Sore demo Sekai wa Utsukushii, Chapter 1

I’m actually really glad I randomly picked up this title, when I saw it at Kinokuniya. It’s still a fairly stereotypical shoujo, with the bickering between the main couple, who happens to be an older female with a younger male. He’s royalty, but, on the up side, he actually knows how to run his kingdom and the lands he took over. I was getting ready to post this earlier, but I wanted to post a translation of the first chapter on my translation blog. (No, I will likely not continue translating the rest of the series.. but, we’ll see.) So, on to the story…
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Last Game, Game 2

People who know me probably already know that I would love this manga. It’s fairly straightforward so far, so I don’t know how long they can keep this going without jumping the shark or losing the flavor. It’s the type of story that I usually expect to end with one volume, but we’ll see…

Also, I’ve just realized that this series was being scanslated, and at a fairly quick turnaround. It’s rather amusing just how much more widely available titles are these days. I still remember the days when you couldn’t find any info on any manga. XD;
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Last Game, Game 1

Yanagi is standing near a railing – whether it’s a bridge or a building, I can’t tell – with Kujou, reflecting on the good fortune of his background, brains, looks, and charm and how, despite that, he has not been able to ‘win’ on any sort of competition against her in the last 10 years. “Let’s play a game,” he tells her. The last game, he thinks.
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Power!!, Chapter 1

Kyou was nervous when her dad’s job moved them to another city, but now she’s excited that she gets to go to Seishuu Gakuin, which is famous for their cute girls’ school uniforms. Unfortunately, she forgot that they were also famous for their boys’ basketball team… And her father, great basketball fanatic and hopeful future father of an NBA player, has registered her as a boy. She’s been playing the sport for as long as she could remember and she was actually thinking of quitting… but now it seems hopeless..
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