Avid series watcher. Avid reader. Whether I watch or read anything in any coherent order is a different matter. Topsy-turvy is the way I do it.

I’ve been wanting to have a place where I could talk about the things I watch and the things I read, but I wasn’t sure if my personal life blog was the place to do it. So, now, here we are, seeing if a new area is a good idea and if it will last. In the end, I have a feeling it’ll be more of a summaries page and less of a thoughts page… until such a time as I can get control over the amount I’m typing into the summaries.

I promise I’ll have more up here soon.

As for more things about me… I am also known as beldaran, blue_bel, kansilay, lilasia, or didi online… and I may also be found in the following places:
my translations blog
on librarything (peek at the books – including manga – that i own)

You can also see some of the drama I’ve watched here.

In any case, I hope that’s enough of an info.

Thanks for the company. I hope you enjoy the ride. 🙂

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