I Do, I Do, Episode 2 (Live Recap)

I’m not sure how long I can continue doing live recaps (since these air very shortly before I should be going to work XD), but I’ll give it a try. A note, though, I don’t post these until the episode is done because there are no commercials and it takes me too much time to transfer and save. o____o Anyway, more hijinks ensue.. We see that Tae Kang actually cares for his father very much – despite the trouble he creates. We see that Ji An is so lonely that she even shows up at the yakiniku restaurant again. And then we get more connections, to continue having them grace our screen together. XD;

In any case…
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Dr. Jin, Episode 3 Preview

On to the next episode! Who will Jin Hyuk save next.. and from what? (A little tongue in cheek, I know.. but the major over-arching plot still keeps me curious. Rock on.) Also, I recognize that I haven’t posted the video preview. I’ll add it on when I get home later today… 🙂
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I Do, I Do, Episode 1 (Live Recap)

I just found out last night that there was a way to watch I Do, I Do live. They promise some “live subtitling”, although it’s only available in Japanese. (Fine with me, says I.) I won’t be able to say too much at this point, since I have to leave for work.. and I’m pretty sure I missed some things. “Live subtitling” is more like live interpretation, so I sometimes couldn’t match the lines to what was happening, and there were no breaks for me to recover. (Then I reloaded the page, making me lose the lines as well). XD;

In any case… Here’s the live recap for now. I’ll probably be posting a more comprehensive one later, when I can grab the eppy. 🙂

update (+16hrs): added some screencaps
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Dr. Jin, Episode 1

Now that the time-traveling drama, “Rooftop Prince,” has ended in Korea, it’s time to replace it with a new one. In the place of a prince who travels forward in time after the death of his beloved, we now have a top neurosurgeon traveling back in time after the death of his beloved. In all honesty, I’m actually doing recaps for this on DSS, so you should check it out if you love me. XD; But… I just wanted you to know that my thoughts are bursting a bit on the seams, but writing too late at night burns a lot of them away after some sleep. 😉

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