Thoughts before the penultimate episode of Answer Me 1988


Statement: I am actually #TeamTaek , but, from the beginning of the series, I thought that Jung Hwan was probably the end game. As we get to the end, I’m getting more convinced that maybe Taek is the end game after all. (Really, truly, I held out that it could probably still be Jung Hwan, but I don’t know anymore…….)

A note to begin with: I don’t like the term “Chilbonged”, especially as used by viewers of Answer Me 1988. Look. The thing about Answer Me 1994 was that Na Jung had liked Garbage from the very beginning, and never really paid attention to Chilbong’s bleeding heart. Chilbong was the underdog. At the beginning of the 1988 series, the assumption was that Taek would be the Chilbong… being the quiet one, who looked like he had less of a chance and may actually do things from the background a lot more. Somehow, part way through, when Taek quietly announced to the other guys that he liked Deok Sun, fans roared that Jung Hwan was going to get Chilbonged. I contend that both Jung Hwan and Taek had equal chances, so I don’t think that either of them can be tagged as Chilbonged. Actually… maybe Jung Hwan had better chances because he’s around more often, took bigger actions first, and she was tipped off by her girl friends about Jung Hwan.

In any case…

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