict behind them, but ha jin is surprised by tae ha’s last responses and excuses himself to chase after yeo rum. in her haste, she ended up grabbing tae ha’s phone instead of her own. he tries to run after her, but stops as he witnesses the two make up [somewhat].

yeo rum and tae ha go to the musical, issue resolved when ha jin assures her that she’s the only one for him. (the blind dates were just to appease his mother.)

the next day, yeo rum tells her two roommates (sol and joon ho) what happened.. and then finally notices the switched phone, when tae ha’s employee calls. she passes on her cell phone number, so tae ha gets the emergency call about one of his workers. tae ha wants to meet to switch phones back, but she compromises for a later time as she has errands to run. meanwhile, they would just forward calls and messages to the appropriate person.

yeo rum visits ha jin’s mother, who states that she’s distressed by yeo rum’s lack of urgency when it comes to marriage. meanwhile, tae ha informs her of all the messages she’s been receiving regarding paying her debts.

elsewhere, a girl delivers some juice to ha jin’s and joon ho’s hospital.when ha jin gets in, joon ho shows him pictures of patients with scars on their arm, while wondering why ha jin is looking for a girl.

distressed by her debts, which are the very thing making her feign disinterest in marriage, yeo rum gets drunk at the bar where joon ho introduced ha jin to the girls. the proprietress asks about the guy who answered her phone. reminded of the switch, she apparently makes a call to tae ha… who finds her drunk off her ass outside the closed bar.

as her cell phone battery dies when ha jin tries to call her, both wonder in a voice over just how chance turns into destiny. he tries to wake her up and explain the circumstances, but she just smacks his face to shut him up. she rushes off to puke and finds a rabbit, which she shoves into tae ha’s arms. with this unusual sight, she asks if this is a dream. tae ha denies it, noting that she’d never appeared in his dreams no matter how hard he’d prayed. surprised, she exclaims it must be a dream then, because the tae ha she knew would never say things like that; he made her wait and feel insignificant, placing important on all else above her.

she tries to walk away, but halts when she freaks out about needing to pee. he takes her (and the bunny) back to his place.

she tells him to keep the bunny, despite his protests that he doesn’t like animals. she insists, then decides, somehow, to give it a bath before she takes off. this results in everybody-gets-wet hijinks.. and as he tries to dry her hair off, they become aware of their proximity and are reminded of some hawt times 10 years ago.

she wakes up the next day in ha jin’s arms… or so she belive until she opens her eyes to find that she’s in bed with tae ha.

she tries to escape quietly, but ha jin calls to greet her a happy birthday and request that she open her front door, where he is outside (holding flowers… and a ring?) she gives flimsy alibi after flimsy alibi, which end up shattering within a few seconds of each utterance.. as evidence contrary to her words almost literally walk right up to him. in mortification, she finally asks to explain later and hastily hangs up, as tae ha wakes up, staring right at her with a sexy smile…

the preview for ep2 shows us:
– yeo reum flat out telling tae ha that she can’t be friends with an ex
– sol getting her heart broken
– ha jin and yeo rum arguing over her drinking
– joon ho and ha jin finding the girl with the scar: ah rim, the juice delivery girl
– tae ha telling yeo reum that he didn’t send her home because he didn’t want to

so, thoughts… thoughts i should have probably noted while watching the show, because going back to watch this episode a second time seemed to have already wiped some thoughts.

first and foremost (and probably most superficial): sung joon is a hawt on-screen kisser. i swear. i’m always rather swept away when he kisses somebody for a drama. even in this episode, his kiss with jung yoo mi seems more “whoa”-worthy than eric’s.

second, i love how all of the characters relate to each other. i really do believe the relationship that yeo rum has with both tae ha and with ha jin, the ups and the downs. i don’t know how i’m supposed to eventually pick sides.

ha jin is pretty plain awesome with the way he is with her (for the most part) and how he tries to get his apology across… i do *not* like how he went on a blind date behind her back, even if he *did* tell said date about having a girlfriend already. for fiction, it was amusing watching them listen to her public rant at the hotel. for real life, i wouldn’t even know how she would be able to do that… and i would interpret his lack of immediate response upon realization as embarrassment and avoidance. i don’t know how i feel about grabbing her to try to pull her away from the hotel as soon as he appears in tae ha’s view. i also think it’s weird that he’s looking for a girl.. and nobody knows why. (or does his mom know? 😮 ) he really needs to be disclosing things with his girlfriend.

tae ha seems pretty fine. we saw a lot of happy moments, and not too many sticky situations during their relationship (barring the hotel check-in scene) until the break-up at the train platform. he comes off a bit as a “strong, silent man” type (not pursed lips.. just economical with his statements).. but nothing wrong, really. you can tell that he might have some flaws pertaining to pride, but that’s not really unusual. you could see during their happy times how they really loved each other. but something that’s lacking seems to be the communication. at the end of their relationship, he did look tired… and i get how he can be irritable when he is tired. but, despite that, i feel like they could have still been able to be loving and supporting. something went wrong, most likely a communication shut down… and probably because he’s too tired to discuss things. (am i repeating myself?) he really should have asked her what was wrong, though – especially as he stated that he saw she was upset… especially since it was the beginning of their holiday. starting a vacation feeling ignored does not bode well for the rest of vacation. (some people out there may not agree, but my husband and i have started holidays after working long hours at the expense of sleep while we were dating.. bad feelings at the beginning of a trip ruins many things. if one person is going to a bad place emotionally, they need to pause and discuss things or talk about a time when they can. if one person needs to rest, say so… but don’t neglect the fact that there are things that need to be talked about.. and talk about them as soon as you can. sometimes saying that they’re really sorry something can’t be handled immediately can help. i don’t know. i’m just rambling with thoughts.) btw, i do love that he honestly tells her to her face how much he’s missed her. it’s interesting how he tells the audience that he doesn’t understand why they broke up, and yet tells her that he knows he did wrong. he probably didn’t think the issue was as big of a deal as she was making it….

to note, yeo rum isn’t entirely blameless. she knows that tae ha is tired.. and i’m sure she knows why. she should have brought it up before. keeping big feelings to yourself builds up over time.. until you just explode. terrible things happen, terrible words will be said. having said that, i can sympathize with her about how she’s felt through the relationship. i know it sometimes seems selfish when someone says they want the attention sometime over the job, study, whatever it is that holds the most of their partner’s time and attention perhaps for a long-term goal – particularly if it’s something that’s long lasting. but it’s good when your partner stops for that one hour of every day or those few hours of every week when the focus is you and nothing else. if they’re so tired, the nice, appreciative thoughts and sincere, focused “i love you”s can help one stay afloat. (am i over-identifying with yeo rum?)

what am i saying anyway?

at the end of the day, the communication lines need to be open and honesty and sincerity need to come through.

on the lighter side of things, sol and joon ho are pretty awesome. how funny was sol with her, “you know he’s not my type. tall and handsome.” apparently, those types of guys are more likely to be players. (and, btw, i hope ha jin is not.) ha jin’s mother doesn’t seem to be too bad, either. she’s doing some things that are annoying (making her son go on three blind dates), but she’s not venomous.

in any case, i don’t know how far i’ll do recaps for this series.. but i will be watching it all the way to the end. the voice-over near the end of the episode seems to hint at tae ha and yeo rum possibly getting back together (and lasting beyond the final ep?) and it sounds like it may be a fun romp to the end.

(btw, i know i usually only list one female lead and one male lead for each drama post… but… i love sung joon. *cough* there.)

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